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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Local Access Forum, Alice Holt, Hampshire

Question: Why is nothing being done for riders ?
Answer: The Forestry Commission manager hates horses

Says Maureen Comber

Attended the LAF at Alice Holt yesterday.

I noted the millions FC had spent on car parks, cycle facilities, play areas etc and asked why nothing is done for a quiet trail for horse riders.

Alan Marlow (LAF member) said he had had enough conversations with David Williamson (FC Manager southern) to know that he hates horses and that was the reason why we are not included.

I asked if he thought that was right and he said of course not.!!!!

Ian from the FC said that they were having to cut expenditure and will amalgamate with the New Forest. HQ will be at Lymington. They will also lose jobs.

Fingers crossed that DW is offered early retirement. !!

Amazing where they can find the money to do this when they kept saying that horse riders do not find the money for improvements, and yet we are the only people who have to buy permits!! Apparently that cash goes into a general pot for track improvements.

A little later it was said that they have a road improvement fund in any case. They just seemed to say what they thought they could get away with at the time. However it was plain to see that cycles have displaced horse riders in every sense. So sustainable transport has taken over the forest, the motor vehicles have taken over all the roads and the horse upon whose back GB was built, has been mothballed. We might as well be riding dinosaurs.

So much for their publication entitled 'Diverse woodlands, Diverse Communities". If you haven't got a copy of this book I advise that you send for one. Please don't be put off if they suggest that it is for internal use only. Your money bought it and you have the right to see it. It is the most hypocritical document I have ever seen.

Have you got news from your LAF ? If so, please send it to us

Click here to read David Williamson's presentation on the Independent Forestry Panel.
Some interesting statistics

Let us know if you agree with what he has to say.  

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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