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I just love the first page of horseytalk

Tony Barnett has done amazingly with the forestry commission fightTony Barnett has done amazingly with the forestry commission fight

Please pass my congratulations to him
Charlotte Hunt

Brenda King attacks Tony Barnett
for BHS comments

"BHS not prepared to take matter further "

Says Brenda King

Says Tony Barnett The Horseytalk edition ... included comments regarding the leaked minutes of the July meeting BHS (Hants) County Committee. They include an abbreviated extract from my access report, which commentator Tony Barnett has completely mis-interpreted, and used to launch attacks on myself (BK), the County Committee and the BHS organisation.

The BHS has asked for for these untrue posts to be removed, but Horseytalk has not responded, and the BHS is not prepared to take the matter further.

So I am contacting you directly to inform you of the correct facts of this sad case and ask you to ignore Tony Barnett's insinuations.


Says Steve YandallThis sign is illegal

Equestrians are entitled to use this route - legally.
There are thousands of other illegal signs all over the country banning equestrians.


Having access problems ?

" welcomes enquiries from all that are having or have had their rights to lawful access and other rights on common land stolen or unlawfully regulated "


Says Tony Barnett

Says Tony Barnett welcomes all that are having or have had their rights to lawful access and other rights on common land stolen or unlawfully regulated by corrupt councils, Quango's and self assembled charities, whereas councils can have no mitigation at all where rights (democratic) or registered are/have been denied, stolen through false representation, some registered rights are being used as collateral by councils, trusts where demands for rights to use those registered rights by those which claim rights of a higher status, but such corrupt acts need collusion, protection of county courts, mindless police officers that don't have powers of arrest on common lands, or civil matters on such as removing impediments, ignoring rangers directions where their is no locus stan-di.

Rural common lands, that do not have evidence (documentary to pre-date 1189) of owners/lord of the manor, have open access from all points of view, this information is a available from the registering county council to show that the land was registered in compliance with the 1965 commons registration act, where commons such as Frensham were registered as a section 9 of that act, which means that no owner-s could be traced so the common was "vested" into the care of the council for protection of rights, unlawful activities and to support the registered commoners rights, however, the vesting gave no jurisdiction, section 9 was repealed in 2006, the legislation though was substantially re-enacted and was filed under section 45 of the 2006 commons act.

I have been involved with Frensham common when a horse rider was set on by one of the councils rangers, (they have no authority), this approach was because the lady was riding on the verge of the Great Pond, which is common land and registered as such with CL 232, the complaint was that horses leave little messages, that has nothing to do with anyone, commoners cattle and other livestock would make smoke signals and every right to do so.

Since becoming involved there has been promises that no longer will horse riders be approached and that no riding and others unlawful signs will be removed.

Just recently an other conflict has broke surface subject to a fall out among the fisher men belonging to Farnham Angling Society which resulted in a ban of a member because on information gained from horseytalk that the act of fishing the frensham ponds was a criminal act of poaching, encroaching on commoners registered rights to Piscary, this information is recorded on the rights register held in the office of Helen Gilbert at Surrey County Council, registered and recorded as per section 4 (1) of the 1965 CRA.

Along one side of the "Great Pond" registered in compliance with the 1965 act and registered Common Land 232 is a sandy area, free to access as is all of the Frensham Common for horse riding and walking without disturbance by either the unlawful fishing, sailing and ranger fraternity, none have any jurisdiction and should be ignored.

Farnham angling society claim to have rights on their side to order horse riders off the "beachy area" because their rights to take fish has a higher status than horse riders, I have a saying to such statements, however I will refrain because some are deficient in that area, instead rubbish.

Frensham common is registered with commoners rights, grazing is Prairie, some have rights of eastovers and some have piscary, as Frensham is registered as where an owner-s cannot be traced, then there is no one to give consent, make grants of easement/deeds of grant or conveyance and as the council have no jurisdiction cannot make bye-laws, other claims of rights to ownership and rights to agist are well catered for under the 2006 fraud act, as is provided under the 1965 legislation Frensham common's was vested into the care and protection of the authorities, but gives no jurisdiction, how then do they allow unlawful activities such as regulations on access or using the land as collateral or accepting poaching on the ponds or erecting signage to deter public rights and allow misuse of commoners rights?

The rights of Piscary as is provided in Part 11 of the Commons Registration act; rights of common Piscary: the rights to fish in another persons lakes, ponds or streams, as no Lord of the Manor cannot be traced, then the actions by commoners were registered with soul rights to ponds etc and foreshores, the proviso states; that the fish must be taken in reasonable quantities for consumption in the commoners house hold, the authorities on Piscary were noted in Chesterfield-V-Harris (1908) 2 Ch 397 upheld on appeal to the house of Lords as Harris-V-Chesterfield (1911) AC 623, Piscary cannot exist in the sea or in tidal Rivers since there is a public rights to fish there.

Fish Poaching in England and Wales; it is an offence to take or destroy or attempt to do so in water which is private or in which there is a private right of fishery (registered commoners) this includes all forms of fish whether game or course and is covered by the 1968, schedule (1) theft act, where the fish are owned, ie enclosed waters where their is no Route for escape or where the fish have already been reduced into possession, they can be regarded as property rather than wild animals, then they are dealt with under the 1968 (1) act of theft,as frensham commons CL 430 and CL 232 great pond and little pond respectively are.

