Horsey Interviews 2013

Horsey Interviews 2013


NoelThis year, one very lucky youngster will be going home for Christmas as he receives the best gift he could hope for – a new family in a safe new home.


BungleA rare breed horse rescued as part of the well-known Amersham rescue in January 2008 has gone on to not only find a loving home through the Redwings Guardianship Scheme, but to also achieve success in the showring.

Princess Louise

Princess LouiseEquine War Heroine. The little mare who made the lives of the men who loved and cared for her a little brighter at a dark time in world history ………..

Mindy Lovell

Mindy LovellFlailing beneath the hooves of 30 other terrified horses, last December in a tractor-trailer heading for a Canadian slaughterhouse, once-winning race mare Press Exclusive had lost her balance on the truck, and her place in the world. ………..

Ben Hart

Ben HartThe Donkey Sanctuary, on 15-years learning about equine behaviour, making a presentation to 120 vets, scientists, donkey charity workers and donkey owners not to mention giving a practical demonstration of his work with donkeys. ………..

Ian McKeever

Ian McKeeverThe horse had his head down in a dreary stall in the back of a shadowy Pennsylvania barn. The year was 1999, and I was 31. The horse in the stall was much younger, just 6 years old, but he appeared ancient and gaunt. ………..

Lindsay Robertson

Lindsay RobertsonI am thrilled to announce that my image of ‘Old Glory’ has won The Crown Fine Art Award at the prestigious National Open Art Competition. The exhibition starts on 25th October at the Royal College of Art, London ………..

Emma Edwards

Emma Edwards Since a very young age I have always had the ability to capture animals expressions, character and movement. Having a love of all animals I was compelled to draw them from the day I could hold a pencil……….

Kim Abbott

Kim AbbottKim looking for third win in annual Man Against Horse Race. Endurance rider Kim Abbott loves the annual Man Against Horse Race in Dewey, Arizona. She should – she has won it twice and placed in the top 10 several times……….

Ele Sparkes

Ele SparkesA one-eyed pony who was rescued from terrible neglect is now on a winning streak with her 10-year-old rider Ele Sparkes after being rehabilitated at Blue Cross.. ………

Sarah Kemp

Sarah KempA woman whose parents were told to prepare to switch off her life support machine after she fell off a horse has graduated from college. ………


MuleThere is a man wandering around California with three mules. He’s travelling across America with the aid of three cell phones, two voice recorders, a digital camera, a Samsung tablet – and three mules ………

Tina Caswell

Tina CaswellLuke, a 7-year-old autistic child had primarily only expressed requests to his parents (e.g., I want a drink), but this past year he was given a 1-pound iPad, introduced to a 1,000 pound horse and a special program called Strides©. ………

Glen Cousquer

Glen CousquerOur long term aim is to encourage the wider mountain tourism industry to give greater consideration to the animals that form an integral part of the trek team. I therefore took the opportunity to learn more. ………

Beverly Medlyn

Beverly MedlynDebbie Hillery rode horses growing up in Minnesota, carefree summer rides through the prairie on a palomino named Sundance. Now the horses come to her — specifically, a 30-inch tall, 250-pound miniature horse named Lilly……….

Laura Tomlinson

Laura TomlinsonIt’s been a complete whirlwind, the two biggest things of my life happened at the same time – reaching the pinnacle of my professional career by achieving my dream with Alf at the Olympics and then being proposed to by Mark. It’s been a life changing twelve months ………

Sharon Shanks

Sharon ShanksMy job is to set up new foster homes, do regular checks on existing foster homes, deal with welfare complaints, help and advise private donkey owners, go to sales and fairs, do talks, check working donkeys and organize collection of donkeys that are relinquished by their owners. ………

The Caerphilly Rescue – Red Wings

The Caerphilly Rescue - Red WingsAll 53 ponies we took in are doing really well, and we have had eleven foals born too, which was a bit of a surprise but what a lovely one! We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated ………

Jenifer Tucker

Jenifer TuckerChestnut and Paris are my two delightful mules from The Donkey Sanctuary. I can’t tell you how pleased I am when I stand between my two muleS. It’s something that makes me so happy to be fostering Paris and Chestnut ………

Horse Pulling.

Horse Pulling.With 7,500 pounds of concrete on a sled, horses Tony and Jiggy take off, easily passing the six-foot mark and continuing until the handlers manage to catch their attention and unhitch them. ………

CHIO Aachen

CHIO AachenTo celebrate the CHIO Aachen and the first event of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, Rolex has produced three films featuring Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Frank Kemperman; and Michael Mronz……….

