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Saving our forests is seeing the wood for the trees

The Maureen Comber story continues

Maureen hits the headlines

The Maureen Comber story continuesSays Bob Milton

A Travesty of Justice The action of the Conservative Party in terminating the membership of Maureen for doing her job is a travesty of justice.

It is the local councillors who should be evaluating their own actions in allowing the launch of the Shipwrights Way without proper dedication as a public right of way instead of a short term [10 year] public relations campaign.

The lack of connectivity for equestrians and the refusal to accept the needs of the disabled both mounted and in mobility vehicles is unlawful [Equality Act 2010].

An example of the short sightedness of the project is that the Bridleway network in Surrey starts at Batts Corner some 50m from the route but because Forestry Enterprises charge equestrians and not pedestrians or cyclists for access in Alice Holt Forest the equestrians coming from Surrey have to endure a couple of miles of roads to end up at Cradle Lane. Even there equestrians have to wait until the end of May to use this Byway Open to All Traffic/D class road but pedestrians and cyclists do not.

The route proposed for the Shipwrights Way is just a cycle route by any other name with those concerned at local government level using it as a vehicle for kudos and to spend all the s106 monies they have collected in the name of public access. But only for some it seems!!!!

Maureen takes to the air waves

Maureen takes to the air waves

Maureen Comber, the story of her 40-year fight to get her local Council to repair just 250-yards of bridleway and, of course, her expulsion from the Tory Party for being a trouble-maker have been the big story in all her local and regional newspapers.

Now she has taken to the air waves

Maureen is pictured with Elizabeth Williams, who interviewed her on air for Eagle Radio, which covers both Hampshire and Surrey.

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I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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