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Tony Barnett has done amazingly with the forestry commission fight"Without horseytalk we might as well all dig a hole and jump into it."

- Maureen Comber

Castle Bottom, Hampshire

The signage is unlawful so are the gates.

Says Tony Barnett

Says Tony Barnett Horseytalk has dealt with a lot of requests from members of the public over rights of access are being regulated by charities and council go-fers "rangers" supported by corrupt councils.

Recently on face book is a twitter from councils employees "rangers" still trying to force a fate accompli on the neighborhood, to which they claim lawful occupation or ownership by the council from whence the post of regulators is claimed to have been bestowed, arise Sir/Lady` Vandal.

The twitter mentions Castle Bottom, defined by these parasites as a National Nature Reserve, my questions put to a spokesman to day was; when did this peace of open countryside become a reserve for nature..(reserve to set a side for a special or particular purpose/person) as nature reserves are also selective as too type, this then extinguishes natural nature and uses, uses include ancient rights for air and exercise and access from all points of view, as is already seen by unlawful fencing etc, placed under a fate accompli scheme.

Another question I posed was the placement of the signage, whose consent was gained, we just put it up he said, but the signage is in breach of the 2000 crow act, it is unlawful and may be taken down under schedule 4 para 6 unless you can disclose law then there will be no punishment.

He went on about the ground nesting birds and the need to keep dogs on a lead it is an offence to injure or disturb habitat and birds, so you are saying that the public are inconsiderate and will not consider the breeding season, this is open countryside, it is not subject to the 1925 law of property act, therefore it is not freehold, your rites are no different to any other members of the public.

As I was writing a phone call came in from the rangers at Castle Bottom asking if I needed any help, no, I said but tell me about the re-naming of castle bottom from common land to a reserve and also your authority to regulate access and use, first the signage, is it in the right place he asked no it is not it is on public open access common land and it should not be there, so if someone bumps into it you will be liable, no he said access is by choice(no fooling this chap then), yes but the signage is man made and not natural phenomena so you will be liable, argue that with the casualties solicitor.

Castle Bottom, HampshireWhat do you want done then, move it and the gate, the gate is there for commoners animals, but the commoners did not erect the gates again, you will be liable for any accident, like horses and people trying to gain access,their rites, look I will pass this on to the right department he said and down went the phone.

Horseytalk staff can only do so much the rest is down to the neighborhood, of course investigations will still be made on your behalf.

Conclusion, the signage is unlawful so are the gates.

I just love the first page of horseytalk

Tony Barnett has done amazingly with the forestry commission fightTony Barnett has done amazingly with the forestry commission fight

Please pass my congratulations to him
Charlotte Hunt

I want my breakfast now!

Says Steve YandallThis sign is illegal

Equestrians are entitled to use this route - legally.
There are thousands of other illegal signs all over the country banning equestrians.


Six-year-old hospitalised after motorcyclist allegedly spooked his horse

Six-year-old hospitalised after motorcyclist allegedly spooked his horse

A six-year-old child flew off his horse after it became unnerved by another road user – who then fled from the scene laughing. Jake Marriner, from Surrey, was left hospitalised with neck injuries and concussion after a motorcyclist reportedly scared his pony, Molly, deliberately.

This comes after a Penzance woman, Debbie Smith, set up a petition to protect horse-riders on the road, which currently boasts more than 40,000 signatures.

The petition will be presented to the Transport Minister on Tuesday February 23 and Debbie is looking to drum up further support to stop incidents like this happening.

Jake's mother, Christine, 29, was understandably mortified by the incident that saw her son crash onto the ground.

She said: "I was walking beside Jake who was riding on Molly and Katie was riding beside us on her horse.

"We got 100 yards down the road when I saw this dirt bike revving its engine.

"I thought nothing of it, but then it started coming down the road and I thought it would pass.

"But the rider suddenly stopped just 25 yards ahead of us - and then rode diagonally across the road towards Katie."

"It all happened so quickly

"As Katie's horse turned back to home, he took me clean off my feet.

"As I hit the floor, I let go of Jake, and Molly started chasing after the other horse.

"I started screaming and chasing after them, and Jake had stayed on but the pony suddenly changed direction and I couldn't get there quick enough.

"He just went head first on the concrete."

Christine claimed that after the youth had sped off after scaring the horses he returned to the scene to see what he had done.

Christine, herself a former jockey, said: "After Jake had come off his horse, he came back on his bike.

"He stuck his fingers up and Katie and began laughing. He thought it was hilarious.

"That boy is not right in the head."

The 6-year-old spent a night in hospital after being rushed in by ambulance, doctors monitored his condition overnight.

Left shaken, Jake has reportedly awoke due to nightmares every evening since.

"The issue I'm having now a week on is that every night he's waking up screaming or crying because he remembers the accident", said Christine, who hopes he will get back to riding soon but will not force him.