The 1968 theft act schedule 1; a person who unlawfully takes or destroys or attempts to take or destroy any fish in water which is private property or in which there is a private right of Piscary on level 5, is open to a fine of £5000, in Well's-V-Hardy (1964) Lord chief justice Parker defined this; Taking does not include an element of "Asportation" (ie carrying the fish away from the water), it means to lay hands upon the fish, to grasp, to seize or capture, this means than an individual still commits the offence if the fish are retained in a keep net, the offence is also committed if the angler is fishing but has yet to catch anything, the evidence required is straight forward: the time, date, location; description of the offender, tackle and bait and whether a baited line was in the water.

Where Frensham ponds are an issue, the angling club are poaching, a licence is in-valid under such theft act, the parts played by the National Trust and Waverley council and surrey county council are in collusion where the act of false representation and permitting annexation of commoners rights for profit are guilty.

In conclusion, any member of the public should apply under section 41 of the 2006 act to the county court, they may wish me to do so, they have the rights also to apply to the chief constable under the 1968 (1) theft act.

I am to make an application to the Chief constable to engage the 1968 (1)theft act.

The BHS and Maureen Comber

How the BHS treats somebody who has been a loyal, dedicated and hard-working member for over 50 years.

DAY 111

It is now 111days since the BHS shamefully dismissed Maureen Comber after more than 50-years of dedicated and hard-working service.

Maureen ComberStill no regret.

Still no sympathy.

Still no apology.

What is more they have still not paid her back the outstanding money they owe her.

How long can the BHS continue to behave in this disgraceful manner?

Other hard-working BHS members and volunteers beware. This is obviously the way you are going to be treated one day.

"We're backing Maureen"

Click here to read in full the shocking way
Maureen Comber was treated by the BHS

The smile says it all

The smile says it all

Steve McCarronSays Steve McCarron

What is the point of the OPEN SPACES SOCIETY if it does not act to preserve open spaces ..............
read more

Service for remembering cherished pets brings in over £7,500 for horse welfare

Service for remembering cherished pets brings in over £7,500 for horse welfareAnimal Welfare Service

Says World Horse Welfare

We have just held a special Animal Thanks giving and Blessing Service which gave our supporters the chance to remember their cherished pets – whilst raising money for horse welfare.

The service, organised by us for the second year running, was led by Reverend Michael Langan of the *Shellrock Benefice at our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norfolk. The service was attended by supporters, with their pets in tow, from as far away as Hertfordshire and Essex.

Our Legacy Fundraising Officer and organiser of the event, Dawn Witney, says:

"The service was held in glorious warm sunshine in the courtyard at Hall Farm on Sunday 5th of this month. Reverend Langan blessed all the animals that attended including Hall Farm's Adopt a Horse, India. Candles were lit during the service to give thanks for the joy that our animals bring to our lives every day."

Service for remembering cherished pets brings in over £7,500 for horse welfareAnimal Welfare Service

Even if our valued supporters couldn't make it on the day they were able to Animal Welfare Service dedicate a candle in memory of their loved ones which was lit during the service. All the animals' names submitted were presented at the service and each animal had its own individual candle in remembrance.

Thanks to you, our valued supporters, candle dedications helped to raise almost £7,500 and donations on the day raised a further £150.

We want to say a massive thank you to our supporters for making this possible. We were delighted that we had more people attending this year compared with last and hope to make it an even bigger occasion next year!

Your kind donations will go towards helping horses not just here in the UK, but all over the world.

Find out about the many ways you can support World Horse Welfare in doing what it does best – bettering welfare standards for our favourite animal, the horse.

*The Shellrock Benefice is made up of five once separate parishes: Great Ellingham, Little Ellingham, Rockland All Saints, Rockland St. Peter and Shropham with Snetterton. The parishes were brought together into one benefice in recent years. Although the villages are small, the churches are supported by enthusiastic members who provide a varied programme of religious, social and fund raising activities.

Temporary. What does it mean?

Temporary. What does it mean?Different inspectors have different meanings
For Chailey, it was 20-years.
For Chobham, it was six-months.
For Odiham, it was five-years x twice ......... read more

Carriage Horse Runs Loose in New York traffic

A horse who is forced to pull carriages through New York City's congested, noisy streets bolted over the weekend while being bathed on the sidewalk, raced up 11th Avenue in Manhattan with police cars in pursuit, and shocked pedestrians and motorists who were looking on.

An eyewitness, Jonathan DeMuth, captured this video of the incident:

In the video, the horse runs through a busy intersection tailed by a New York Police Department cruiser as another car makes an unsuccessful attempt to cut off the horse's path by pulling in front of the animal.

This is just the latest in a string of similar incidents that have put horses and the public in danger.

In April, a horse was spooked by a bus and fell, becoming pinned under his carriage and sending another nearby horse running.

In June, a horse named Pumpkin spooked and bolted, causing pedestrians to run for safety.

Later in the summer, a witness reported seeing the disturbing aftermath of a collision between a horse and a taxi. And the list goes on and on.

New York's notorious horse-drawn carriage industry also came under fire recently after carriage drivers were caught working horses in 90-degree weather despite a mandatory heat suspension, drinking on duty, making racist and sexist slurs, forcing a horse to work for four days with a serious leg injury, and more.

