Horsey Interviews 2018

Horsey Interviews 2018

Dr Sue Dyson

Dr Sue DysonThe influence of rider size and saddle fit on equine gait, behaviour, response to thoracolumbar palpation and thoracolumbar dimensions builds on previous work that has shown high rider: horse bodyweight ratios, or a tall heavy rider in a saddle which is too small, can cause temporary lameness and discomfort.


TopSpec - Winter Feeding AdviceTopSpec Electrolytes are designed to help compensate for electrolyte loss after heavy sweating. This new additive has a high salt formula, contains wildberry to aid palatability and is recommended by equine veterinary practices and independent nutritionists.


In a recent survey of UK horse owners, carers and yard managers, supported by SPILLERS® in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), three quarters of respondents said they believe that scientific research has positive impact on horse welfare, yet most find the science difficult to understand and act upon.

Harriet Morris-Baumber

Harriet Morris-BaumberRiding in the dark, wearing numerous layers of clothing to protect against the cold and trying to look after your horse when riding in muddy conditions – winter is not the best time to own a horse. So, should you consider giving your horse a winter break?

Alltech ® – Signs of Old Age

Alltech ® - Signs of Old AgeA horse or pony would normally be classed as a veteran once they reach the age of 15, however with advances in veterinary care and better education, horses and particularly ponies are living much healthier, active lives well beyond this milestone…..

Grove House Stables – Andrew Stennett

Grove House StablesIf you learned to ride as a child you will no doubt have some amazing memories to treasure and if you have children that are interested in learning to ride, your local riding school is the best place to start. Grove House Stables is eagerly anticipating the Christmas holidays, with a packed schedule of activities to keep any pony mad youngster entertained.

Redwings – Colic: Reduce the risk!

Redwings - Colic: Reduce the risk!Redwings’ vet and experienced colic surgeon Nicky Jarvis gives us a fascinating guided tour of a horse’s digestive tract in this short film. Nicky demonstrates some of the causes of serious colic, and shows us just what an epic journey it is from one end of the horse to the other!

Caroline Powell

SureGrow - Caroline PowellWe talk to Caroline Powell about introducing your youngster to water. Sponsored by Suregrow, Caroline covers the topics on the how to handle the initial experiences with water, stepping out of the water and jumping into the water.. ……….


TopSpec - Winter Feeding AdviceWinter Feeding Advice – During winter, when grazing is in limited supply, frozen or covered by snow, it is important to provide alternative sources of fibre (e.g. hay, haylage or chop) to aid digestion and keep the hindgut working efficiently.

Sophie Wells

Robinson Animal HealthcareRobinson Animal Healthcare catches up with their sponsored rider, double gold medal winner Sophie Wells, following a phenomenal World Equestrian Games.

Robinson Animal Healthcare

Robinson Animal HealthcareBeing prepared for the vet’s arrival will make the experience a lot easier for everyone involved, including your horse. The vet’s time is valuable but this is also your opportunity to address any minor niggles, particularly if it is an annual routine visit. 

Society of Master Saddlers’ Security in the Saddle’

Society of Master Saddlers' Security in the Saddle'The key to success whether competing at a local or international level, is making sure you have the right saddle that fits the horse and is comfortable for the rider.  A jumping saddle has been specifically designed to provide a close contact fit to help the rider sit close to the horse and with their weight balanced………

Nina Barbour

Nina BarbourHere we talk to Nina Barbour, president and founder of both the Liverpool International Horse Show and the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show about her recent success at the Longines Global Champions Tour London………..

Caroline Powell

SureGrow - Caroline PowellSuregrow sponsored rider Caroline Powell guides us through walking a cross-country course with tips and advice on how she prepares to tackle tracks at all levels. ……….


SureGrowPaddocks all over the country are definitely suffering from the recent dry, hot weather resulting in sparse, burnt out brown fields which are normally fields of luscious, bright green grass at this time of year. Here are five top tips on what to consider during the dry spell……….

Andrew Stennett

Andrew StennettBritish Equestrian Federation Elite Recreational Coach, Andrew Stennett, provides advice on how to get the most from your riding lesson. When you spend all week looking forward to your riding lesson you want to make sure you make the most of every minute in the saddle………

Society of Master Saddlers’ National Competition

Society of Master Saddlers' National CompetitionMaster Saddler Chris Taylor will take up the reins as President at this year’s Annual General Meeting in September and has come up with the concept of entrants designing and making any leather item incorporating traditional hand stitched Box Work techniques……..

Robert Whitaker

Robert Whitaker Leading British rider Robert Whitaker has six European team gold medals and an individual bronze at European pony, junior and young rider championships. He has also represented his country on senior Nations Cup teams on more than 25 occasions….

Harriet Morris-Baumber

Harriet Morris-BaumberWhether jumping at the highest level or working towards your first competition, there are certain key things to remember to ensure you stand a good chance of a clear round.

Event rider and trainer, Harriet Morris-Baumber, relies on a few golden rules when jumping both in the show-jumping arena and when riding cross-country…

Robinson Animal Healthcare

Robinson Animal HealthcareAfter the relatively dry weather we have experienced recently, the ground in my area has become quite hard. How can I ensure that the ground conditions do not have a damaging effect on my horse’s legs?

Kevin McNab

Kevin McNab With his vast wealth of skill and knowledge, having produced top class event horses to 4 Star level for many years, leading event rider Kevin McNab is seeking new horses and owners to join the team………..

