Horsey Interviews 2010

Horsey Interviews 2010

David Funnell

David FunnellHow  to say, Goodbye. In the old days it was straightforward and, maybe, crude and unthinking. Certainly, there was little emotion about it. A call to the nearest Hunt or to the local knackerman..

Zana Cousins and Karl Greenwood

Zana Cousins and Karl GreenwoodWant to try something different from show-jumping ? Become a stunt rider.Learn how to ride bare-back, joust, make your horse rear up on his back legs.

Tony Green

Tony GreenHe’s never had a riding lesson. He’s never sat on, let alone ridden a horse. Yet today, he is one of the top Club-level carriage drivers in the whole of the South East.

Natalie Dawson

Natalie DawsonNatalie Dawson describes why she took up dressage last year and why she is determined to succeed in spite of all the setbacks

Kit Knotts

Kit KnottsResearchers in Texas have achieved a cloning first with the successful delivery of a foal using egg cells, called oocytes, from a live mare.

Paula Clements

Paula ClementsIt all started on a Monday evening with just 12 people in the front-room of her home in Lingfield, Surrey.

Liz Mitten Ryan

Liz Mitten RyanWe are offering a new therapy that heals the therapist, the patient, and the animals assisting in the healing.

Sallie Anne Lent

Sallie Anne LentNo.  Polo is not for Toffs. No.  You don’t have to drink champagne, speak Spanish and wear expensive boots…..

Lynne Reardon

Lynne ReardonLynn Reardon is the founder and executive director of LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers (LOPE Texas), a nonprofit racehorse placement agency near Austin.

Polly, the broodmare with a Parrot Mouth

Bill Lomas EqDTIt was Easter 2009 when I first met Polly, a 7 year old thoroughbred broodmare with a genetic dental disorder commonly known as Parrot Mouth.

Janet Hein

Janet HeinBy profession an animal control officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health. On her own time, though, she devotes her waking hours to nurturing horses, along with dogs, at the farm where she resides.

Charlie – saved by an angel.

CharlieHorses are also sold every Tuesday at OLEX. What most people are not aware of, is that nearly all the horses that are brought to OLEX are bought by horse dealers, or kill buyers, who purchase them for slaughter.

Kaye Glendenning-Jones

Kaye Glendenning-JonesTwo things run in the veins of Kaye Glendenning-Jones – jewellery craftsmanship and horses. Luckily, earlier this year she found a way to combine both.

Dr Madeleine Campbell

Dr Madeleine CampbellShe first saw him through a dissecting microscope. He was just one-fifth the size of a pin-head. She delivered him when he was born.

Gabriella Atkinson

Gabridella AtkinsonBehind a new multi-million pound equestrian training centre in the south east is tiny, dynamic, action-packed Canadian businesswoman, Gabriella Atkinson.

Denise Dent

Denise DentIs she the longest travelling weekend rider in the world? Over the last 18 months, she has travelled over 250000 miles to ride her horse, Charles Chequers Blue.

Barbara Wigley

Barbara WigleyThey call her, Mrs Golden Horseshoe. They also say you need lots of endurance to keep up with her.

Ross Algar

Ross AlgarFrom the age of four, Ross Algar wanted to ride. At 19-years-old he wanted to join the army. Having spent, as he says “12 glorious years” in
the Army, he then wanted to become an instructor and an author.

Rebecca Slough

Rebecca Slough Rebecca Slough has recently launched her own brand, Equitility, to design and manufacture jump and training banners for everyone from the amateur enthusiast to riding clubs and even professional coaches.

Calico Colt

Calico ColtThe two leggeds walked toward him. He wanted to jump up and dash away but he could not. Over the next few days he grew too tired to move at all.

Rupert Isaacson
Rupert Isaacson

Rupert Isaacson believes riding has transformed his autistic son. Now he wants others to benefit from his experience.


FocusFocus, a 6-year-old TB, was badly injured in a storm. He had a gaping hole in his chest, measuring a foot long and a foot wide, which continued through to his abdomen. Everyone rallied round to help him survive.

Alida Stander

Alida StanderAlida Stander has just started riding again. She describes the aches and pains – and absolute joy of riding her Percheron, Big Chester

Anna Twinney – Ledger

Anna TwinneyAnna Twinney tells the unforgettable story of Ledger, a two-year-old chestnut colt. How he was struck by lightning. How she cradled his head in her arms. And how she communicated with him “on the other side”

Sara Ross

Sara RossThe Horse Refuge at Wittersham, Kent isn’t just a five star horse rescue and re-homing centre, it is also backed by no end of famous five –star show business stars and personalities.