As Mayor Bill de Blasio prepares to unveil plans to remove these dangerous carriages from the streets of New York and retire the exhausted horses, celebrities, including Lea Michele, Tim Gunn, Wendy Williams, and Alec Baldwin, are rallying behind him.

If you live in New York, please contact your City Council member and urge him or her to support the mayor's plan. Interview

Billy Twomey

Billy TwomeyWithout doubt Billy Twomey has experienced the highs and lows that competing at top-level showjumping can throw at you.

Riding for Ireland he is currently ranked as one of the best show jumpers in the country and ranks highly in the prestigious Longines World Ranking league.

Based in Gonalston near Nottingham, Billy works hard juggling a top show jumping career and busy family life.

Billy took up riding in Cork, Ireland, and began competing age six, a natural progression with his parents heavily involved in the sport ...... read more - the best horse-lover dating site! - the best horse-lover dating site!

Thousands of illegally-grazed horses
in Kent and East Sussex

Thousands of illegally-grazed horses in Kent and East Sussex

A quarter of the UK's 4,000 illegally-grazed horses are believed to be living in Kent and East Sussex, animal charities have said.

It comes as charities and rural organisations urge the government to follow the lead of the Welsh government and crack down on the problem.

Fly-grazing sees horses left in places such as roadsides and on waste land with little or no care from owners.

MPs are due to debate the Control of Horses Private Member's Bill on Friday.

Organisations including World Horse Welfare, the RSPCA, the National Farmers' Union, Countryside Alliance and the Blue Cross are supporting the bill, sponsored by Conservative York Outer MP Julian Sturdy.

Based around amendments to the Animals Act 1971, it is hoped it will define fly-grazing and require owners to pay back the costs of their animals' upkeep.

Roly Owers, World Horse Welfare's chief executive, said: "There are areas in the South East that are a real focal point for fly-grazing, partly because we have an over-supply of horses in this country for too few homes. "But also because it's so easy to get away with, the perpetrators are never brought to book for effectively stealing other people's grazing, and also not caring for animals well enough."

In Dartford, removal of a single horse costs about £1,000.

Colin Newmarch, Dartford Borough Council's enforcement manager, said: "On council land it's taxpayers' money that clearly we shouldn't be paying out.

"Once the horses are seized, they then become in effect the property of the landowner to look after and care for."

He said the animals had to be looked after for a statutory 14-day period, with transportation and vets' bills adding to the cost.

"You're then stuck with the animal until such time they can be re-homed," he said.

Says Sally Edwards and Jo WareFrensham Common, rrey

Official. The National Trust does not own or have any other interest on the common land apart from the burial mounds .............. read more

BHF looking for 30 horse owners to join its Fibre-Beet Sponsorship Team

It's award time. Nominate your animal welfare heroes

British Horses Feeds is searching for thirty horse owners to be a part of its 'Fibre-Beet 30 Team' for a six month period.

The 'Fibre-Beet 30 Team' will take part in a conditioning trial with super fibre conditioning feed, Fibre-Beet, and keep feed diaries documenting their horse or pony's condition over the winter and in to spring.

In addition to Fibre-Beet, each person will also receive a branded saddle cloth and baseball cap. Anyone wishing to apply to join the 'Fibre-Beet 30 Team' must enter online via the British Horse Feeds Facebook page before 30th November 2014.

It's award time. Nominate your animal welfare heroes

A Super Fibre conditioning feed, Fibre-Beet is a formulated blend containing all the benefits of the original Speedi-Beet product with added high quality Alfalfa for optimum condition, and to provide quality protein for muscle tone and function.

To read the full terms and conditions please visit the news section on the British Horse Feeds website. To enter, visit

For more information on Fibre-Beet contact British Horse Feeds on 01765 680300 or visit

"The man at the council offices in the Isle of Wight said that if they stopped adopting/resurfacing bridle paths, the council would need to close down that department" - Tony Barnett EXCLUSIVE


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Says Sandra Smith

Says Sandra SmithThe speed required to ensure that a gate closes is greater than the velocity required to amputate a finger, crush a child or the head of a dog, trap a push or wheelchair, or – literally - tear a hole in the side of a horse ......... read more

Commoners Rights A Briefing .

"Commoners rights are air tight "

Says Tony Barnett

Says Tony Barnett Commoners rights are air tight, rights, completely are begrudgingly observed by owners, and since the lands have become more valuable, councils and central government (Natural England and other quango's) have seen that they have opportunities, unlawfully, can be gained by looking for weak points or weak minded commoners.

However, there is an act 1235 that stops such acts of usurping local inhabitants off the land or to even encroach on commoners rights, what ever the product is, the rights on Frensham you are aware of

Commoners have observation to comply with, and that is to keep to the rights gained when common land was identified as land "capable" of rights of common, those rights were then registered at the time that the lands were registered as common land in 1965, one commoner per registration, which is the property to include the "application lands".

On police, they have no jurisdiction unless there is a breach of the public order act, S 5, they have powers of arrest, until such an order is breached, however, the council are the registering authorities through investation by the commons commissioner, but without any jurisdiction bestowed and it will be those that have "power" to take action in the county courts, you of course if you honestly believe(have reasonable excuse) may have the matters to go before the high court for judgement.