"If he says he doesn't want to do it I won't make him."

Six-year-old hospitalised after motorcyclist allegedly spooked his horse
Debbie Smith has set up a petition demanding for more protection for horse-riders

The BHS and Maureen Comber

How the BHS treats somebody who has been a loyal, dedicated and hard-working member for over 50 years.

DAY 580

It is now 580 days since the BHS shamefully dismissed Maureen Comber after more than 50-years of dedicated and hard-working service.

Maureen ComberStill no regret.

Still no sympathy.

Still no apology.

What is more they have still not paid her back the outstanding money they owe her.

How long can the BHS continue to behave in this disgraceful manner?

Other hard-working BHS members and volunteers beware. This is obviously the way you are going to be treated one day.

"We're backing Maureen"

Click here to read in full the shocking way
Maureen Comber was treated by the BHS Sport photo of the Week Sport photo of the Week

Steve McCarronSays Steve McCarron

What is the point of the OPEN SPACES SOCIETY if it does not act to preserve open spaces ..............
read more

Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund

On average, two people per month are paralysed from a horse fall

Grooms to represent grooms

We all know the dangers of equestrian sports, the thrill and bond we share witOn average, two people per month are left paralysed from a horse fall our horses makes the potential risks worthwhile, but how many of us actually stop to consider how we would cope in the event of a life changing accident?

With better education on safety and equipment, thankfully accidents are rare; however, they do still happen despite the latest innovations in headgear and body protectors.

On average, two people per month are left paralysed from a horse fall and many others are left permanently disabled through severe head injuries, not to mention the dangers faced when handling horses on the ground.

There are a number of different ways that you can get involved with The Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund and help the charity to assist injured riders. Throughout the year the Fund holds a number of events that you may wish to support, either by attending, donating a prize or your time.

Recent events have included the Mirror Ball in a 1920's mirrored circus tent, a wonderful day in a private box at Hickstead and An Evening with Clare Balding.

Plans for 2016 include a Polo Day at Cheshire Polo Club in July, a Meet the Riders Luncheon at the Hickstead Derby Meeting and an Evening with the Stars in London in November.

As we look ahead to spring and lighter nights, why not get together with your horsey friends to organise a fund raising event for Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund? A lovely pub ride could turn into a fundraising opportunity, or even plan a treasure hunt along the route of your favourite hack.

Gaining sponsorship has never been easier now you can set up your own 'Just Giving' webpage, enabling your supporters to sponsor you online from anywhere across the world. This is extremely simple to set up and also saves you having to collect in sponsorship money, which can be time consuming. See their website and enter "The Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund" to get started.

The Funds new, easy to navigate website also has a donate option within the online shop, allowing supporters to donate anything from £1 to £50 to help more people effected by a horse related accident and help raise awareness of safety, with the aim of preventing accidents from occurring in the first place.

Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund is a charity set up to help those that have been affected by a horse related accident, in the form of access to legal advice, practical help, such as providing a wheelchair or simple moral support to both the victims and their families.

Whatever you decide the charity is always happy to provide support to ensure your fundraising event is a success.

For further information please visit or telephone (01726) 788364.



Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports of all time.

As it was very popular with the royalty of British society, it soon earned the title of "Sport of Kings". With racing taking place in Britain all year, there is always some interesting top-notch events not to be missed.

No matter whether you just want to keep yourself updated or bet on races, by registering at, you will find everything you need to know about horse racings and many other kinds of sport betting.

This prestigious bookmaker also rewards its players from the first time they start wagering.

Temporary. What does it mean?

Temporary. What does it mean?Different inspectors have different meanings
For Chailey, it was 20-years.
For Chobham, it was six-months.
For Odiham, it was five-years x twice ......... read more

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Up to 50 products listed FREE on China's largest web-site.

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'I didn't consent for my horse to photobomb your selfie'

'I didn't consent for my horse to photobomb your selfie'

- Owner whose animal starred in prizewinning photo complains that no one asked her for permission

- Now she wants a share of the winnings.

Read more ............ Interview

James Sommerville

James SommervilleJames Sommerville, who has just become a Grubs sponsored rider, is based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire and is currently campaigning a talented string of horses.

James has ridden ever since he was young, despite preferring tennis and football his family's passion for horses forced him into riding. He joined the York and Ainsty North Pony Club at the age of just four and a few years later was bitten by the eventing bug and decided that it was all he wanted to do
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After being 'caught out' by Laminitis, Lorraine and Ari join the CARE study

After being 'caught out' by Laminitis, Lorraine and Ari join the CARE study

In the run-up to CARE day on 10th February 2016, we will be sharing some touching stories about horses and owners enrolled on the vital study, allowing them to inspire you to join the charge against Laminitis. This painful, debilitating disease can affect horses of any age, breed or use and it is imperative for horses everywhere that the CARE study

When 9-year-old Arab Ari came down with Laminitis in 2013, his owner Lorraine was distraught. Having been through a tough recovery period, Lorraine is now taking part in the CARE study to raise awareness of the disease and how it can strike when you least expect it.

