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Robinson's Summer Healthcare

First Aid Advice for Summer

Robinson Animal Healthcare - First Aid Advice for Summer
F is for flies

Most horse owners can't wait for summer, the long leisurely rides, light nights and weekends competing are the reason why we have a horse. To ensure you make the most of the best months of the year, follow a few simple rules to help prevent injuries and ailments and stop them from ruining your summer.

F is for flies

These pesky insects can cause your horse a great deal of distress during the summer months. Ensure your horse is protected by using a suitable fly repellent as well as a fly fringe and possibly a fly rug. Following exercise always wash off dried sweat as this will attract flies and can cause irritation. Activ Scrub from Robinson Animal Healthcare is an antibacterial scrub and cleansing wash that is ideal for removing sweat and dirt and can be used every day.

I is for infection

It is vital to quickly clean a wound, even minor ones, to avoid the risk of infection. When the skin is damaged it loses its first line of defence against infection, which can take hold in as little as six to eight hours.

R is for Robinson Animal Healthcare

The leading manufacturer of animal first aid and wound care products. Their product range caters for all your first aid requirements.

Robinson Animal Healthcare - First Aid Advice for Summer
S is for sunburn

S is for sunburn

Any horse that has non-pigmented, pink skinned areas of the body, such as the muzzle, around the eyes and on the heels is susceptible to sunburn. Sunburnt skin is prone to becoming sore and infected, so apply a sunscreen to protect these exposed areas.

T is for tetanus

Some wounds such as puncture wounds provide an ideal breeding ground for tetanus to flourish undetected, so it is vital to make sure your horse is protected by keeping up-to-date with vaccinations.

A is Animalintex®

This should be the number one product in your first aid kit as it can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments effectively. It is the only VMD-licensed, multi-layered, absorbent poultice available in the UK. Available in standard and pre-cut, hoof shaped poultices, Animalintex® is ideal for the summer months when the ground can become baked and hard, leading to bruising and soreness of the hoof.

I is for injury

Horses can be accident prone creatures, so keep your Horse & Rider First Aid Kit at hand to treat any minor cuts and grazes this summer.

D is for dehydration

Always make sure your horse has a fresh, clean supply of water when he is in the stable or field to avoid dehydration and to keep the body functioning at an optimum level.

Robinson Animal Healthcare has a wide range of products for all your first aid requirements.

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