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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Horse hurt on official bridleway after being spooked by paraglider.

Paragliders attack riders

Horse hurt on official bridleway after being spooked by paraglider. A horse has just been badly hurt on Darwen Moor after being ‘spooked’ by a paraglider.

Fifteen riders from Darwen and North Bolton Bridleway Association were enjoying a hack on an official bridleway near Darwen Tower, Lancs. when the incident happened.

There are no restrictions on paragliding in the area, but now equestrians and councillors have called for safety improvements.

Yana Taylor, 15, was riding the
horse when it was injured >>

Member Janet Forshaw said: “The man was ploughing about in the heather like a madman and I asked him to stop while we went past. Suddenly, he took off next to the tower and it spooked the horses. A Belgian Warmblood gelding named Stanley punctured a vein in his leg and started to lose a lot of blood.The girl rider was okay, but it was a worrying injury for the horse. We had to walk it slowly from the tower then call for a vet.If paragliding is allowed, it should be monitored.”

The land is managed by Blackburn with Darwen Council.

A spokesman said: “We don’t have anything that bans or restricts paragliding.”

Coun Jean Rigby, of the West Pennine Moor management committee, said: “This paraglider is an idiot. He could have killed someone.”

Owner Michael Taylor, of Blacksnape, said: “There was quite a lot of fuss and Stanley was covered in blood – it wasn’t a very nice sight. Luckily, he’s okay now. Yana wasn’t injured but this could have been much worse."

Said one paraglider afterwards, "Why didn't Ms "Faw"shaw and the Riders stop and allow the Para glider to take off before passing him Rather than Barge Past "Haw"tily demanding that He stop to allow them to pass. If you cannot control your "Haw"rse you have no right to be in any Public Place on or with it."

Another paraglider added, "Are there any restrictions or controls on horse riding? Why can people not just make allowances for each other rather than demanding regulation of everyone else so their own particular boring hobby isnt interfered with?"

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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