"After coming in from the field one day and standing eating his haynet, I could see Ari was shuffling his weight from foot to foot. This definitely wasn't normal for him, so I called the vet, and he confirmed that it was Laminitis.

"I was devastated. I just thought, "This is my fault." I'd been busy so he'd had a month off work and I hadn't been monitoring him as closely, so it crept up on us and we were caught out. At the time when he was ill, two of my friends lost horses to Laminitis, which made it all the more concerning."

After being 'caught out' by Laminitis, Lorraine and Ari join the CARE study

It was during this time that Lorraine discovered the CARE study, which seeks to establish which health conditions are most prevalent in Britain's horses and particularly focuses on Laminitis and the risk factors for its development.

"I saw an advert for the study and I was really interested. With Ari having had and recovered from Laminitis, I wanted to help to spread awareness of the condition."

To take part in the study, owners simply have to sign up and submit regular online updates regarding their horse's health and management.

In addition, owners are provided with the opportunity to monitor the weight and condition of their horses and ponies; inputting the information into an online weight tracker. Detailed guidance and a tape measure are provided as part of the CARE welcome pack. Owners have the option to take some simple body measurements in order to estimate weight, as well as being encouraged to take an active 'hands-on' approach when condition scoring.

"The study is so useful – the weight tracker is fantastic because even though you can think your horse hasn't changed, the measurements can tell a completely different story! For anybody looking to get their horses fitter or watching their weight, this is a super way to do it.

"It's so straightforward to do, too. Once you've got all your information inputted, it's easy to keep it up-to-date and it really keeps your eye on your horse's health.

"Any horse can come down with Laminitis, whether it's an overweight native or an Arab like Ari. We need to break down the stigma attached to the disease and by taking part in the CARE study and learning more about it, we can do that."

Lorraine and Ari are urging all horse owners to sign up to the CARE study. It's simple, it doesn't take much time and it could be the breakthrough needed to advance the knowledge we have of laminitis and other health conditions. However, without the support of Britain's horse owners, these conclusions remain out of reach and Laminitis continues to be a serious threat to our horses.

After being 'caught out' by Laminitis, Lorraine and Ari join the CARE study

Says Sally Edwards and Jo WareFrensham Common, rrey

Official. The National Trust does not own or have any other interest on the common land apart from the burial mounds .............. read more Book of the Week



The inspirational story of a family overcoming adversity and forming a unique bond with a rescued donkey at The Donkey Sanctuary in Birmingham is being told in a book called Amber's Donkey.

The book is on sale at major retailers and also via Donkey World.

When Amber and her twin sister, Hope, were born 26 weeks premature, Amber was rushed to hospital for an emergency tracheostomy. Their parents, Julian and Tracy, were given the devastating news that Amber was unlikely to ever walk or talk, followed by a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

When Shocks the donkey was found barely alive on a farm in Ireland, nobody expected him to survive. He was taken to The Donkey Sanctuary and it was the worst case of neglect their rescuers had ever seen. Shocks had a skin infection in his neck and rather than seek treatment, his owners had poured industrial-strength bleach into his wounds, tethered him to a pole and left him to die.

As Amber grew up and underwent painful medical tests and operations, she became increasingly withdrawn. Julian and Tracy were beside themselves with worry. They thought she'd never live a normal life like her twin sister, Hope. After several attempts at therapy, they sent Amber to The Donkey Sanctuary's Assisted Therapy Centre in Birmingham. It was a last-ditch attempt to help their beloved daughter.

When Amber and Shocks first met, it was as though they had known each other for ages. Despite having a fear of humans due to his maltreatment, when Shocks saw Amber approaching, he lowered his head so that she could wrap her arms around his neck.

Riding Shocks helped develop Amber's muscles, defying all the doctor's predictions. In turn, staff at The Donkey Sanctuary were amazed to see the gradual change in this timid little donkey, as he blossomed and became friendly and confident. Soon he was their most popular donkey with lots of children wanting to ride him.

As Amber's mother, Tracy said 'It was as if they understood each other's pain. Like two broken beings, helping each other'.

"The man at the council offices in the Isle of Wight said that if they stopped adopting/resurfacing bridle paths, the council would need to close down that department" - Tony Barnett EXCLUSIVE


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Says Sandra Smith

Says Sandra SmithThe speed required to ensure that a gate closes is greater than the velocity required to amputate a finger, crush a child or the head of a dog, trap a push or wheelchair, or – literally - tear a hole in the side of a horse ......... read more

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt
SES personnel winch Kane back up to the road

A horse had to be winched to safety after he fell down a 5m cliff into thick bushland.