Christy Sheidy

Christy SheidyAnother Chance 4 Horses – Horse rescue network saves hundreds of horses from slaughter in one year

Alison Remmen

Alison RemmenRead the wonderful, inspiring story of Ali and her Ashdown Forest Group of Riding for the Disabled

Susan Pohlman

Susan PohlmanA horse needs Susan Pohlman’s help. Opening a metal pasture gate, Susan Pohlman walks across uneven, frozen mud toward a chestnut horse lying on its side, limbs taut…….

Anna Twinney – Remsky

Anna TwinneyRemsky could no longer leave the pasture without getting extremely upset, his entire body would shake, he could no longer be tied and he would pull back as though he had just seen a ghost!

Anna Twinney – Bouie

Anna TwinneyBouie was a very talented, beautiful, four-year-old,  grey, Thoroughbred racehorse. Trouble was half-way through a race he would always slow down and whinny ……


TroyDonna Howman tells us the story of Troy, who came into her life when her husband, Mark, asked her, “Do you want a honeymoon or do you want Troy?”

Martin Diggle – Author

Martin Diggle“I remember always liking horses. I would always run out and give the horse a carrot..”  Today, he is a best-selling equestrian author.

Hazel Reed – Author and Publisher

Hazel ReedShe has helped literally thousands of people all over the world pass their BHS Exams. Now she talks – about how she first started riding ….

Sam Penn – An Olympic hopeful

Sam Penn“Horses are my life. They always have been.  Literally from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep….

Pembridge SymphonyA Cleveland Bay

Pembridge SymphonyPure-bred Cleveland Bay mare, Pembridge Symphony, is a rare breed in more ways than one.

Claire McCaffery-Clarke

Claire McCaffery-ClarkeBHS Development Officer for London and the South East, Claire McCaffery-Clarke  is prepared to tackle anything.

Ian Adams-Lane

Ian Adams-LaneIan Adams-Lane owes his business success to the fact that for 25-years he was walking around with a broken neck.

Mark Thompson – Levade Systems

Mark ThompsonToday Levade Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden stables, ancillary  and garden buildings in the South-East

Linda Parelli – on Dressage

Linda ParelliAs Linda Parelli canters effortlessly around on her beloved horse Remmer, spectators look on, keen to find out more.

Charlotte Adams-Lane

Charlotte Adams-LaneCharlotte is one of the top three elite double-harness scurry drivers in the country. Thanks to Princess Michael

Tina Cook

Tina Cook“All part of the day’s work,” says Tina Cook, daughter of the famous four times champion jockey and trainer, Josh Gifford,

Tracey Elliot-Reep

Tracey Elliot-ReepFrom Mexico to Canada. Tracey’s 3,000 mile hack.

Charlotte Packham

Charlotte PackhamHorsey girl, Charlotte Packham, has decided to have another go at winning the title, the most prestigious beauty pagent in the country.

Tamsin Pickeral

Tamsin PickeralTamsin talks about her life and horses as well as her latest book,  Budget Horse and Pony Care

Dane Rawlins

Dane RawlinsNobody can deny that he has done more than anyone to turn the once staid, boring, middle-aged world of dressage, into one of the most popular, fastest-growing sports in the country.

Met Riding Club – Caroline & Hannah

Caroline & HannahBoth are in the Metropolitan Police Service. Both are police constables in the Territorial Support Group, which is responsible for policing and controlling public demonstrations.

Dick Francis

Dick FrancisWhen champion jockey Dick Francis turned his hand from horses to writing bestselling thrillers, he enlisted the help of his family – and now his son Felix is co-author.

Christine Yeoman

Christine YeomanTen years ago Christine Yeoman was told she had multiple sclerosis. It changed her life completely. She decided to take up Endurance riding.

Lord Oaksey

Lord OakseyThe leading amateur rider of his era. A jump jockey with over 200 winners to his name. Everyone’s favourite loser of the Grand National. And all round thoroughly good egg.

Marlene Davey

Marlene Davey“Whatever people say, it is an emotional business. You do it for love. Sometimes it’s thrilling.” Marlene Davey is one of the leading pony breeders and producers in the country.

