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Horsey Interviews - 2011











2010 & ealier..

Becky and Jim McKeithAnita Jackson

Two "miracle stories" helped shape her life, Anita Jackson said. After dealing with a serious stomach ailment that traditional medicine couldn't cure, she saw a chiropractor. Within 15 minutes after an adjustment, she said, her symptoms were gone.......

Becky and Jim McKeithBecky and Jim McKeith

It began in the mid 1990s. Becky had always wanted a horse. She made a promise to her husband: no miniature horses. Today, the couple raises, breeds and shows miniature horses, including several foals or weanlings born in April and May.......

Joe LoveridgeJoe Loveridge

When he was a jockey, life was simple. All Joe Loveridge had to worry about was keeping his weight down, getting the rides and not killing himself. Now he's a trainer, things are a million times worse. He's got no end of problems......

Sally RussoSally Russo

She works seven days a week from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening, caring for her four horses, tending up to six boarders, teaching lessons, mucking stalls, feeding, grooming and fussing over her precious charges.But don't tell Sally Russo she works hard.......


Wang ZhenshanWang Zhenshan

Wang provides the rare Przewalski horses to the United Kingdom and Germany.Wang is a specialist in the horses' reproduction in the Wild Horse Research and Reproduction Center of Jimsar in the Changji Hui autonomous prefecture........


Jenna PrattJenna Pratt

Jenna suffers from epidermolitic hyperkeratosis. She is unable to sweat and her skin is susceptible to tearing. But she loves riding horses. Jenna Pratt, 10, of Brattleboro, Vermont has come a long way since she started horseback riding a little over a year ago.

Connie ToepelConnie Toepel

She couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t love horses. “My parents said those were the first words I said,” Toepel recalled. “I have a vivid memory of when I was 5 years old and going up to the television set. The circus was on, and the horses were going around the arena.........

Allison LemonAllison Lemon

If you want your kid to stay out of trouble, buy him a pony, says rider and medical school student. Allison Lemon said her horse was key to her academic success. "We are so in sync," she said. "You don't get that with many horses......."

Buck BrannamanBuck Brannaman

Perhaps the most prominent advocate of what is known as natural horsemanship, Brannaman likes to say that though he’s hired to help with a person’s horse problems, he ends up dealing with a horse’s people problems........

Nial RobinsonNial Robinson

The School teacher will spend his summer holidays taking water to horses before they die of thirst.  To rodeo fans, he’s one of the all-time bull-riding greats. To the kids in his science classes, he’s D-Rob. And to 38,000 wild horses roaming Nevada, he’s a lifesaver.

Mark PitmanMark Pitman

Mark Pitman, great raconteur he is too, reminiscing about his Gold Cup victory and his National second as a jockey. He was also assistant to mom, Jenny, when winning the Grand National with Royal Athlete........

Karen BourdonKaren Bourdon

Karen's NHS for animals venture in Oxfordshire. She explains how she takes horses from the likes of Richard Hannon, Paul Cole and others, when vets have given up on them. She works with complimentary treatment as well as conventional treatment.......

Claude DesmaraisClaude Desmarais

Working together. Old technology and new technology. Draft horses bringing fibre optics to remote locations. For over three decades Claude Desmarais has been laying line with draft horses........


Deb Johnson rarely gets on to Facebook. A couple weeks ago when she “just messing around,” she noticed a friend had made numerous posts about horses in “kill pens” at an auction house in Washington.......

Valerie Lewis and Paul HardingValerie Lewis and Paul Harding

Rich, luscious, a compliment to any coffee table. And says dressage legend, Domini Morgan, "Every aspect of this wonderfully presented book is excellent." Suddenly horsey books have taken a leap into a new dimension.......

Sam Twiston-DaviesSam Twiston-Davies

Isabel Tompsett chatting to Sam Twiston-Davies.
Watch out for the month-old foal in the background.......

Kennis FairfaxKennis Fairfax

He is one of only a handful of African American judges in the United States. He spent his summers on the family farm in Oklahoma. Today he is a school teacher. But, at heart, he's still a cowboy......

Woodlander Farouche Woodlander Farouche

Woodlander Farouche performance potential first shone through as a two year old in the BEF Futurity series, she scored a Higher First premium and then went on to claim Overall BEF Futurity 2008 Dressage Champion at the Futurity final later that same year..... ...........

Duane Van DykeDuane Van Dyke

When Duane Van Dyke gets ready to hitch up a pair for pulling and plowing, all the horses head to the barn. They line up like spectators at a show, watching the action and hoping they'll be next.. ...........

Sue ArmstrongSue Armstrong

Sue is the current President of the BAHVS (British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons) and an international lecturer on homeopathy and laser therapy in horses. ...........

Lucinda BroadLucinda Broad

Thoroughbred ex-racehorse, Revolution, has demonstrated his wide ranging talent in the sport of Eventing and Dressage, as well as becoming a successful sire of potential event horses of the future.........

Ritt ChitwoodRitt Chitwood

A mustang captured in the Pacific Northwest and a young Tennessee man paralyzed in a car accident came together through the efforts of a south Alabama veterinarian, the determination of the student's mother and — both women said — divine intervention....

Jim Goddard and Rosie JonesJim Goddard and Rosie Jones

Kelly and Monty’s chief roadie and demo rider set up Intelligent Horsemanship yard in East Sussex. “Intelligent Horsemanship is all about working together to find what is best for the horse, so a collaboration seemed to be the logical way to go”.......