Picton's Lizzey Lane and her horse Kane were riding a firetail at Tahmoor, off Bargo River Rd, Sydney, Australia when the horse became spooked and lost its footing, plunging through dense vines, ferns and shrubbery.

Miss Lane said a large puddle of water had spooked her horse.

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt
Rescue personnel cut back vines and fallen tree trunks
before winching Kane back to safety.

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt
A cloth was placed over Kane's head to cover his eyes to stop him from panicking. Lizzy can ben seen cradling his head as he is winched back on to the road by rescuers.

He's always been afraid of puddles his whole life," Miss Lane explained.

"We were going along and he saw a large puddle and he went to avoid it when he slipped and couldn't regain his footing and fell down the embankment."

While Kane and Miss Lane were largely unhurt, emergency services swung into action to rescue the horse.

"The rescue took "quite an effort''. "It was very overgrown where it fell and we had to cut a path with a chainsaw to get to it," he said.

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt
Back on the road the pair fell from. Lizzy tries to encourage Kane to get back up after his exhausting ordeal..

We had to winch it to safety and it was lucky it didn't break anything.

"Anything could have happened."

Miss Lane, 23 has been riding since she was 10 and has owned Kane since she was 13 said nothing like this had ever happened before.

"I've fallen off before but I've never had to have him rescued," she said.

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt
Kane finally has the courage to get back up after being winched to safety..

The RFS, SES and police attended the incident and a vet was called to anaesthetise the horse to prevent it from further injuring itself while it was in a panicked state.

"It was really traumatic and scary, I was so relieved when the vet arrived," Miss Lane said.

"I thought we weren't going to be able to get him out.

"I couldn't see how they were going to get him out, it was really scary.

"I'm really thankful to everyone who helped us out, it was unbelievable.

"They were all amazing, they were so helpful and kind."

The whole removal operation took three hours.

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt
Kane catches his breath after getting back on his hooves after the ordeal. 

Horse and rider escape 5m fall unhurt
Kane the horse enjoying less perilous surroundings back in his paddock.

Says Steve YandallSays Steve Yandall

Grazing is always used as an excuse for fencing And fencing creates problems for riders read more

Pony found with horrific injuries making good recovery, says RSPCA

Pony found with horrific injuries making good recovery, says RSPCA
Elsa the pony is recovering.

A pony abandoned with appalling leg injuries has made a dramatic improvement, say vets.

The nine-month-old filly, named Elsa by RSPCA staff after the character in the Disney film Frozen, suffered extensive wounds to her back legs.

Vets think her horrific wounds were caused by being dragged along the floor in an accident or being improperly harnessed to a cart.

She was left in freezing conditions in a remote lane near Washington and is thought to have suffered her injuries at least three days before she was found and taken to the RSPCA Felledge Equine Centre, near Chester-le-Street, for treatment.

Yard manager Lisa Paulin said: "We are so pleased with Elsa's progress, she is doing so well and is such a sweet filly despite this terrible ordeal.

"We are very pleased to say she is even going out into her field now for short periods of time.

"When she first arrived she was clearly in so much pain from the wounds on her back legs. The injury was enormous and so severe that even her muscles were exposed".

She added: "The vet who examined Elsa when she was first found predicted that she had been suffering with these wounds for at least three days before she was found, as the area was covered in dead skin and had become badly infected.

"Thankfully, we have been able to treat her legs with a special solution to create a barrier that has prevented further infection, and also helped the skin to repair so she is more comfortable."

Centre staff say they have been overwhelmed with messages from wellwishers

Anybody wishing to donate funds or items such as horse rugs can do so via

Ms Paulin said: "Elsa has been very brave and in time when she has fully recovered, we look forward to matching her with her perfect adopter and forever home."

Says Adrienne Yentis

Says Adrienne YentisA friend of mine recently was riding on the heath
and she came across a group of cattle strung out across the bridlepath with no way through – the only way off was to turn round. Fortunately her horse
remained calm throughout. But you can imagine how a nervous horse might react ........... read more

Ever seen a Monk riding a horse?

Ever seen one jumping, spinning and kicking while still on horseback? Watch the aerial antics of the Shaolin warrior monks from China

Says Linda Wright

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

Guards Jester beats cancerous tumour to Reign Supreme at First Olympia

Guards Jester beats cancerous tumour to Reign Supreme at First Olympia
Christina and Guards Jester at Olympia

It was a day of celebration for Oxfordshire-based rider, Christina Brooks, and her 16-year-old Fell stallion, Guards Jester, who stood Supreme Champion in the Senior In- Hand Showing Series Championships at Olympia Horse Show on their very first appearance.

Having only contested a couple of in-hand classes, the pair secured their ticket to Olympia at Brook Farm in Essex back in September before taking the top spot at the prestigious championships.