As the common is registered as a S 9, there will not be any one to make deeds of grant/grants of easement to allow rights of common to none registered commoners, if there is a Lord of the Manor, and there is a beat, a gilly, where his rights of piscary needs protection will be in post, but those rights were registered, subject to the registration of his demesne lands, which pre-date 1189, and registered as freehold in 1925 law of property act, so if there is/was a Lord of the Manor, he would be able to have prosecutions for trespass in search/taking of of game, as it is, court action in as far as Frensham goes, the council can take court action or the commoner.

The council has commitment to set the wrongs right, all monies made from ponds, for example, must be given back, and can be ordered to pay back, there is legislation that will secure prosecution against all involved.

Says Steve YandallSays Steve Yandall

Grazing is always used as an excuse for fencing And fencing creates problems for riders read more

Ask your MP to support the Private Members' Bill on fly-grazing

Ask your MP to support the Private Members' Bill on fly-grazing

The Countryside Alliance is working in coalition with a range of animal welfare and rural organisations trying to get the law changed on fly-grazing.

A Private Members' Bill will have its Second Reading in the House of Commons on Friday 24th October, and we urge you to use the below e-campaign to write to your MP before then, asking them to support this Bill and help solve this ongoing animal welfare crisis. ?Fly-grazing is the illegal grazing of horses on public or private land, and an estimated 3,000 horses have been abandoned in this way across England and Wales. It brings with it misery for farmers and landowners who have to deal with the abandoned horses, and misery too for the horses who are out in all weathers with no veterinary care or feed.

Click here to vote

Says Adrienne Yentis

Says Adrienne YentisA friend of mine recently was riding on the heath
and she came across a group of cattle strung out across the bridlepath with no way through – the only way off was to turn round. Fortunately her horse
remained calm throughout. But you can imagine how a nervous horse might react ........... read more


Says Linda Wright

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

Leading saddle maker to support Conference on saddle-related equine welfare and performance issues

Leading saddle maker to support Conference on saddle-related equine welfare and performance issues

Albion Saddlemakers have confirmed their support for the forthcoming Saddle Research Trust International Conference.

The well-known British manufacturer of competition saddles and accessories will be sponsoring the exclusive International Researchers' Workshop, to be held on 30th November and 1st December 2014. This follows the public Conference on 29th November 2014, which is sponsored by the British Equestrian Federation and World Horse Welfare.

The 2nd Saddle Research Trust International Conference is the only event of its kind to be held, worldwide. It will bring together leading veterinary and scientific experts to examine the latest research on saddle-related equine welfare and performance issues and hear how results of new research affect horses and riders. It's a unique opportunity for vets, therapists, trainers and riders, as well as horse owners themselves to gain collective access to the knowledge and opinions of internationally renowned experts and to participate in panel debate.

The morning programme will explore the impact that horse, saddle and rider have on each other. The pivotal session will be from Dr Sue Dyson, Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the Centre for Equine Studies at the Animal Health Trust. During the afternoon various renowned international experts will examine the kinematics of the equine back and neck, the effects of saddle design and function and influence of the rider and the practical application of science. Richard Davison, Olympic dressage rider and former BEF World Class Performance Manager will then give his personal view of research before the full panel makes itself available for questions and discussion from the floor.

The following day a closed discussion Researchers' Workshop will be held in Newmarket, giving the experts the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics that are important to the future welfare and performance of horses and riders. The priorities in research and how it can be funded will focus the investigations over the following two years until the next meeting in November 2016. From how to objectively assess and measure saddle performance and evolve industry guidelines on saddle fitting, to the effects of different saddle designs on both horse and rider health issues, the workshop outcomes will plan to provide consensus statements to guide horse owners and industry professionals.

Anne Bondi, Saddle Research Trust Director said: "We are proud and delighted to have Albion on board as a sponsor. This valuable support will help further the cause of welfare beyond independent commercial interests and product development."

Paul Belton, Chairman of Albion Saddlemakers continued: "As a saddle manufacturer, we believe in investing in our industry and are therefore delighted to sponsor the 2014 SRT Research Workshop. The increased knowledge and research will raise awareness worldwide, assisting in the future development of saddle fit, design, innovation and construction. Albion supports some of the world's leading riders and trainers and we feel such a gathering of information will be very influential and will have a most positive benefit to our key partner – the horse."

The Saddle Research Trust International Conference will be held in Cambridge on 29th November 2014 at Anglia Ruskin University. The conference is also supported by The British Equestrian Federation, World Horse Welfare and Horse & Hound and is approved by the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA).

Advance tickets are £100 or £150 on the door. Concessions are available.

To find out more, buy tickets and to download a copy of the programme visit, email or telephone 07775 912202.

Says Maureen ComberI have been given an ASBO by the Hampshire County Council for standing up for riders rights.

How many other people have been silenced by Hampshire County Council? ........... read more

Lara Gorse, 12, riding Covenham Jade, crowned winner in X-Factor style competition./p>

Lara Gorse, 12, riding Covenham Jade, crowned winner in X-Factor style competition.

Three exciting equine finals ensured Countryside Live drew to a thrilling climax after a weekend of exciting classes and competitions.

The 'Search for a Talented Showjumper' competition, the North Show Cross Grand Finals and the Mountain and Moorland championship (an Olympia qualifier) all drew the crowds at the two-day rural showcase.

