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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !


Padworth Common Inquiry not just adjourned, it's been abandoned

Bob Milton gets the inside story

Says Bob Milton

Says Bob MiltonI heard, via a reliable third party, that West Berks CC has withdrawn its applcation to fence and gate Padworth common.

The reasons given for the withdrawal by West Berks Council are that PINS has advised withdrawal. WBC states that it has not decided on what to do next. If it makes another application, this will be the fourth for the same common, the others having been withdrawn also.

As many of you know, the Public Inquiry did start on 24th June but was adjourned within 2 hours untill January as WBC presented a substantially different application on the day to that which had been advertised & consulted on. The Inspector concluded that any decision he made could be subject to review but advised that the Council should just re-advertise the application. The main discrepancy was over the length of fencing.

So where does that leave us? As you may know, the BHS obtained legal opinions that equestrian access is lawful on commons under the 1899 Act. It was hoped that this would be confirmed at this PI. If this issue is not pursued via Padworth Common it is vital that it is picked up for another 1899 common.

Many thanks to all those who have helped with this case. It has been much appreciated especially the local group of riders at Padworth Ciommon.

For background information click - Padworth Common Inquiry Adjourned

Is this the start of the fight back?

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"My advice is claim compensation and hammer home the message!"

Says Maureen Comber

Says Maureen Comber That can only be good news. Hopefully this nonsense will stop if the National Audit Office are taking any notice of the letter which I wrote to them on 7th June 2012. (To read Maureen's letter CLICK here) I am informed that I may expect a reply in mid July. Their web site says they are an organization independent of government!!

I would urge the BHS to claim for any expense incurred because of the actions by WBC. I do know that barristers are not cheap these days.

A successful claim against WBC for time wasting etc would be almost as good as an ultimate victory because it would make other LA's realise that they might also stand to lose should they get it wrong.

LA's are very reluctant to gamble these days. Also it would be good PR for the BHS as it will show potential members that they have been prepared for a fight and have no intention of whimping out at the end. The buck stops with WBC as they made the application in the first instance

My advice is claim compensation and hammer home the message!

Read Maureen Comber's letter to the National Audit Office

Says Tony BarnettSays Tony Barnett



"After all the bastards have put you through, you have a right to feel proud of yourself."

Says Craig Weatherhill

Says Craig Weatherhill YES! What a result!

Well done, Tony,and after all the bastards have put you through, you have a right to feel proud of yourself. Now maybe an apology/compensation from the police for false arrest / harrassment, etc.

At times like this, it's well worth rubbing all of officialdom's nose in it. to send the clear message that they are NOT the be-all and end-all of the UK. The PEOPLE are!

Fantastic news, and it heartens us down here in West Cornwall.

"Great News"

Says Steve YandallSays Steve Yandall

Well done to all those who worked so hard,and risked so much,to reach this end!!!!

Great news


Says Ian McNeil CookeSays Ian McNeil Cooke

And congratulations from Save Penwith Moors - we are now in the 5th year of campaigning!

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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