The importance of a well fitting bridle

The importance of a well fitting bridleAs we all know, tack can lead to success or failure, whether from the point of view of aesthetics, fit or safety. A well selected, correctly fitting bridle can enhance the best points of a horse’s head and help to disguise the less fortunate. …….

The British Palomino Society

The British Palomino SocietyDoyou love showing and have a Palomino horse or pony? Ever wanted to know what judges look for when you are in the ring?  Here we talk to BPS Chairman and judge Colin Bramley-Robins on what he looks for in the showing world……….

Harriet Morris-Baumber

Harriet Morris-BaumberHarriet Morris-Baumber takes a look at what to consider when finding a trainer and what to look for to get the best possible outcome to suit your individual needs……….

Harriet Morris-Baumber

Harriet Morris-BaumberWould you like to be part of a team, supporting talented up and coming event horses?  Now, is the ideal time to join the ‘Made in Yorkshire’ syndicate, the brain child of event rider and trainer, Harriet Morris-Baumber………

The British Palomino Society

The British Palomino SocietyThe British Palomino Society is a small organisation, run by hard-working volunteers all with a passion to encourage and assist the advancement of Palominos and all Cream Dilutes with their showing and breeding here in the UK ………

Dr Sue Dyson

Dr Sue Dyson“Blaming the horse for the problem is a common scenario,” says world-renowned equine orthopaedics expert, Dr. Sue Dyson, Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the Centre for Equine Studies at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, UK ………

Redwings – Abandonment and fly-grazing

Redwings - Abandonment and fly-grazingThe Control of Horses Act 2015 provides an amendment to the Animals Act 1971 and allows for tighter controls on the illegal grazing of horses (fly-grazing) and abandonment.

This guidance is designed to help anyone who finds an abandoned or fly-grazing horse in England………

Kimblewick Equestrian Centre

Kimblewick Equestrian CentreBased in Norfolkthe centre is set to mark its 20th Anniversary, with a day of special events planned for Sunday, July 1st. The centre was founded by the Moore family in 1998 and is now one of the oldest and most respected riding schools in Dereham and the surrounding area………

Louisa Milne-Home

Louisa Milne-HomeRobinson Animal Healthcare-sponsored rider Louisa Milne-Home chats about her passion for eventing and life on her yard in Scotland. ……..

Pevlings Farm Riding Stable

Pevlings Farm Riding StableThanks to its Accessibility Mark accreditation, Pevlings Farm Riding Stables, based in Templecombe, hopes to accommodate more disabled participants after successfully completing the training and criteria set out by the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)……..

Different Types of Martingale

Different Types of MartingaleA martingale is a piece of tack which is usually used to control head carriage and act as an additional form of control.  There are several different types of martingale which are used for varying reasons and are seen across several disciplines…….

Harriet Morris-Baumber

Harriet Morris-BaumberClinics offer a great opportunity to get out and about with your horse, ride in a different environment, learn new training techniques and use facilities you may not have access to every day………

Grubbs – Spring Clean

Grubbs - Spring CleanWith winter finally behind us it is an ideal opportunity to completely blitz your tack room, feed store, barn, rug racks and stables by giving them a good clean and sort out to prepare you for the joys of summer………..

Rebecca Jago

Rebecca JagoRebecca Jago and her dun Appaloosa X Warmblood mare ‘Rowesbrook Indiana’ are a match made in heaven competing in everything from Riding Club competitions to showing, dressage to music and British Eventing……….

Abbey England

Abbey EnglandAbbey England has been supplying quality leather to saddlers and other equestrian manufacturers since 1982. Here the company gives us some expert advice on how to look after our leather boots, ready for the season ahead………

Robinson Animal Healthcare

Robinson Animal HealthcareMost horse owners will, at some point find themselves in a situation where their horse has injured itself.  Faced with a nasty looking wound, the primary concern is to clean the wound to prevent infection taking hold……..

John – One man and his horse

John - One man and his horseJohn lives the life of a nomad, travelling the country in his wagon pulled by his horse, Barney. He rejected the “rat race” when he was 16, and is still living the life 24 years later…………

Dr Tom Shurlock

Dr Tom ShurlockLaminitis develops in a number of phases. Symptoms such as hot hooves, physical damage such as white line and bruising etc. can appear at any time, depending on the underlying cause. Regular checks will help keep on top of the condition………..

Stable Shield

Stable ShieldKeeping your horses stable in good repair is essential in order to ensure their health and safety as there are multiple micro-organisms that will live in a stable environment, dependent on the conditions……….

Eventing for Novices – Do I Need More Than One Saddle?

Eventing for Novices – Do I Need More Than One Saddle?The Society of Master Saddles provides advice on whether, for the sport of eventing a dressage and jumping saddle are required or if a general purpose is the preferred
option ………….?

Robinson Animal Healthcare

Robinson Animal HealthcareI have just bought my first horse and would like to build up a first aid kit to keep on the yard for emergencies. Can you recommend what products I should include? A Q&A from RAHC on items a first time horse owner should include in a first aid kit…….

Saddles for Eventing – Working with Your Saddle Fitter!

Saddles for Eventing – What's the Score!Developing a solid working relationship with your local Society of Master Saddlers Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter is a great way to ensure you have access to regular advice and support ………….