However, two years ago it was a worrying time for Guards Jester (Pookie). At the age of 14 he was operated on for a cancerous tumour and lengthy treatment left him lacking condition. Christina worried that he wouldn't pull through, let alone be back in the show ring, so to have achieved what he has is quite phenomenal.

Said Christina: "Since his recovery and turning 15, I have been aiming him at the ridden Senior Showing and Dressage Ltd. (SSADL) qualifiers. So to win an in-hand championship at Olympia was fantastic as we haven't done much in-hand showing. He was such a star in the arena and I'm so proud of him."

Christina and Pookie have notched up some credible results in the show ring under saddle but unfortunately missed out on an Olympia ticket.

Added Christina: "He has stood Reserve Supreme Champion twice at the SSADL Summer Championship Show, but on both occasions we missed out qualifying for Olympia in the ridden section. This year our dreams came true. I'm over the moon with him, he was a real star in the arena.

"Feeding him on TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer has really helped to bring his sparkle and condition back whilst keeping him calm and the results speak for themselves. He is looking very well now and in top show-winning condition, always receiving high marks for suppleness and condition."

Says Maureen ComberI have been given an ASBO by the Hampshire County Council for standing up for riders rights.

How many other people have been silenced by Hampshire County Council? ........... read more

Riding in China

Riding in the Tianshan mountains in north West China.
Riding in the Tianshan mountains in north West China.

Horses run on the snow-covered pasture of Hulunbuir, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Horses run on the snow-covered pasture of Hulunbuir, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Accessibility Mark is a huge success at Wrea Green Equitation Centre

Accessibility Mark is a huge success at Wrea Green Equitation Centre

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), in partnership with Hoof, the British Equestrian Federation's (BEF) participation programme launched a pilot of the Accessibility Mark scheme and following its success, the scheme is now country wide.

Accessibility Mark aims to offer more people the opportunity to take up sport and experience the benefits that horse riding can bring. Riding centres accredited to the scheme receive training and support from the long established and well-respected RDA. Wrea Green Equitation Centre near Preston is just one of the centres to have taken on the scheme with great success.

Yard owner, Chris Pollitt discovered the fantastic work of the RDA in the late 1970's and opened Wrea Green Equitation Centre in 1981.

Wrea Green Equitation Centre is a fully licenced riding school which offers riding lessons to a wide range of clients, including RDA lessons on a Tuesday, throughout the day and evening. These sessions are so popular that there is a waiting list for people wanting to join and it was this waiting list that made Chris and her team jump at the chance to earn their Accessibility Mark accreditation.

Wrea Green Equitation Centre gained Accessibility Mark accreditation in September 2014 and it has proved hugely successful, drawing riders from all over the North West.

The Centre runs their Accessibility Mark sessions on a Saturday and Sunday and with plans to start one on a Monday as well due to the high demand.

The sessions are run in groups of eight with mixed rider ability and provide great social aspects as well as tuition.

Chris Pollitt is very enthusiastic about Accessibility Mark sessions and said "The flexibility works well for riders and Accessibility Mark offers more opportunities and choice for disabled riders".

Accessibility Mark sessions has become very popular at Wrea Green and include riders from the age of three to eighty two. The centre doesn't have a hoist, therefore clients need to be able to mount with assistance from a member of staff, but where possible riders of all abilities are catered for.

These sessions are offered in an indoor school together with a range of training facilities and a progressive route for those riders wanting to achieve more, and realise their full potential.

To find your nearest RDA Group or Accessibility Mark centre visit

Equine Superstore

British Federation discusses the future of Eventing

British Federation discusses the future of Eventing

British Equestrian Federation, on behalf of British Eventing (BE), has recently submitted a reply to an International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Proposal concerning the future of Eventing at the Olympic Games.

The FEI Proposal – Olympic Formats can be found in the FEI document HERE

BE pulled together a wide range of Eventing experts, including competition organisers, riders and owners, to form a working group and lead discussion from a British standpoint. Drawing on a vast wealth of experience the group addressed proposed changes relating to format and presentation of the three phases of the Eventing competition, based on Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations.

The working group also embraced opportunities around engagement as the sport strives to uphold a forward-thinking approach to reaching and exciting new, and particularly younger, audiences to boost popularity and exposure worldwide.

To develop the response the BE working group met twice last year:

  • July 2015 - A copy of the first consultation paper produced by the BE Olympic Agenda 2020 Working Group can be found on our website HERE.
  • December 2015 - The full BE Olympic Agenda 2020 Working Group report is available HERE.

Three/four rider combinations per team:

Following the FEI suggestion to allow a maximum of three horse/rider combinations per nation with a reserve, BE proposes keeping a four rider team for each nation with no reserve rider. BE recommendation is for four combinations to compete in the first two phases (Dressage and Cross Country) and, if appropriate, all four to present for the second Horse Inspection.

