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Saving our forests is seeing the wood for the trees

Cradle Lane. Riders continue to protest

Says Sue Booton

Cradle Lane.I request that the council now places a permanent TRO or downgrades the path to a Restricted Byway.

My family and I have ridden this path for nearly 40 years and in the past, although we avoided using the path in the winter months, we have always enjoyed Spring and Summer rides. We have always accepted problems with the river crossing at times and certainly never expected the council to spend vast amounts taxpayers money on this amount of work.

The main problems with Cradle Lane started when it was opened to 4WD's and Quadbikes.

As a horsesrider I do not expect exclusive rights to the use of paths and in principle I agree in an 'ideal world' it should be open to all, but the problem is that because of access to the web it attracts groups of 'joyriders'. Cradle Lane will always attract 4WD's because of the river crossing. A vast amount of damage was caused by an adjoining landowner who encouraged their teenage children to go up and down the lane on their Quadbikes. This is not what a right of way is intended for and legally I understood it was solely for going from one point to another.

I do feel that horsesriders have waited long enough for this path to reopen. Legally the temporary TRO should be lifted and a permanent TRO put in place immediately.

The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

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