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Surprise. Surprise.
Government admits horses are a form of transport.

Very good news, says Maureen ComberVery good news, says Maureen Comber

It all started when Hampshire County Council told Maureen Comber that horse riders could not be included in Sec.106 developer contributions because they were not considered to be transport. Only walkers and cyclists could benefit.

Maureen disagreed.
She wrote to the MP for East Hampshire, Damian Hinds.

Damian Hinds wrote to the Minister of Transport, Norman Baker.

He has just replied saying, Yes, Maureen is right. Hampshire County Council are wrong.

What's more he says, "Local authorities should seek opportunities to provide better facilities for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders, for example by adding links to existing rights of way networks."

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Says Maureen, "This is very good news indeed."

It will mean that riders should no longer be frozen out.
Walkers, cyclists and riders should be given equal priority.

At least, that is the theory

But what will happen in practise ?

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