Horsey Interviews 2014

Horsey Interviews 2014


ChampionSafety standards, including 1384, are typically revised every 5 years, but not every revision results in significant changes. The review process for 1384 was underway for some years, but a deemed lack of progress towards consensus ……….

Luca Moneta

Luca MonetaItalian Luca Moneta is one of the world’s leading show jumpers but has been labeled by his peers “The Carrot Man” for his novel approach to training horses. Last year he won the “Puissance” event at the prestigious Olympia Horse Show ……………

Glen Cousquer 

The Donkey Sanctuary - Glen Cousquer I was asked to put together a weekend workshop for two different school groups, their teachers, leaders, local guides, muleteers and mules. This was an eye-opening experience for all concerned ……………

A Saddle Fit for a Lady

A Saddle Fit for a LadyOne of the most memorable scenes from the first series of the popular period drama Downton Abbey was that of Lady Mary out on the hunting field galloping, riding side saddle ……………

Sophie Wells

Sophie WellsBlack Country Saddles sponsored dressage rider, Sophie Wells MBE shares some top training tips as we go into the winter months.. ……………

Robert Walker

Robert WalkerBlack Country Saddles sponsored showman Robert Walker discusses the importance of correct tack and turnout for Show and Working Hunters and provides advice on how to make your horse look his best. ……………

Top Tips for Tack Cleaning

Top Tips for Tack CleaningMud, rain, wind and cold temperatures, our horses’ tack goes through a lot during the winter months battling the elements, not to mention the sweat produced by the horse during hard work or a morning’s hunting. ……………

Bonnie Hammond

Bonnie Hammond“To rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain horses facing neglect or abuse and provide them with the best opportunity for a permanent home and a lifetime of safety.” This is an extremely challenging but rewarding goal that can make a huge impact on both the lives of the horses and those caring for them. ……………

Annabelle Farrar

Annabelle FarrarEvent rider Annabelle Farrar’s horse Casper went lame after a competition in May last year. The eight-year-old gelding showed no external signs of injury, so came to Oakham Veterinary Hospital to investigate the problem ……………

Kelly Sigler

Kelly SiglerFor people, taking your horse on a trip in the trailer seems like a perfectly normal and necessary task. For the horse, there is nothing natural or mundane about it. Kelly explains why many horses don’t want to be anywhere near a horse trailer ……………

Billy Twomey

Billy TwomeyLeading showjumper Billy Twomey, is well known for his natural talent, determined riding and many success’ on the world’s competition circuit. With a top class string of horses, Billy has worked extremely hard to follow his ambition to compete amongst the best on a global scale ……………

Philip Bowern

Philip BowernA report urging the RSPCA to revise its policy on prosecuting animal cruelty offenders and to leave cases of alleged illegal hunting to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service has been welcomed by the pro-hunt Countryside Alliance…………..

Sam Evans

Sam EvansWorking sheep farmer, Sam Evans and her 14-year-old Toptimist Utopia secured a convincing win in the BRC BE80(T) Championships at Brooksby Melton College Horse Trials………….

Kirsty Turton

Kirsty TurtonIt’s that time of year again. The hunters have come in, fat and happy after their summer break, actually having some sun to bask in! The repairs are rolling in so it’s time to stop and look carefully at your tack before you set off on the hunting field …………

Sarah Ambler

Sarah AmblerA highly successful Small Riding Horse, Chique was chosen as the perfect model for the KTY 5 A-Day rugs. But the photo-shoot couldn’t happen without her larger than life side kick, Lily who would sleep in the same stable if she could …………

Anne Howard

Anne HowardA team of World Horse Welfare rescue horses made it into the main ring at Burghley Horse Trials much to a dedicated rehomer’s delight. …………

Geraldine Graham

Geraldine GrahamAn unwanted horse that cost its new owner just one euro (80p) has been selected to represent Ireland at an international showjumping competition. Geraldine Graham, bought the mare from a friend who could no longer look after the animal because of its poor health …………


WarriorA World War One warhorse has been awarded an “animal Victoria Cross” to mark the contribution of all animals that served with British forces. The medal was accepted by horse racing broadcaster Brough Scott …………

Nadine Tull

Nadine TullNadine Tull was a wonderful teacher. She loved her students and she loved horses. Ms. Tull dreamed of someday bringing a team of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses to her school ………..

Kim Cox

Kim CoxFor anyone qualifying for the Horse of the Year Show is an incredible achievement, but doing so on a horse that was difficult, pushy, lazy and had no respect for your space is even more remarkable ……….


LLANWRTYD WELLSThere is an annual race between people and horses in this tiny Welsh town, and yes, a horse almost always wins. But that’s not really the point. Whether it’s the Man vs. Horse Marathon or any of the contests hosted here each year, the same winner comes out on top: Llanwrtyd Wells ……….

Susan Ridley

Susan RidleyAs Rehome a Horse Month draws to a close, World Horse Welfare announces some good news – finally more people are rehoming rescue horses ……..

Jock Hutchison

Jock HutchisonFounder of HorseBack UK, Jock Hutchison, is supporting this year’s Rehome a Horse Month. Having suffered a severe injury herself, Polly knew very well what trauma was……..

Joanne Eccles

Joanne EcclesFour days a week, 25-year-old Joanne Eccles examines teeth in Kinross, north of Edinburgh. She spends the rest of her time clad in spandex, performing gymnastics on a horse. Her sport? Vaulting. …….