Margaret and Colin Green

Colin GreenColin and Margaret Green have been breeding Cleveland Bays for over 30-years. This is their personal story

Ron and Debbie Thomas

Ron and Debbie ThomasThey have produced and supplied over 70 winners – Lead rein, Hunter, Show and Intermediate – at both the Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International Horse Show …………..

Rae Turner

Rae TurnerMeet Rae Turner. She’s the model being featured in the new British Horse Society road safety poster.

Claire and Luke Tomlinson

Claire and Luke Tomlinson The former No 1 British female polo player, 65, and her son, 32, captain of the England polo team

Carl Hester

Carl HesterThe Olympic rider and winner of 44 national dressage titles encouarges everyone to get back on that horse.

Lee Pearson

Lee PearsonA day in the life of one of Britain’s most talented dressage riders? From the Weakest Link to the star studded Butterfly Ball there is never a dull moment in sight.

Anne Wilson & Susan McBane

Anne Wilson and Susan McBaneTalk to Anne Wilson and Susan McBane about the standard of riding today, the approach, the style and the effect on the horse and, in some cases, it practically reduces them to tears……

Julianne Aston & Minty
Julianne Aston & Minty

In 1993 Julianne Aston, finally decided she had had enough of being refused entry to competitions with Minty, a 40- year-old veteran Irish Draught cross just because of his age…….

Sylvia Loch

Sylvia LochSylvia Loch talks to about her childhood with ponies, her time in Portugal, her writing career as well as her hopes and ambitions for the art of dressage.

Isabell Werth

Isabell WerthIsabell Werth has the unique honour of having represented Germany at four Olympic Games, and won team and individual medals at each.

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum

Meredith Michaels-BeerbaumAs the first female jumper to be ranked world number one (2005), Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is a reference for women jumpers everywhere.

Rodrigo Pessoa

Rodrigo Pessoa Brazilian, Olympic jumping champion, considered to be one of the most remarkable riders of his generation.

Zara Phillips

Zara PhillipsAfter a very successful career in the Young Riders, she has more than lived up to expectations

Pippa Funnell

Pippa FunnellPippa, the first woman to ever be ranked number-one in eventing and the first rider to have won the 2003 Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing

Heather Hoffman

Heather HoffmanHeather works as BHS Ireland’s ‘Off Road Horse Riding Development Officer’.

Helen Kerry

Helen KerryRoad safety officer’s wife talk about having two famous horses…

Andrew Gould

Andrew GouldAndrew Gould first hit the headlines as a young rider team medallist, then followed this early success with multiple national titles as his horses progresses. Today he is possibly better known as Katie Price’s dressage trainer.

David Kerry

David KerryThere is probably no greater advocate of high visibility clothing for horses and riders in the country than David Kerry.

Katie Price

Katie PriceOur Katie talks to The Times about life, horses, being a surgically-enhanced glamour model, horses, falling in love with washed-up pop singer, Peter Andre, horses, Harvey, her son, horses …

Becky Sampson

Becky SampsonBecky Sampson and Bertie’s Quest are going for a hack. Not just an ordinary hack. They are planning to ride all the way from London to Tokyo.

Lucy Thompson

LucyThompsonBefore every event she would lay her riding clothes out neatly, in the same order and sing at the top of her voice powerful motivational songs while she got dressed.

Michael Peace

Michael PeaceHe talks about his Think Equus philosophy, his non-horsey background and why he is happy to be known as the man down the road who can fix horses.

Molly the Pony, & Riley the Mare.

Molly the PonyHorses can and do survive on three legs. Most will survive amputation surgery.

Andrew Reilly

Andrew ReillyA Reilly good saddler. The serious saddler, who is always making people laugh, has just designed and produced his own brand new, unique – Patents pending – Omniflex saddle.

Avril Roberts

Avril RobertsShe used to keep her pony in the garage behind the family Daimler. Now she is devoted to finding the dream horse for riders all over the South East.

Mark Wallinger

Mark WallingerMeet the man behind the monumental white horse sculpture poised to grace the Kentish skyline.


Renee & ChollaMeet Cholla. The horse that paints.

Bruce Logan

Bruce Logan“I would like to teach the world to ride horses the way horses want to be ridden…”

Anna Twinney

Anna TwinneyReiki – the most popular healing art in the world, says Anna Twinney.