The event is the little sister of the annual Great Yorkshire Show and takes place at Harrogate, North Yorkshire and includes competitive classes for livestock, horses and farriery, as well as displays and demonstrations.

After a closely fought finale, showjumping experts Graham and Tina Fletcher crowned 12-year-old Lara Gorse, riding Covenham Jade, the winner in the X-Factor style competition. Heats took place over the weekend to select the best young showjumper of the future. The youngster, from Loughborough, who started riding when she was five years old, was delighted with her success. Graham Fletcher said there had been a very strong field of competitors, but Lara stood out for her willingness to learn, and her stylish riding.

In the show classes, Emma Boardman was delighted after her four-year-old Welsh Section D Gelding 'Dyffryngwy Sir Picasso' qualified for Olympia on his first outing, winning the Supreme Championship, Ridden Mountain and Moorland.

Emma, of Preston, Lancashire, has won the same class at Countryside Live for the past two years on a different horse but it was the first time that she managed to clinch the top title.

"This was his first time in the ring", she said. "We bought him as a cob exactly four years ago this weekend. I'm delighted and can't quite believe it," said Emma, who first rode at Olympia when she was 10-years-old.

The Northern Show Cross individual and Inter Team Relay finals drew the crowds on both days – all competing for a prize fund of £1,500. Riders have been competing for points over the summer in order to ride at Harrogate.

Teams included pony clubs, riding clubs and individual teams from the North of England and Scottish Borders in particular. Members of the Jack Thomas Watson Horse Sales Team from Newcastle came out victorious in the Senior Inter Team Relay event. Kaylie Ritson, of Morpeth riding Krafted Miracle, Samantha McNicholas, of Darlington, on Vayrann and Hollie Davison, Durham, riding Dalina proved a winning combination. In addition Samantha collected the 70cm senior title.

It was a case of third time lucky for North Yorkshire rider Grace Addyman who took the trophy in the Northern Show Cross senior 90cm section.

The technical trainer, has entered the Show Cross event for the past two years – but won this year for the first time, on her 15-year-old Irish sports horse, King.

"He's got a really long stride and jumped a clear round," said Grace, who also entered her 26-year-old semi retired thoroughbred cross Arab in the 80cm class. Anna Aldred, of Darlington, Co Durham took the 80cm title.

Meanwhile, members of the Darlington-based Alan Scott Team, Shauna Carman, 14, Georgia Garnett, 13, and Rachel Proudley, 9, won the Junior Inter Relay championship title.

Shauna, from Langley Moor, Durham, also went on to take the 90cm junior title, while Lilia Schaible from Darlington took the honours in the 80cm class with her 8-year-old Connemara pony, Knock Boy Lad, while 11-year-old Katy McFadyen from Kelso, Roxburghshire, won the 70cm championship riding Bounty II.

The Northern Show Cross Finals are orgnaised by Janice Mewse and Ian Brown. It is the third year of the popular series.

It was certainly a case of keeping it in the family for sisters Marie and Kimberley Dyson who both had a hand in taking home the Coloured Championship in the equine section.

Five year old Subtle Affair (Peggy) is owned by Marie and was ridden by her younger sibling; it proved a winning combination with the Brighouse based sisters taking the honours. It was Peggy's first year under saddle and her best success to date.


Monty Proves a Side-Saddle Star

Monty Proves a Side-Saddle Star
Kate and her beloved Monty

Having spent many happy years together, Kate Hardt and her wonderful horse Monty recently embarked on a new adventure together – having a go at hunter trialling side-saddle!

Now 13-years-old, Kate has owned Monty for eight years and competed in a wide range of disciplines.

Over the years Kate has worked hard to keep Monty fit and well and thanks to her desire to keep him in the best of health he is very much enjoying life and took to their hunter trial debut in style.

Said Kate: "Monty has always been a star and I couldn't ask for more. Without doubt his TopSpec feed regime has helped to keep him in brilliant condition as it allows me to adjust his diet depending on the time of year.

"Monty can easily put on condition so the flexibility of the feed is great. He is so important to me I want to make sure he is getting everything in his diet he needs.

"We thought about taking life a bit slower but he looks fantastic and we decided we would give hunter trialling a go while riding side-saddle.

"He was absolutely brilliant and I couldn't have asked for more. It was the first time we have competed together for four years and it made all the slow fattening work seem so worthwhile.

"The thrill of the hunter trial was on a par with my wedding day – it was just fantastic and to have a successful day at Eland Lodge near Staffordshire was the icing on the cake.

"Thanks to TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer and TopChop Lite, I can honestly say Monty looks as well as he has ever done.

"Riding Monty side-saddle is just a dream as I never really thought I would compete him again and we would just spend our time hacking out together."

Equine Superstore

TheHorseCourse cuts re-offending rates among prisoners by up to 19-per-cent.

TheHorseCourse cuts re-offending rates among prisoners by up to 19-per-cent

Pareelli instructors around the UK are supporting one of the most innovative equine-assisted behaviour programmes to be developed.

TheHorseCourse was founded by Harriet Laurie and has the support of its Patrons, Lord Jim Knight, a former minister for education and President of The British Horse Society, Martin Clunes.

TheHorseCourse is an equine-assisted behaviour programme delivered in prisons and other settings in the UK.

The project began at HMP Portland in 2010 as an Offending Behaviour Program focusing on disengaged and disruptive violent offenders.