Based on the current FEI rule whereby at the Olympic Games only a maximum of three riders can qualify for the second round of the show jumping phase (which decides the Individual medals), BE recommends that only three combinations should progress to the show jumping phase in the first instance. Nations would declare which three riders from each team would move forward to the final phase after the second Horse Inspection.  BE felt that this would lower the risk of teams not completing and remove the need for creating a complicated scoring system.

Name change:

Based on Eventing being part of the sport of 'Equestrian' at the Olympic Games along with the use of the word 'Triathlon' which is defined as 'an athletic contest consisting of three different events', BE felt the FEI's proposed name change from Eventing to Equestrian Triathlon best described the sport and supports a future change of name.

Presentation and engagement:

In order to maintain the inclusion of Eventing in the Olympic programme high importance is being put on our sport to be easily understood and enjoyable for viewers in Rio 2016. Taking this into consideration BE agrees with the FEI's recommendation to complete all of the dressage competition in one day, along with continuing the current format of one day for both the cross country and show jumping phases.

BE felt much more excitement could be provided by running the cross country in reverse order of dressage results, making the scheduling and reporting of 'top contenders' and medal hopefuls easier to broadcast and for consumers to follow. BE also agrees with the FEI suggestion of generating more excitement in the show jumping phase by having each nation's team members in the arena at the same time along with the team competition being the final event – followed by the medal presentation.



What would your horse do if this happened?

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

Horseytalk - Product of the Week

Special Offer On Equerry Veteran Mix

Special Offer On Equerry Veteran Mix

Equerry Veteran Mix is specially designed for elderly horses and ponies that need to gain weight and condition.

Throughout February and March, Equerry Horse Feeds is promoting a special offer with £2.00 off Equerry Veteran Mix, priced at just £11.25*.

Maintaining condition and nutrient absorption are two of the difficulties faced by most veterans, especially during the winter months, so making the right choice of feed is vital.

Formulated with high levels of protein to promote muscle tone and topline, Equerry Veteran Mix also contains oil and linseed to improve condition and ensure a shiny coat.

Made from highly digestible cereals to improve digestive efficiency and including yeast for a healthy digestive system, as well as raised levels of Vitamin E, an important antioxidant.

Added vitamins and minerals including magnesium make Equerry Veteran mix the ideal feed for your faithful equine friend this winter.

Equerry Veteran Mix - 20kg size - Normal RRP £13.25.

*At participating retailers throughout February and March, whilst stocks last.

To find out more about the Equerry range of horse feeds visit or telephone 01845 565640.

Caption Corner
Send us your caption for this photo

Caption Corner Send us your caption for this photo

Says Naomi Smith

Says Naomi SmithIt is all too possible to round a corner on horseback and come upon a group of cattle with no prior warning -this WILL result in a horse being badly spooked at best, bolting at worst -it is only a matter of time ........... read more


Nikki Collins

Nikki Collins

When Nikki Collins isn't busy working as Trade Sales Manager for SPILLERS® she's diligently keeping her homebred mare Tilly fit for eventing.

This year her dedication has paid off as she has qualified for the prestigious Mitsubishi Motors Cup (formerly Badminton Grassroots Championships). She attributes her passion and determination to her inspiring, horse loving Mum, who sadly lost her battle against bowel cancer in 2014.

Nikki has worked for SPILLERS® for the past 11 years, originally as a Regional Sales Manager and more recently as the Trade Sales Manager for the company's renowned range of horse feeds. She has ridden and owned horses all her life and her ambition for the past few years has been to qualify for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, which brings together winners from BE90 and BE100 regional qualifiers from around the country to contest the overall Championship.

Nikki and Jumbo's Rose, known as Tilly, a seven-year-old, homebred mare by Jumbo, achieved their regional final qualification in their first season of eventing in 2014. They finished on their dressage score of 26.5 and followed this with fourth place in a challenging regional final at Solihull in August 2015, again finishing on their dressage score (31.5).

With a full time job and four-year-old twin boys Nikki has had to fit Tilly in around all her other commitments and she relies heavily on generous support from family and friends. The pair moved up to BE100 at the end of last season and Nikki hopes to get a couple of BE100 runs in before Badminton at the beginning of May.

Nikki said: "Tilly is extremely opinionated and a typical mare at times. She's a good doer and thrives on SPILLERS® Original Balancer and SPILLERS® HAPPY HOOF® all year round and has plenty of energy! She will jump out of her field and take herself wherever she fancies, but once you are on board she is brilliant fun and loves her job! My passion and inspiration for riding has always come from my amazing Mum so this competition is as much for her as it is for me."