Rupert Isaacson

Rupert Isaacson & son RowanThe horse that saved my son: Little Rowan’s life was devastated by autism – but he found hope in the most unlikely and inspiring way

Jane Kendal

Danielle HayShe’s worked so long and so hard to help so many people in the horsey world – Meet the non-stop Jane Kendall

Danielle Hay

Danielle HayEventer. Bare-foot ski-ing champion. Air hostess. Disneyland horse handler. Soldier. Advanced diver. Bare-foot farrier……. Meet Danielle Hay.

Julie Broyart

Julie BroyartJulie Broyart is from Pondaurat in the Gironde in France.

Leonard White

Leonard WhiteA living legend, Actor. Director. Producer. The unknown genius of British television drama who says he owes it all to horses.

Roland Clarke

Roland ClarkeThe Eventing writer whose life was one major event after another.

Bobby Craig

Bobby Craig - FarrierMeet the farrier to the Queen. She also gave him toffees.

Simon Vieweg

Simon ViewegEveryone is unique. But there are not many people in the world as unique as Simon Vieweg.

Louise Bonsall

Louise Bonsall From WAG to Horse Lover. Louise Bonsall, wife of footballer, Michael Owen, tells how she is now devoted to rescuing horses


VerityI first started riding when I was three-years-old. My mother had a horse and I used to go with her to the stables……

Jousting – Geoff Funnell

Jack's Owner FionaGeoff Funnell decided to ride because he wanted to take up jousting…….

Pauline Grant – Sussex Horse Rescue Trust

Pauline Grant - Sussex Horse RescuePauline, who was born in Cuckfield, West Sussex, couldn’t have grown up in a more horsey environment..

Jack & Fiona McOuat

Jack's Owner FionaHe is Jack, an 18-year-old Welsh Section C, and probably the most adaptable and versatile pony in the world…..

Linda Smith

Linda Smith - Something DifferentHi. I’m Linda Smith. I started Something Different.

Michelle Cogger

Michelle CoggerHi. I’m Michelle. I helped design  Metal Mickey.

Gay Biddlecombe

Gay BiddlecombeI used to ride and keep my own horses (as well as a couple of donkeys!) but then I injured my back……

Oliver Townsend

Oliver TownsendOliver Townend has just won the most valuable eventing prize ever.

Anthony Knott

Anthony KnottAnthony Knott has just won his first race for – Wait for it – 28 years. A dairy farmer and jockey, his momentous triumph came at Wincanton.

Sam Thomas

SamThomasSam Thomas, number-one jockey at Paul Nicholls stable, has just taken over from Ruby Walsh …….

Debra Meaden

Debra MeadenShe is no longer just a Dragon. She is now a horsey supporter of inner-city riding ….

Jeff Newnham

Jeff NewnhamIn 20 – 30 years time most horses will be going barefoot. Who says so? A farrier …….

Joanna Price

Joanna PriceIf there is one outstanding theme running through Joanna Price’s life, it is horse welfare ……….

George Mikell

George MikellAs both a serious dramatic actor and famous international film star, George Mikell has appeared alongside most Hollywood legends ……

Mick Robinson

Mick Robinson“I’ve never ridden a horse in my life let alone even sat on one, but photographing them is always a thrill ……

Julia & Bob Streeter

Julia and Bob Streeter _ Polegate SaddleryPolegate Saddlery is 25 years young this year. Julia and Bob Streeter along with Julia’s father took the shop over in 1983 …..

Lynn Kinnish  – An Unsuspecting Mum

Lynn Kinnish - An unsuspecting MumFrom the age of three her daugher Liz was horse mad. Lynn was quite unprepared for this …….

Ben Casserly  – Local Farrier

Ben CasserlyLocally based Blackboys, Uckfield farrier, Ben Casserly, and Ricky Hilton just won team gold ………

Eloise Kennett –

Eloise KennettI’m Eloise Kennett, I’m 23, just got my Heavy Goods Vehicle driving licence……

Ollie & Peter

OllieLynn has just achieved her best score ever with her new British Riding Pony, Ninfield Dick Whittington, better known as Boots …..


SamanthaI’m currently studying Animal Biology at The university of Gloucestershire…..


YvonneI have run my own Livery Yard in Jevington, East Sussex for approx. 15 years……


I returned to riding after a five year gap due to a back injury. I began with occasional hacking …….


JamesI would like to think I am experienced but find sites like this very helpful……