It was replicated at HMP Oakwood, HMP Verne and HMP Eastwood Park in 2012, with three further facilitators delivering the course using their own horses.

In 2013 Dorset Mental Health PCT commissioned continuing services to be provided at HMP Portland.

Prisoners taking part complete the course in just one week of intense activity with specially trained horses and are chosen from the most 'difficult to reach prisoners'.

This course is also successfully being piloted in the community with vulnerable young people, with the hope of reaching them sooner and not just those that are at risk of offending but with those experiencing trouble at school due to lack of social and emotional skills.

Recent pilots have been funded by BBC Children in Need, Monument Trust and Dorset County Council.

UK Parelli professionals, led by 3* Parelli Instructor Steph Gaunt are supporting TheHorseCourse training this year in the UK and Scotland.

TheHorseCourse is aimed at other Parelli Professionals who would like to become a facilitator in this successful equine-assisted intervention. Used in prisons, within schools, in mental health settings and privately, the programme aims to develop emotional and thinking skills through a carefully designed and tested Parelli-based horsemanship intervention.

Led by founder Harriet Laurie and joined by Steph Gaunt, 3* Parelli Professional and certified THC Facilitator - TheHorseCourse has a convincing and growing evidence base with great results in prisons, reducing the reoffending rate by 19%, and offering another potential teaching outlet.

The course is a three-day training programme based in the classroom and the arena with scholarships available for licenced Parelli Professionals or high level Parelli students with a background in education, mental health or social work.

The course will look at the needs, referrals and outcomes of those that the intervention is aimed at as well as safety, safeguarding and choice of horses.

It will introduce research perspectives and have hands-on arena sessions with horses, practicing on each other and how the programme worked for prison-based interventions.

For more information on the programmes visit

Says Tony Barnett



The Parellis are coming. Book now.

The Parellis are coming. Book now.

Linda and Pat Parelli are heading to the UK next spring for an exciting one day celebration of natural horsemanship techniques and skills.

The event – One Day with Linda and Pat Parelli - takes place at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre in Buckinghamshire on March 7 and is set to be a fantastic day for learning and fun at the same time.

From inspiring demonstrations to educational sessions, the day will be packed with information and advice to help all horse owners looking to achieve new highs with their horses and ponies.

The day will include Savvy Team demonstrations, developing horses with a variety of problems or issues, to learning more about Horsenality and so much more.

Spending time with like-minded people throughout the day will also prove inspiring with Parelli Natural Horsemanship based on understanding horse nature and psychology to enable anyone at any level, whether you are a beginner or international competitor, to have fun with horses and achieve amazing results naturally.

Said Graham Pickup of Parelli UK: "Everyone is looking forward to a fantastic day with Linda and Pat Parelli. For anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship and learn how to understand horses and ponies better, the day will provide a fascinating insight not to be missed.

"Addington Manor is a great venue and we want the day to be a real celebration of everything that natural horsemanship methods and ideas can bring to horse ownership, riders and those passionate about developing their relationship and bond to a higher level."

Parelli Natural Horsemanship is the world's most popular horsemanship education programme with the goal to help raise the level of horsemanship for the benefit of horses and the people who love them.

By practicing the Parelli programme, horsemen and women of all disciplines and skill levels are able to build solid, reliable foundations with their horses.

Buy your tickets today

Tickets are priced from £39 to £99 and all include a £10 voucher to spend in the Parelli shop. Anyone buying 10 tickets in one transaction will receive one free.

To buy tickets contact Parelli UK on 0800 0234 813 or visit the Parelli webshop at

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

Horseytalk - Product of the Week

New Equerry Condition Cooler Mash is a quick-soaking mash for horses that need to gain weight and condition.

New Equerry Condition Cooler Mash is a quick-soaking mash for horses that need to gain weight and condition.

It is a 'Non-Heating' formula with low levels of starch and has a good level of protein for muscle development and topline.

Highly-digestible fibre sources include sugar beet; while oil and linseed promote condition and a shiny coat.

A high level of yeast promotes a healthy digestive system, with added vitamins and minerals including magnesium.

Each product in the Equerry range benefits from generations of knowledge as it is manufactured by HJ Lea Oakes, one of the longest established independent animal feed manufacturers in Britain, dating back to 1675 where the Lea family began milling feeds to supply to the Cheshire farming community.

Equerry horse feeds are formulated by experienced nutritionists, using only the best quality ingredients and are produced under the BETA NOPS scheme giving horse owners peace of mind.

Equerry horse feeds combine highly digestible fibre sources to support a healthy digestive system with cooked cereals where appropriate to provide a highly digestible source of energy.

All the feeds are balanced with vitamins and minerals to support health and wellbeing and include quality protein sources for muscle development.

The range includes seven cubes, six coarse mixes, one mash and one treat in the form of Equerry Minty Horse Treats.

Equerry Condition Cooler Mash - 20kg - £11.95.

Telephone the Equerry Helpline on 01845 565640 or visit

Caption Corner
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Says Naomi Smith

Says Naomi SmithIt is all too possible to round a corner on horseback and come upon a group of cattle with no prior warning -this WILL result in a horse being badly spooked at best, bolting at worst -it is only a matter of time ........... read more


Hayley Millington-Smith

Hayley Millington-Smith

Event rider Hayley Millington-Smith and her seven-year-old, home-produced mare, Phoenix Fire Dancer have finished the season in pole position in the Equestrian Direct Surfaces Pre-Novice Eventing Series at Aston-Le-Walls.