Society of Master Saddlers

Society of Master SaddlersI have worked in the equestrian industry for some time and was thinking about becoming a saddle fitter, what would I need to do to become a Qualified Saddle Fitter that is recognised by the Society of Master Saddlers? …….

Gill Patrick

Gill PatrickGill Patrick tells us how Lifeforce Focus has helped transform Frosty from a weak youngster lacking in condition into a super pony with a promising future. When four-year-oldFrosty was unwanted, kind hearted Gill Patrick and her family took him in …….

Verity Smith

Verity SmithBlind equestrian Verity Smith’s dreams of competing at the London 2012 Paralympics were crushed when her horse was put down. Now back in the saddle, she’s set her sights on being part of Team GB’s Rio 2016 Paralympics dressage team……..

Megan Jones

Megan JonesRosie came into WHW national Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Penny Farm in Blackpool, for immediate treatment after her owner had sadly let Rosie’s feet overgrow so much that they curled up into painful ‘slippers’ …….

Gentle Giant Sea Horses

Gentle Giant Sea HorsesDuring the months of February through May, and again in September through November, the “Paardenvissers” have taken their Belgian horses, planks and nets into the breast-deep water of the North Sea trolling for shrimp since the 17th Century …….

Andy Scott

Andy ScottFor the past eight years, Glaswegian sculptor Andy Scott has been working on the biggest project of his life. The Kelpies are two 30m-tall horse heads made of steel, now standing alongside the Forth and Clyde Canal …….

T. James “Doc” Humphrey

T. James "Doc" HumphreyWranglers in the West who have for decades cashed in on the allure of getting on a horse and setting out on an open trail say they have had to add bigger horses to their stables to help carry larger tourists over the rugged terrain …….

Melissa Liszewski

Melissa LiszewskiIt’s so sad to think of just how hard these animals work and that what they need most – water – is actually right there, heavy on their back, but they cannot access it …….

City Streets & Derby Winners

City Streets & Derby WinnersAccording to Belfast City Council, the tradition and custom in naming new streets is that the developer requests the name and the council then decides whether to give it the go-ahead…….

Joanna Heard

Joanna HeardSociety of Master Saddlers newly qualified saddler, Joanna Heard, talks about her career within the saddlery industry including the training involved and her daily routine ……

Lara Dyson

Lara DysonCyden Stallions owner and dressage rider, Lara Dyson, shares her top tips on caring for your dressage stallion……

Alana Chapman

Alana ChapmanThe Guaymi Indigenous Reserve in southern Costa Rica, is home to an indigenous tribe. World Horse Welfare realised that a special approach was needed to address the welfare problems faced by the working horses in the reserve …….

Gareth and Rebecca Hughes

Gareth and Rebecca HughesInternational Dressage riders and husband and wife team, Gareth and Rebecca Hughes recognise the importance of probiotics to ensure their team of horses stay on top form. Find out more about how they keep their horses in excellent competition shape…..

Rob Cullen

Rob CullenWhen it comes to riding across country, whether as part of an eventing competition or having a go at hunter trialling making sure both you and your horse are comfortable is key to success. Rob Cullen of Black Country Saddles provides advice on what to look out for.

Sophie Wells

Sophie WellsHere we catch up with Black Country Saddles sponsored para dressage rider, Sophie Wells MBE, as we take a sneak peek into her hectic daily schedule to find out what it takes to make your way to the top ………

Charlotte and Zara

Charlotte and ZaraVisiting country houses has often given me a feeling of engagement with this historic England, but, privately, I have yearned for a means of getting to know the landscapes that those houses belong to even better, following their stories in the quiet topography in between ………

Horse carriage owners and operators

Horse carriage owners and operatorsWhile a high-profile ordinance that would ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in New York City has not yet reached the city council, the proposed legislation has drawn criticism from carriage operators as well as from a veterinarian who believes such a ban is not necessarily in the horses’ best interest ………


DenzilA horse that has spent nearly two decades serving in the British army has sadly passed away. Handsome Irish Draught X TB Denzil spent 19 years serving with the army, he began his career with the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery before moving to the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and then the Royal Engineers Saddle Club ………

Patrick Palmer

Patrick PalmerThe hooves clip-clop, the harness jingles, and the wooden cart rumbles over the street. The sounds evoke a Robert Frost poem more than garbage pick-up, but rubbish and not rhyme is the essence of this operation ………

Sergeant Paul Johnson

Sergeant Paul JohnsonFrom riots and footie matches, to royal weddings and state funerals – it’s all in a day’s work for Finsbury, one of the Met’s horses based at Lewisham Police Station ……..


RichardBristol charity, HorseWorld Trust, helps 21 year-old Richard face his fears and beat his self-harming issues and depression by offering him a place where he feels safe and at ease ……..


ChicAfter suffering repeated episodes of uveitis — an inflammation inside the eye — Chic lost sight in her left eye. Although partial blindness did not stop Chic from being ridden …….

Amy Fordham

Amy FordhamOne year ago consumers were shocked to find out that what they thought was beef – was actually horse. While many of the public were left feeling deceived and some guilty that they had been chomping down on horse meat – there was a silver lining to the dark cloud that had burst and landed on our dinner plates…….

The Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding SchoolELEGANT and disciplined at all times, they trot, pirouette and capriole with what seems like the greatest of ease, steered by impeccable riders in tailcoat and hat.