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National Trust. Pay attention.
The cattle on Headley Heath are dangerous.

Adrienne Yentis In February Adrienne Yentis told Horseytalk.net that she was worried about the National Trust allowing cattle to roam free on Headley Heath, Surrey.

"My horse is quite highly strung. He is a Trekehner and they tend to be like that. He is terrified of cattle. He used to be frightened of the long horn cattle that used to be kept on the heath but, fortunately, they were kept behind electric fencing which kept them well off the bridle paths. Now that they are allowed to roam free on the heath, I am terrified of meeting them when out on a hack."

Now Adrienne has met the cattle while out on a hack.

"I was on a narrow bridle path and came across some of the cattle," she says. "There was no way I could go past them - the track was too narrow and my horse was far too nervous - so I turned back the way I had come. I then spent the rest of the ride scanning the bridle paths for other cattle and worrying about bumping into them again, my biggest fear being that I might get stuck and not be able to get home.

"I really object to the cattle roaming free on the heath. The main reason is that I believe it makes life very dangerous for horse riders. Sadly, I had a fall last year and I fractured a bone in my back. This has made me a much more cautious rider and terrified of hurting myself again. I am no longer young and so a fall tends to have more serious consequences. "Secondly, it seems rather unnecessary, given the amount of land the cattle have access to excluding the bridleways

"I am based at Hallega stables and, up till now, the Heath has been the only place I can go for a short, safe hack, but now I am not so sure. The cattle have really put me off riding there."

Adrienne, we agree with you.


The sooner the National Trust and other land owners listen to us the better

Nobody wants to see any serious accidents.

For more information about cattle and horses see Horseytalk.net Rights of Way Watch

Have you been scared or attacked by cattle while out riding?

Please e-mail us and tell us what happened

The more we share information, the more we can help each other

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