Hayley and Phoenix Fire Dancer, from Shropshire have been in great form finishing on 12 points and are closely followed by Charlotte Dennis riding Betty and Abbie Roobottom riding Flurrie Knox Esq, who both have 11 points.

Said Hayley: "Finding out I am currently leading the Equestrian Direct Pre-Novice series with Phoenix is a fantastic achievement. Starting a horse from scratch and doing all the hard work yourself makes it even more rewarding when everything comes together, as you have a very strong partnership."

Leading manufacturer and specialist in equine arena surfaces, Equestrian Direct Ltd, is supporting this hugely popular unaffiliated Pre-Novice Eventing Series which has gathered pace throughout the year. The Pre-Novice Series started this season and follows a league structure culminating in the top 50 horse and rider combinations qualifying for the final in June 2015. Equestrian Direct Surfaces are giving a fantastic prize of an arena top-up surface to the winner worth £1,500. The league runs in line with the unaffiliated eventing that is already in place at Aston-Le-Walls and in particular, the Pre-Novice section.

Horse and rider combinations competing in any unaffiliated Pre-Novice section at Aston-Le-Walls will pick up points either by being placed in the top ten or by jumping a double clear.

Winners will receive ten points with points descending to correspond with the placings and those with double clears will pick up one point. The first three of the six qualifiers this season have been a great success.

There will be three further qualifiers in 2015, taking place in March, April and May followed by the final in June.

To find out more about the Equestrian Direct Unaffiliated Pre-Novice Series contact Aston-Le-Walls on 01327 262256 or visit

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Horse and Country TV

Mon 20 October, 2014

Horse and Country


7:00pm British Dressage Nationals 2014 Highlights from the 2014 LeMieux National Dressage Championship Grand Prix. (Ep 1/3)

8:00pm Yard Talk: Oliver Townend Badminton and Burghley winner Oliver Townend shows us around his Shropshire yard and talks frankly about the highs and lows of top level eventing.


8:30pm Rudall's Round-Up: Burghley 2014 Guest presenter Charlotte Ricca-Smith goes behind the scenes at the legendary Burghley Horse Trials.

9:00pm Around the Dog World City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show 2014 is the setting. Watch highlights of every group and Best in Show, and exclusive winner and judge interviews. Analysis from Andrew Brace.


10:00pm The Ride: Race Across the Steppe Barry and Joe are back, and this time they go to Mongolia to take part in the world's toughest horse race, The Mongol Derby! (S2, Ep 1/6)


11:00pm Animal Rescue We follow the work of animal welfare inspectors in Dublin, Kerry and Galway as they travel the towns and counties investigating cases of cruelty and rescuing sick or injured animals.

11:30pm Animal Rescue Dublin SPCA Inspector Tony McGovern helps a horse trapped in a cattle grid. Also, in Ballybunion, husband and wife team Harry & Anne McDaid find Europe's deadliest reptile on a building site.


Tues 21 October, 2014

Horse and Country


7:00pm British Dressage Nationals 2014 Highlights from the 2014 LeMieux National Dressage Championship Grand Prix Freestyle. (Ep 2/3)

8:00pm Yard Talk: Robert Walker Top showing rider and producer Robert Walker introduces the hunters, hacks and cobs that live on his Cheshire yard, and talks about his return to top-level competition after a life-threatening illness

8:30pm FEI Equestrian World Go behind the scenes of all the major FEI championships and series to get the personalities, lifestyle and news. This FEI series will open the door to equestrian stories from across the globe. (Ep5)


9:00pm FEI Nations Cup 2014: Final Watch the world's best riders compete for their country in the FEI Nation Cup 2014: Final series from Barcelona.

10:00pm The Ride: Race Across the Steppe It's the end of day 1 of the Mongol Derby, the longest, toughest horse race in the world, and a disastrous combination of error and bad luck has put Barry and Joe at the back of the pack. (S2, Ep 2/6)


11:00pm Animal Rescue Inspector Robbie Kenny faces a showdown over a horse in a back garden while Tony removes a stray snake from a family's kitchen.

11:30pm Animal Rescue Dublin SPCA Inspector Robbie Kenny responds to a call from a concerned motorist who notices a puppy and its mother living on the edge of the busy Naas dual carriageway.


Wed 22 October, 2014

Horse and Country


8:00pm Yard Talk: Sam Griffiths Top Australian event rider Sam Griffiths shows us around his Dorset yard and talks about his Badminton win.

8:30pm Rudall's Round-Up: Burghley 2014 Guest presenter Charlotte Ricca-Smith goes behind the scenes at the legendary Burghley Horse Trials.


9:00pm Showjumping from Royal Berkshire Highlights from the Royal Berkshire Show for final event in the International Stairway Series.

9:30pm Farming Sunday › We look at cattle diseases IBR and BVD and get an overview of proposed changes to arable spraying options. (S16, Ep 1/5)


10:00pm The Ride: Race Across the Steppe After choosing to sleep out, Barry & Joe discover they're only 10 km behind the leaders and claw their way back in to the Mongol Derby - the longest, toughest horse race in the world. (S2, Ep 3/6)


11:00pm Animal Rescue We follow the work of animal welfare inspectors in Dublin, Kerry, Galway and Cork as they travel the highways of Ireland investigating cases of animal cruelty and rescuing sick or injured animals.

