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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

The Inside Story

Maureen Comber's vivid, inside, blow by blow account of the final part of her 40-unbelievable-year fight

Praise for Maureen Comber's vivid, inside, blow by blow account of the final part of her 40-unbelievable-year fight which began with her trying to persuade her local Council to fulfil their statutory duty and repair just 250-yards of bridleway and ended with her fighting for riders rights along the repaired bridleway which will run through East Hampshire and the South Downs National Park.

Says Bob Thompstone

WHEW!! Just reading (ok, in truth, skimming..) that wore me out! Does the BHS issue medals for doggedness (or, maybe that’s the ultimate in contradiction in terms!?)?

Even if they don’t, I reckon you deserve a very big ‘thank you’ from all the recreational riders in the district.

From me I’m afraid it’s just a ‘very well done!’

all best

Says Maureen in reply

A little appreciation goes a long way so thank you very much.

I was told the family motto was 'Fortitude non Fortuna' so maybe its in the genes! Whatever I cannot stand unfairness or injustice and it seems to me that HCC hand out a fair amount of both.

Now I understand why President Kennedy said 'Conservatism is the jailor of freedom and the enemy of growth'!

The next episode takes place at Kingsley Village Centre on 28th June 2011. 10.00am start. This is a Public Inquiry about a claim I made for a bridleway from BW54 Broxhead Common to Cradle Lane. The history is this:

  • Lodged claim with HCC in 2000
  • Refused at HCC Regulatory Committee on the recommendation of the Officer on 10th January 2007
  • Appealed under Schedule 14, WCA 1981, 23rd January 2007
  • 12th August 2008 - The Secretary of State agreed with the Inspector at GONE and directed HCC to make the Order for a bridleway on the claimed route
  • November 2008, HCC objected to their own Order !!!
  • Public Inquiry October 2009
  • December, Inspector refuses to confirm the Order
  • It was the most peculiar decision letter I have ever seen so cannot live with it so Judicially Reviewed her decision
  • It did not reach Judicial Review because DEFRA immediately withdrew the decision and quashed it.
  • Although content with written representations or a Hearing, the Objectors wanted the full PI to run again
  • That will take place on Tuesday 28th June.

If you are interested and could come on the first morning if only to sign in, that would help show the Inspector there is a great deal of public interest. No need to stay for the full four days but support on the first morning would be great.

Thank you, Maureen

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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