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Says Adrienne Yentis

Says Adrienne YentisA friend of mine recently was riding on the heath
and she came across a group of cattle strung out across the bridlepath with no way through – the only way off was to turn round. Fortunately her horse
remained calm throughout. But you can imagine how a nervous horse might react ........... read more


Broxhead Common

Natural England reply to Maureen Comber

Naturall EnglandSays Francesca Green,
Adviser, Natural England Enquiries Team - Customer Services, Natural England

Thank you for your email.

We currently have a few members of Natural England looking into this and liaising with the HCC, so I’m afraid a full response to you may take a little longer than our 10 working day target.

I apologise for this and we will get our response to you in the next few days, I hope this is ok and we just wanted to reassure you that your email had been received and was being looked into.

Maureen Comber replies to Francesca Green

Says Maureen Comber"As you might imagine I have a wealth of evidence with regard to Broxhead Common so please do not be afraid to ask, if I can be of help."

Says Maureen Comber

It is very kind of you to take the trouble to get back to me.

I know the three things I am writing about present some really quite complicated law so I would much rather your enquiries were thorough, even if they take longer.

As you might imagine I have a wealth of evidence with regard to Broxhead Common so please do not be afraid to ask, if I can be of help.

I attach a letter from HCC which is in reply to mine of the previous February. It took me nine months to get a reply with the help of my MP.

I also attach a statement of case which may help your research. HCC can be quite clever in their avoiding tactics so it will at least make a good point of reference to check. The small numbers refer to my 300 odd pages of evidence. I would say though that your researches should concentrate on the final determination of the Chief Commons Commissioner and the Consent Order from the Court of Appeal for the withdrawal of the case from the court on 23rd May 1978. (note this is a different date to that stated in the letter from HCC).

Needless to say, that having taken much trouble to try and get this issue resolved I am beginning to feel a bit like Erin Brokovitch.

I am also more than happy if you or your lawyers would like to meet with me.

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