11:30pm Animal Rescue We follow the work of animal welfare inspectors in Dublin, Kerry, Galway and Cork as they travel the highways of Ireland investigating cases of animal cruelty and rescuing sick or injured animals.


Thurs 23 October, 2014

Horse and Country


7:30pm Tobbe in the Emirates Swedish Horse Artiste Tobbe Larsson takes us on a journey through the United Arab Emirates.

8:00pm Yard Talk: Sophie Wells Top dressage rider Sophie Wells MBE introduces her top horses and talks about her journey to the London 2012 Paralympics and beyond.


8:30pm Arena UK 2014: Puissance Horse & Country TV brings you highlights of the Arena UK Puissance.

9:00pm British Dressage Nationals 2014 Jenny Rudall takes a look at some more of the action from the 2014 LeMieux National Dressage Championship. (Ep 3/3)

10:00pm The Ride: Race Across the Steppe It's the 4th day of the Mongol Derby, Barry and Joe have reached the halfway mark and are in 2nd and 3rd position with a real chance to catch up to the leader. (S2, Ep 4/6)


11:00pm Animal Rescue In the final episode of the series Robbie and Tony struggle with a horse who doesn't want to be rescued. The Dublin duo spend seven hours trying to get a stubborn sick horse into a horse-box.

11:30pm Farming Sunday › Show one looks at liver fluke in cattle, profiles the new JCB front loaders and highlights current grain markets.


Fri 24 October, 2014

Horse and Country


8:00pm Top Marks Intelligent Horsemanship › In the last instalment we see the team in Berkshire with more problem horses and the end of tour. What's next for Intelligent Horsemanship? (Ep 4/4)

8:30pm Rudall's Round-Up: Burghley 2014 Guest presenter Charlotte Ricca-Smith goes behind the scenes at the legendary Burghley Horse Trials.

9:00pm Farming Sunday › We look at dairying in Ireland and Scotland and beef production in Shropshire. (S16, Ep 4/5)


9:30pm Farming Sunday › We look at fly control on dairy farms and get advice on the important area of fertility in beef production.

10:00pm The Ride: Race Across the Steppe Barry and Joe have completed 14 stages of the Mongol Derby and must select the right horses to maintain their chances of winning the race. (S2, Ep 5/6)


11:00pm Farming Sunday › In this episode we take a look at anaerobic digestion on the farm and get advice on best practice in making silage.

11:30pm Farming Sunday › We look at IBR, dairy liner flushing systems and the work of the BCVA.


Sat 25 October, 2014

Horse and Country


8:00pm Showjumping from Royal Berkshire Highlights from the Royal Berkshire Show for final event in the International Stairway Series.

8:30pm FEI Equestrian World Go behind the scenes of all the major FEI championships and series to get the personalities, lifestyle and news. This FEI series will open the door to equestrian stories from across the globe. (Ep5)


9:00pm Drive Thru Australia Geelong and the Great Ocean Road. Ben kicks off his journey along the Great Ocean Road at Geelong, where he cooks up Laksa and Panzanella. (Ep 4/13)

9:30pm Seventh Sense A film about a woman's journey to harness the seventh sense of horses to provide healing to herself and disabled children in South Africa.

10:00pm The Ride: Race Across the Steppe In the last stretch of the race Barry and Joe take a gamble and choose the wildest horses at the horse stations. Will this risk be worth the danger? And can they still win it? (S2, Ep 6/6)


11:00pm Farming Sunday › We look at sheep farming in mid Wales, investigate antibiotic resistance and speak to Lancashire dairy farmer James Rogerson.

11:30pm Farming Sunday › It will contain a feature on precision farming, beef production in Cornwall and expert advice on lameness in dairy cattle.


Sun 26 October, 2014

Horse and Country


8:30pm Parelli: The Four Savvys ''Finesse: Precision Riding with Contact,'' Pat Parelli teaches Samantha and her horse Aspen to ride with refinement, grace and a soft feel. (Ep 4/4)

9:00pm Parelli: The Four Savvys ''On Line: Problem Solving on the Ground,'' Pat Parelli teaches Cathy and her horse Raul trailer loading techniques. (Ep 1/4)


9:30pm Parelli: The Four Savvys ''Liberty: Trust and Bonding on the Ground,'' Pat Parelli teaches Graham and his horse Dixie to communicate through the use of the Steady Pressure technique. (Ep 2/4)

10:00pm Parelli: The Four Savvys ''Freestyle: Control and Communication under Saddle,'' Pat Parelli teaches Jennifer and her horse River to communicate through the use of a carrot stick rather than reins. (Ep 3/4)


10:30pm Parelli: The Four Savvys ''Finesse: Precision Riding with Contact,'' Pat Parelli teaches Samantha and her horse Aspen to ride with refinement, grace and a soft feel. (Ep 4/4)

11:00pm Farming Sunday › This week's show includes a look at cattle diseases Blackleg, Johnes Disease and Mycoplasma bovis.

11:30pm Farming Sunday › Includes a look at new tractor engine technologies, controlled traffic farming and frontloaders.

RURAL TV can be watched in the UK and Ireland on Sky Channel 279 and Freesat 403

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