Bettina Eistel Bettina Eistel

What is even more compelling than the fact that she can brush her horse with her feet, is that she competes, very well, at the Paralympics in dressage. Bettina didn’t just overcome her disability, she walloped it..........

Kacey CramerKacey Cramer

Kacey was only 14 when she began restricting her food intake. “Restricting my food was a way of punishing myself and reinforcing a self-hatred that stemmed originally from my parents' divorce.”.................

Allyssia Bryant Allyssia Bryant

Fifteen-year-old Allyssia Bryant mucks out her horses’ stalls, feeds them, grooms them and teaches them to move as one with her........

Lisa Holder Lisa Holder

"They were standing in a field, no food, a frozen water trough. They were just hanging their heads, like they had given up"..........

Grace WalkerGrace Walker

Grace Walker was only 14 years old when she won the individual silver medal at the Pony European Championships, and the group gold......

Isabel Tompsett Isabel Tompsett

Do you have to be slightly crazy to be a jump jockey?
Listen to what Isabel Tompsett has to say

Glenda SmithGlenda Smith

Every horse has a story. Glenda Smith leans on the wood post fence and surveys the herd grazing on the parched pasture, rattling off each sad tale. Equestrian Inc is a 15-acre rural swath of paradise on the outskirts of very suburban Carrollwood Village.

Darryl BreslinDarryl Breslin

From living in a hostel in Manchester to riding with some of the the best in the world in Newmarket, Suffolk, Darryl Breslin's life has undergone a massive change in just a few months. "I want to go all the way, I want to be a winning jockey.

Harriet BrownHarriet Brown

Harriet Brown is General Manager at Hobgoblins Stud, East Sussex, a family owned breeding enterprise. Harriet talks about her love of horses, her career and her work at the Stud.

Linda ParelliLinda Parelli

She is busy travelling in Italy and Portugal. But Linda Parelli takes five minutes from her busy schedule to answer questions about their trip to the UK for the huge Parelli Celebration event in April 2011.

Alan DalyAlan Daly

 A jockey to set the house on fire. On March 18 2009, however, he retired at the tender age of 35 with a spectacular flying Frankie Dettori leap after winning his last race at Lingfield racecourse. What is he doing now? He is a fireman at Cobham Fire Station in Surrey.

The Equissage TeamThe Equissage Team

2010 was a very exciting year for the Equissage Team. Here we catch up with Ellen Whitaker, Maria Eilberg, Lee Pearson and Piggy French to find out about their proudest moments and reveal what 2011 has in store for them.

Polly ThompsonPolly Thompson

Horses and Heartbeats shows the pluses and minuses of horse ownership.
The engaging characters, the subtle yet effective introduction of horse management skills.

Sue WyldeSue Wylde

Where would we be without the Sue Wylde’s of this horsey world? They are the foundation upon which we all depend. They make the wheels go round.

Thea MaxfieldThea Maxfield

Thea suffered a broken neck known as a ‘hangman’s fracture’ after an horrific fall from her horse, but is back in the saddle thanks to revolutionary technology –pioneered in Formula One RACING CARS.

Sheila BarkerSheila Barker

Time and Preparation is what South-East regional coordinator Sheila Barker put her teams' success down to when they claimed the KBIS JRN Team Championship title at Weston Park International Horse Trials.

Lucy HarroldLucy Harrold

The Unluckiest – Or is he the Luckiest ? – Horse in the World. The vet said, Put him down. He survived.

Jeanine PreeceJeanine Preece

It was a dream come true for Jeanine Preece from Bristol when her husband Lee gave her a beautiful bay Thoroughbred gelding as a surprise Christmas present......

John BartelousJohn Bartelous

The countdown begins. From now until the end of the year hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of horses all around the world will be clipped, re-clipped and clipped again...

Jill & Jules WalkerJill & Jules Walker

The next Totilas. Owners talk for the first time about their plans for the future. He is Baron de Ley. A Westphalian stallion. Five-years-old. 16.2 and still growing.......

South East Para RidersSouth East Para Riders

Mention Para riders and most people will know the name of the most prolific Paralympian, Lee Pearson, but there are many more who have won medals and titles......

Amy StarkeyAmy Starkey

Like all little girls, Amy Starkey was mad about horses. Except she wasn’t interested in riding them. She was interested in betting on them..........

Mark UpdikeMark Updike

90 days to make them rideable. A Princeton man is hoping his participation in a national mustang training challenge will help bring new attention to an underappreciated sector of the equine industry.....

Barbara HalpernBarbara Halpern

She's living a child's horsey fantasy - at 61-years-old.
As a child, Barbara Halpern would ride three or four buses from her native Providence, to take a riding lesson....

Bernice EndeBernice Ende

Bernice Ende could have made the 1,200-mile trip in any number of ways. She could have flown. She could have driven. She even could have taken the train. But instead Ende opted to ride her horse.....

Minette Rice EdwardsMinette Rice Edwards

For the majority of equestrians, riding means little more than surviving on a horse. Understanding the "art" of riding can open up a world for both you and your horse.....

Susi SadlerSusi Sadler

Susi Sadler is one of just a handful of British riders joining the epic race across the bleak Mongolian Steppe.....

Cherry MichellCherry Michell

You can all now breathe a sigh of relief. She did it. The Chairman of The Pony Club, Cherry Michell completed the Horses4 Heroes sponsored ride......











2010 & ealier..