The Mitsubishi Motors Cup takes place on 3rd and 4th May 2016. For friendly feeding advice please telephone the SPILLERS® Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626 or visit

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Mon 1 February, 2016

Horse and Country


6:30pm H&C Masterclass: Boyd Exell Triple World Champion carriage driver Boyd Exell gives an exclusive masterclass on how to maintain correct contact through the driven dressage paces. (S2, Ep 8/10)

7:00pm Horses of Gettysburg Celebrating the forgotten heroes of the Civil War, this epic documentary captures the strong bond between soldier and horse upon the battlefield. (S1, Ep 1/1)


8:00pm Backstage Pass with Monty Roberts › Backstage Pass to Flag is Up Farms, celebrating 50 year jubilee 1966- 2016. (S7 Ep 2/12)

8:30pm WDM 2015: Lier Highlights of the World Dressage Masters from Lier, Belgium. (S4, Ep 3/3)


9:00pm Rolex Grand Prix Geneva 2015 H&C brings you highlights coverage of the Rolex Grand Prix from Geneva 2015. (S2, Ep 1/1)


10:00pm Horse Town Superstar jockey Frankie Dettori will be competing for Newmarket's most prestigious prize, the Darley July Cup. He'll be riding Undrafted, owned by NFL star Wes Welker. (S1, Ep 1/6)

11:00pm Polo Masters 2014 Highlights from the Norfolk Polo Festival 2014 sees ten matches over two days - showcasing some of the finest young Polo talent around, as well as the more established teams and players. (S1 Ep 1/4)


Tues 2 February, 2016

Horse and Country


6:30pm H&C Masterclass: Harriet Nuttall Top showjumper Harriet Nuttall gives an exclusive masterclass on how to ride a winning jump-off round. (S2, Ep 7/10)

7:00pm Gypsy Vanner Steeped in the legend and mystery of the gypsies and travelling people. Take a journey through the British Isles and across America in discovery of a new breed of horse, the Gypsy Vanner. (S1, Ep 1/1)

8:00pm Parelli: World Tour Linda Parelli presents a Celebration of Horsenality at the NEC Birmingham, UK. (S1, Ep 1/9)


8:30pm FEI Equestrian World Go behind the scenes of all the major FEI championships and series to get the personalities and news. This FEI series will open the door to equestrian stories from across the globe. (S3, Ep 1/12)

9:00pm Rolex Grand Prix Aachen 2015 H&C brings you highlights of the Rolex Grand Prix from CHIO Aachen 2015. (S1, Ep 1/1)


10:00pm Horse Town It's the start of the July Sales at Europe's biggest horse auction house, Tattersalls. Hundreds of buyers from all over the world will be vying to buy the best race horses. (S1, Ep 2/6)

11:00pm Polo Masters 2014 Highlights from the Dukes Polo Weekend 2014 sees a truly spectacular International collaboration of Polo, Music, Sport and Fashion at Hylands House, Chelmsford for one weekend only. (S1, Ep 2/4)


Wed 3 February, 2016

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6:00pm Yard Talk: Gareth Hughes Gareth Hughes takes us on a tour of his Warwickshire based home and talks about his recent success on the British Team. (S2, Ep 9/10)

6:30pm H&C Masterclass: Gareth Hughes Top international dressage star Gareth Hughes, shows us how to ride and train the half pass dressage movement. (S2, Ep 9/10)


7:00pm Grassroots Dreams Following the hopes and dreams of grassroots riders as they aim to qualify for the ESUK Championships. (S1, Ep 1/1)

8:00pm Animal Saints and Sinners Pit Bull Seized on Streets of London - In east London, animal wardens spot a dog on the street that looks like a pit bull. (S1, Ep 5/15)


9:00pm Rolex Grand Prix Spruce Meadows Highlights of the Rolex Grand Prix from Spruce Meadows, Canada. (S2, Ep1/1)


10:00pm Horse Town Amy Starkey, the Managing Director of the course prepares for a day of racing followed by a live performance from Sir Tom Jones. A filly from France goes under the surgeon's knife. (S1, Ep 3/6)

11:00pm Polo Masters 2014 Regarded as one of the premier polo sporting occasions in the world. We join the glamour of the polo fraternity and mix of film stars and celebrities at Lord Cowdray's estate. (S1 Ep 3/4)


Thurs 4 February, 2016

Horse and Country


6:30pm H&C Masterclass: Laura Collett Top event rider Laura Collett gives a masterclass on introducing young horses to skinny fences. (S2, Ep 5/10)

7:00pm Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart A team of 1st generation Mexican American girls construct their identities through a romanticized equestrian tradition, while facing challenges at home and escalating violence in Mexico. (S1, Ep 1/1)


8:00pm Around the Dog World The 2015 battle for Dog World/Arden Grange was wide open, however the year is over and the winners have been decided. Di Johnson and Andrew Brace analyse the Best of 2015. (S3, Ep 2/12)

