Horsey Interviews 2012

Horsey Interviews 2012

Liz Gaffer

Liz GafferSupporter Liz Gaffer would spend all of her time with donkeys if she could, so when deciding to take a holiday in India, she made sure she spent some time with The Donkey Sanctuary’s teams there ……….

Amy Williams

Amy WilliamsA rescued donkey who has hit the headlines worldwide by showing off her unusual talent of painting, will be displaying her works of art in HorseWorld’s Visitor Centre cafe for the next few weeks………………

Michelle and Kristy Taynor

Michelle and Kristy TaynorSisters Michelle and Kristy Taynor of McCandless are among thousands of Pennsylvania teens who show horses in 4-H………

Heather Kitching

Heather KitchingHeather Kitching has not let anything stand in the way of realising her lifelong ambition. Financial ruin, ill health, derision – all have failed to dampen her determination ……..

Kate Robertson

Kate RobertsonEvery girl dreams of getting married… I would say I did more than most! One thing I never dreamed would happen was that I would have donkeys at my wedding……..

Freya Dowson

Freya DowsonNicaragua – “The love that these people have for their horses is immediately apparent, in some cases horses are referred to as family members………..”

Kelly Christine Reynolds

Kelly Christine Reynolds“Kelly Christine Reynolds and her dancing horse, El Gato, is not just a fun romp with a talented animal. It’s an encouraging story of how to get back in the saddle too…………”

Bill Wolfe

Bill Wolfe“Whether for a somber or joyous occasion, Mr. Wolfe’s business, Wolfe Dream Carriage, aims to keep a tradition alive by providing horse-drawn transportation.”………..

John Harvey

John Harvey” If you can afford to own or rent a healthy donkey, you can transport your goods to market and earn up to 25 Ethiopian Birr per kilo for apples instead of 10-11 Birr if selling to traders who come to the village.”……….

The tale of John Major’s gift horse

The tale of John Major's gift horse“The Turkmen Horses have arrived in Moscow.” It was with these words in an October 1993 despatch that Laura Brady announced the completion of one of the strangest assignments ever taken on by a British diplomat……..

Fiona Too Chelagat

Fiona Too Chelagat“I remember first meeting Fiona and getting an overwhelming feeling of excitement that only comes when you meet someone who is equally as passionate about equines and their welfare as you are”………..

Lora Brugnaro

Lora Brugnaro“Lora Brugnaro travels to Milton on an MBTA minibus three times a week to ride her horse, Bart, at Horseplay Stables, but the future of Horseplay Stables has become uncertain, a situation Brugnaro says is “too upsetting to think about.”………..

Mary White

Mary White“Mary White has travelled the world, taken photos of elephants and aerial shots of Haiti. But her favourite subject is neither human nor exotic: it’s the horse”………..

Christine Philpott

Christine Philpott“They should’ve grandfathered me in,” Philpott said. “They wouldn’t have had all this. It was totally unfair to tell me I can have her for three years, nothing happens, everything’s good, then pass this law. It ain’t right.”………..


ZodiacA year and a half ago, Zodiac was the most critically ill horse to ever come through the gates of the Days End Horse Rescue. But thanks to the help from many, he has endured through the darkest of days and gained a second chance at life………..

Sonia Sahar

Sonia SaharConsidering the social context in Afghanistan and the restrictions against the movement of women in the country, Sonia Sahar’s achievements are
remarkable. ……….

Auburn University

Auburn UniversityWork that successfully outfitted a miniature donkey with a prosthetic leg not only gave the animal a lease on life, but also carries implications for the rehabilitation of horses and other larger animals ……….

Adrienne Lyle

Adrienne LyleShe is living the American dream; from simple beginnings riding western on her parents’ cattle ranch, Lyle is now a top dressage competitor and is headed to the 2012 London Olympics on Parry and Peggy Thomas’ 13-year-old Oldenburg, Wizard. . ……….

Sébastien Riffault

Sébastien RiffaultThis is a fair afternoon in early june, and Sébastien Riffault is completing the seasonal plowing on his Sancerre slopes. He is among the growing numbers of French growers who bring back the horse on the fields and the vineyards. ……….

Rachna Rishi

Rachna Rishi“Mata Vaishno is a holy cave around 5,200ft up in the folds of a three-peaked mountain called Trikuta. Pilgrims who make the journey are blessed with the darshan (sight) of the Mother Goddess inside the Sanctum Sanctorum – the Holy Cave” ……….

Zoe Baines

Zoe Baines“There is a clear change in their attitudes towards their equines and their treatment of their animals, which really was impressive to see.” ……….

Pam LeBlanc

Pam LeBlancI love sharing an adventure with another animal, it’s so real, in the way that cars and computers and pavement and iPhones just aren’t……….

Yvonne Wall

Yvonne WallShe is the mother and alpha female at Forever Free, a two-acre horse rescue in Bermuda Dunes. At each of the 16 misted stalls, she is greeted with instant recognition………

Robert Clark

Robert ClarkWhen the thunder of hooves signals the start of the Kentucky Derby, Robert Clark will be there. It is business as usual for the Indian Harbour Beach artist……..

Lauren Bode

Lauren BodeHorse whisperer Lauren Bode says she’s been telepathically communicating with Boot, a 16-year-old Belgian cross living at Centre Island’s Far Enough Farm……..