Stephen Leslie

Stephen LeslieIt was a good day to be a farmer. The rains had stopped, the sun beat down, the sky was clear and Stephen Leslie’s team of Norwegian Fjord horses was impatient to work ………

Common Ridings

Common RidingsA Lowland Scots saying sums up the Scottish Borders: “It’s aye bin”, meaning “It’s always been”. The old Border country’s Common Riding traditions have evolved over 900 years into one of Europe’s biggest equestrian spectacles ………

Katie Walsh

Katie WalshHorse-racing is the only major sport where men and women can battle each other for glory in the same race and the formidable Kildare woman would have it no other way ………

Adam Peters

Adam PetersHula hoops, colorful exercise balls, barrels and horses. They all play a part in family counseling, addiction recovery, depression treatment and helping veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder ………

Starlight Farm

Starlight FarmTucked away on a gently sloping hillside just a stone’s throw south of the Monksville Dam, there’s a place where horses, therapy, and personal growth come together several times a week ………

Linda Parelli

Linda ParelliWell known for her great relationship with her ‘wonder’ horse Remmer who is now taking life easy, Linda now has time to devote to new horses, Highland and Hot Jazz ……..

Kristin Hayday

Kristin Hayday She works as a Research Assistant at The Donkey Sanctuary, where only non- invasive research is done. She is lucky enough to have worked there for the past 6 years …….

Jazz the foal

Jazz the foalOn Oct. 5, 2011, a little foal who became known as Jazz was born at the BLM holding facility in Delta, Utah. His mother died a week after giving birth. Jazz became an orphan

Christine Beatty

Christine BeattyHorseback therapy creates “absolutely dramatic” improvement in many children, claims neurologist. When Christine Beatty watches her daughters ride horseback, she sees things that might not be obvious to others……

Victor Cutino

Victor CutinoThe man who didn’t want horses now busy running his own rescue home. These days, when Victor Cutino puts his hand under 6-year-old Dreamer’s stomach, he no longer grips both of the thoroughbred’s sides at once……

Shaking Steven

Shaking StevenA tiny foal rescued from a river in East London has arrived at Redwings HQ in Norfolk. They named him Steve, but he was shivering so much that he has since become known as ‘Shaking Stephen’


Chloe McCutcheon

Chloe McCutcheonWhen Haggis was found he was riddled with lice, grossly overweight and showing signs of laminitis, an extremely painful and sometimes fatal condition affecting horses’ hooves. As far as we could tell he hadn’t walked properly for years. …….


SorenSoren is special although you won’t see why when first meeting him face to face. But as soon as this big red horse turns around, you will discover something is missing — his tail. …….

Lesley Zacharias

Lesley ZachariasA young miniature horse in sneakers is helping a 4-year-old special-needs child at an Anchorage public elementary school. It’s the only service horse in an Alaska school …….

Mike Watkins

Mike WatkinsA Milton-Freewater, Washington man is taking a natural approach to rejuvenating race horses. Instead of injecting them with steroids and other drugs, he’s massaging them back to health.. …………..

Tootie Bland

Tootie BlandTen years ago, Texas horsewoman Tootie Bland thought she had witnessed a miracle: a green Quarter Horse so gentled in just a few hours that a rider could stand on his back and crack a whip. …………..

Addie Manning

Addie ManningFor nine years, Manning participated in 4-H. Alongside her older sisters, she competed in horse shows and barrel racing. In sixth grade, Manning also pursued vaulting …………..

Verity Owers

Verity OwersBefore the Brooke started working in Hosaina six years ago, donkeys would arrive exhausted and laden with grain having travelled with their owners for several hours. …………..

Derek Thompson – Shergar

Derek Thompson - Shergar“Then this guy comes round to my side and he motioned with his machine gun, wind the window down. So I did and I was sitting there, six inches away from a gun pointing straight at me held by a guy with two holes for his eyes and one for his mouth …………..

AP McCoy

AP McCoyThere is a huge trophy cabinet in AP McCoy’s house that groans underneath all the silverware he has won during his record-breaking career as a jump jockey…………………

Petra Ingram

Petra IngramIt is clear that tourists have a great influence over the horse owners, and for those who recognise bad behaviour, they could help us improve welfare by refusing to use horses who are tired or suffering from wounds………………..

Chris Garrett

Chris GarrettCLUTCHING AT STRAWS… A harness maker talks about his craft, how he started and how he has made more harnesses in more countries than he can remember ………

Rosie Jones

Rosie JonesHorse trainer turned blogger Rosie Jones leaves Sussex and heads off the beaten track, travelling the world for 7 months in search of horses and their owners; from Indian Royalty to a Bill Bailey look-a-like called Buffalo…………………

Deborah Meaden

Deborah MeadenNomadic tribes conjure up romantic visions but what we saw was far from that. We were met by desperately poor people living in huts made of mud and straw which frequently get washed away by floods………………

Liz Potter

Liz PotterI sensed that the more Clyde floundered, the deeper he was likely to sink. I was convinced his head would go under at any moment……………..

Mary King

Mary KingIf Mary King makes it to Rio for her seventh Olympics in the GB eventing team, she could face interesting competition from a very local source. ……………..

James Holmes

James HolmesWhen young James Holmes visited Blackpool Rescue and Rehoming Centre and fell
in love with a horse, he was amazed to discover that they’d both had surgery
to remove a kidney when they were just a few months old……………..

Deanna Edgy

Deanna EdgyFrom the first time Deanna Edgy saw horses ride down the beach near her childhood home she was hooked. As soon as she was old enough, she started working at Sea Island Stables on St. Simon’s Island …………….