9:00pm The Lakes on a Plate Peter caters for a dinner party at Brougham Hall, just outside Penrith. He makes Tuscan-style pork fish and chocolate and raspberry mousse. (S1, Ep 14/20)

9:30pm WDM 2015: Lier Highlights of the World Dressage Masters from Lier, Belgium. (S4, Ep 3/3)


10:00pm Horse Town It's Ladies Day at Newmarket's July Course and competition is fierce to win the Best Dressed Lady Competition. The gates open for the course's busiest weekend of the year. (S1, Ep 4/6)

11:00pm Polo Masters 2014 Santa María Polo Club is welcoming the 43rd Land Rover International polo tournament. With some of the best teams in the world playing it promises to be a truly grand affair. (S1 Ep 4/4)


Fri 5 February, 2016

Horse and Country


6:30pm H&C Masterclass: Mark Tomlinson British polo player Mark Tomlinson gives tips and advice in this introduction to polo. (S2, Ep 6/10)

7:00pm Equitrekking › Southern Spain: In this episode we travel to the Alpujarras in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, historic haciendas in Seville's countryside and the beaches of Doñana National Park. (S3, Ep 1/6)

7:30pm Equitrekking › Scotland: We venture from Highlands to Dumfries in the south to experience horses, adventure, history and culture. (S3, Ep 2/6)


8:00pm Argentine Open Polo 2015 The Argentine Open Polo Championship is the most prestigious polo event in the world.

9:00pm FEI World Cup Dressage: Amsterdam Catch all the action from this year's FEI World Cup Dressage Amsterdam 2016. (S6, Ep 7/11)


10:00pm Horse Town One of Newmarket's youngest female race horse trainers Amy Weaver prepares her horse Springlike for one of the last flat races of the season. (S1, Ep 5/6)

11:00pm Polo Masters 2015 The Jaeger LeCoultre Gold Cup 2015, 14 teams entered and over 14,000 people attended to see UAE & King Power Foxes play for the coveted British Open. (S5, Ep 1/1)


Sat 6 February, 2016

Horse and Country


6:30pm H&C Masterclass: Oliver Townend Top eventer Oliver Townend shows how to warm up for a showjumping round and gives tips on collecting ring etiquette. (S2, Ep 1/10)

7:00pm Equitrekking › In this episode we explore Quebec City, the village of St. Fabien and the artist area of Charlevoix to enjoy riding in the forest. (S3, Ep 3/6)


7:30pm Equitrekking › Central Turkey: We discover underground cities, ancient churches, unusual rock formations and historic villages on horseback. (S3, Ep 4/6)

8:00pm FEI World Cup Dressage: Amsterdam Catch all the action from this year's FEI World Cup Dressage Amsterdam 2016. (S6, Ep 7/11)


9:00pm FEI World Cup Jumping: Zurich Catch all the action from this year's FEI World Cup Jumping Zurich 2016. (S6, Ep 10/13)

10:00pm Horse Town It's the summer season finale at Newmarket's July Course and the town have turned out to watch the Town Plate Race. It's the oldest and furthest race in the world. (S1, Ep 6/6)

11:00pm Carl and Charlotte: Dressage Super › We meet top dressage riders Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin at their yard in Gloucestershire, and discover what life is like for them in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. (S1, Ep 1/2)


Sun 7 February, 2016

Horse and Country


7:00pm Equitrekking › Wales: We gallop on wide, dramatic beaches to Neolithic tombs, castles and the pilgrimage site of King Arthur's Stone on the Gower Peninsula. (S3, Ep 5/6)

7:30pm Equitrekking › Alaska: This episode explores the great outdoors of Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula and around Denali National Park. (S3, Ep 6/6)


8:00pm FEI World Cup Jumping: Zurich Catch all the action from this year's FEI World Cup Jumping Zurich 2016. (S6, Ep 10/13)

9:00pm Animal Sanctuary: Cwmbran See how an animal sanctuary tucked away in Cwmbran is run day in, day out. Meet Hunter the Dog, Gypsy the cat and Lord Cranberry, the free roaming rescue turkey. (S1, Ep 1/1)

9:30pm Animal Sanctuary Jemma Gofton visits animal rescue centres in the North of England, including 'Penny Farm'. She meets the staff, horses, ponies and gets some hands on experience working with the animals. (S1, Ep 1/6)


10:00pm Around the Dog World The 2015 battle for Dog World/Arden Grange was wide open, however the year is over and the winners have been decided. Di Johnson and Andrew Brace analyse the Best of 2015. (S3, Ep 2/12)

11:00pm Carl and Charlotte: Dressage Super › Follow Charlotte Dujardin as she competes in the CDIO Hagen, Germany, under the watchful eye of her mentor Carl Hester. Plus we find out more about Carl and Charlotte's Olympic horses. (S1, Ep 2/2) victory. (S1, Ep 1/1)

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