Jan Cooper

Jan CooperAmersham horse Wilma who had a terrible start in life is now excelling in her new home thanks to World Horse Welfare’s ‘Rehome a Horse’ month last year……..

Gordon Johnson Houghton

Gordon Johnson HoughtonA natural empathy with horses has led him from race riding and training to becoming a McTimoney-Corley Animal Practitioner………….

Mardi Gras horses

Mardi Gras horsesAfter the Carnival is over, the horses go back to helping patients living with physical, emotional and learning disabilities…………

Crockett the Rocket

Crockett the RocketTwenty five year old cheeky tongue-poker, Crockett, whose comical appearance has earned him many fans has just retired to a life of leisure after finding a loving loan home…………

Alex Peternell

Alex PeternellI am extremely excited about London 2012, although I try not to get too over-excited as we are still a long way off, and with horses nothing is ever guaranteed!……….

Mary McCormack

Mary McCormackShe found a profound love of horses at the age of 7 after riding for the first time. More than a decade later, she has turned that love into a career. She has just opened her own equestrian facility, City View Equestrian in Chili……….

Giles and the New Messiah

Giles and the New MessiahHow a nervy and jumpy character qualified for the Badminton Grassroots Regional Final. Giles was bought from Beeston market in Cheshire for £1500 by his doting and loving owner Melanie Seller……….

Nick White

Nick WhiteWorld Horse Welfare has been working together with Hertfordshire Constabulary to successfully reduce injury to horses, their officers, and cut their equine-related costs by thousands of pounds………

Nicola Battersby & Beau

Nicola Battersby & BeauA wonderful, unbelievable story of one woman’s fight against all the odds to save her horse from a disease, which is normally fatal……..

Burma’s Lady

Burma's LadyIn a true tale as dramatic as any movie, this horse was rescued from the brink of slaughter, survived a near fatal foaling, and was reunited though Facebook with the young woman who had owned her and thought she was lost to her forever……..

Joanne Smales

Joanne SmalesBailey, an eight-year-old, 16.3hh Thoroughbred, always struggled to maintain his weight and condition. His owner, Joanne Smales, tried everything to help Bailey’s condition. Some things helped a little but the results were never long lasting……..

Enos Mafokate

Enos MafokateEnos Mafokate, founder of the Soweto Equestrian Foundation, who has just made his first trip to London to speak at World Horse Welfare’s annual conference about the immense opportunity equestrian sport can provide for young people………

Anna Twinney

Anna TwinneyThe key to do anything you want will also be to be the best you can be in that area. You have to stand out. You have to know your topic. You have to know your subject matter. You have to be dedicated and committed and be the best you can be…….

Debra Meaden

Debra MeadenWhen I was 11, I used to help out with the pony rides up and down Minehead seafront in Somerset. I loved horses and couldn’t afford one of my own, so it was my way of getting near them…….


RecklessThis horse was a pack horse during the Korean war. During the battle for a location called Outpost Vegas, this mare made 51 trips up and down the hill, on the way up she carried ammunition, and on the way down she carried wounded soldiers……

Summer Marks

Erin BolsterSummer Marks glides into the training pen atop her quarter horse, Riley, with a grace that seems effortless. She rides without a saddle or bridle – only a very loose neck rope – but Riley responds to her with barely a word……..

Erin Bolster

Erin BolsterIn a cloud of dust, the 25-year-old wrangler likely saved a boy’s life while demonstrating that skill, quick-thinking and guts sometimes are the best weapons against a head-on charging grizzly…….

Olivia Adams & Equiscan

Olivia AdamsMeet Olivia. Ex-Policewoman now an Endurance rider. Livvy began riding at the age of four on a Naval Base and continued to do so until she moved to Bristol when she joined the Police Force……


Shino.Hewas near death due to severe dehydration and debility. He had been suffering from diarrhea for the last three days. This was partly due to his diet of un-boiled cow’s milk and husk and improper diagnosis by a traditional healer……

Ricky Webb.

Ricky Webb.Rider killed by Hurricane Irene while feeding his horses. If you saw Ricky Webb, chances are he was riding his gray mustang Diamond, enjoying retirement beneath a white cowboy hat. …….

Sophia Mangalee.

Sophia MangaleeDespite being one of the last to physically come across the finish line after nine days amid the vast wilderness of the Mongolian steppe, things could have been far worse for Sophia Mangalee.

Mark Bishop.

Mark Bishop.‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Where the horses come from. Bishop was the head horse handler for the recent Hollywood blockbuster “Cowboys and Aliens.” Working on these movies, Bishop said he’s constantly impressed at what the horses are capable of …….

Beverly English.

Beverly English.I pass by a tall grey gelding pulling a single carriage with no one in it. He seems tired and worn, no life in his eyes. They appear to be headed back to the barn. Even the driver looks tired. It is 100.4 in the sun now, 98.2 in the shade….

Pamela A. Rickenbach
Pamela A. Rickenbach

All told, there are 30 draft horses living at Blue Star. They all would have been put down if not for Blue Star, the state’s sole rescue and rehab haven for veteran workhorses in need of a second career……


PhoebePhoebe, the first all-white thoroughbred born in Illinois, soon will be traveling to Hollywood to be one of five horses playing the part of Silver in a remake of “The Lone Ranger.” The movie, will star Armand Hammer as the Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto…….