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Saving our forests is seeing the wood for the trees

Rural Roads

Campaign to Protect Rural England backs Maureen Comber's plea for safer roads

I will make sure we consider horse riders

Says Dan McLean, Communications Director, Campaign to Protect Rural England

Says Dan McLeanI have been sent your comments regarding horse riders and roads safety in Countryside Voice; thanks for highlighting this.

The Voice article did focus on safer (utility) travel although the general ambition was to make roads safer for all which would be inclusive of horse riders, but you are right, it didn’t specifically mention it. We have previously highlighted the wider benefits of a lower speed limit, including riders, as part of other press work, for example click here

In an upcoming piece of work for a local authority ‘transport toolkit’ we do focus on utility travel while being aware of wider benefits, for example for leisure horse riding, and mentioning these where relevant such as in relation to speed limits and rights of way. I also understand we have highlighted the opportunities of working together to the British Horse Society, such as campaigning to get the Highways Agency to secure dedicated funding for paths for non-motorised users, though we have not yet received a response. This may simply be a question of resources as constrained charities aim to balance inclusivity with focus.

I will make sure we consider horse riders in any future Voice articles of relevance, and I would like to consider how we can engage with riders in some campaigning activity next year - I used to be one and I can remember a few frightening moments with speeding vehicles. Thanks for taking the trouble to bring it to my attention.

The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

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