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Grubbs - Spring Clean

Time to Spring Clean the Yard .

Grubbs - Spring Clean

So winter is finally behind us and we can now look to the spring and summer months and plan ahead. This is an ideal opportunity to completely blitz your tack room, feed store, barn, rug racks and stables by giving them a good clean and sort out to prepare you for the joys of summer.

With winter, the days are shorter and the early dark nights are enough for anyone struggling to find time to be able to keep on top of the care and attention a yard deserves.

But thanks to lighter nights and mornings now there is no excuse for yard owners not to get them back looking pristine.

Start with your stables. 

For most horses and ponies during the winter season, this is where they will have spent a lot of their time, so giving it a good clean and scrub is important.

A hygienic environment is healthier for your horse. Lifting your rubber matting and removing any muck or bedding from underneath and giving them a good scrub with a stiff brush and disinfectant and then rinsing thoroughly with a hose pipe will get rid of any built up dirt. Allow the stable and matting to air dry before putting them back in place.

Why stop with the mats? 

If the walls are looking a bit dull or dirty, give them a good wash and then paint with wood preservative or a stable paint to really freshen them up. Do take care when choosing a paint as not all are non-toxic and some need to be left to dry for a long period of time. 

Sorting through your equipment and washing it all off is a good idea as you can store away any equipment you know won't be used until next winter, providing more space.

Organise your winter rugs for any repairs and washing so they can be stored until the colder weather comes back creating space for your lighter rugs and sheets. Check that all your summer rugs are in good order and ready to use.

If you are planning to compete in the summer check over your competition gear, including saddles, bridles, horse boots, stud kit and turnout products and give them a thorough clean which gives you time to check over and see if anything needs replacing.

Spiders love the stables, tack rooms and feed stores and leave behind cobwebs, which catch dust making it unclean and unattractive. Sweep and dust away any cobwebs, check all feed bins are clean and hole free to keep unwanted rodents from taking feed.

Appearance is everything when a yard has a lawn or planted area, so removing any unwanted weeds and trimming back any overgrown hedges can make the world of difference.

Even check your tack as your horse or pony could have changed shape over winter, meaning the tack might need adjusting to ensure saddles are comfortable and fit correctly.

Grubbs - Spring Clean

The ideal boots to help keep you in the spring clean mood are the high performance Rainline boots from Grub's, which are available in the fashionable colours of Heather and Rosewood.

The Rainline boots combine Grub's unique Superdri™ technology in a lightweight, easy-clean, rubber shell, offering a new level of performance footwear.

Whilst working hard on the yard the printed Superdri moisture-wicking lining uses thousands of fibre loops to cosset the foot and wick away moisture, keeping feet dry and comfortable to provide an unequalled comfort range without sweat and heat build-up.

Grub's Rainline boots are available in Heather, Rosewood, Aubergine, Green and Navy, in UK sizes 3-8. RRP: £74.95.

For further information please contact Grubs on 01204 567700 or visit

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