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In hospital for a week.

Run for the BrookeThree operations, one which was eight hours long.

A skin graft and a flap.

In splints for four weeks.

Physio for three-months.

And not able to work for at least four weeks.

That's what happened to Yvette Forshaw all because a para-motorist - a machine-driven glider - took off to the side of her when she was out riding with her daughter, Amber , 24, along a bridleway on the South Downs near Devil's Dyke, Surrey

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Tania has also has problems with para-motorists

para-motoristsSays Tania

"One week after Yvette had her fall I also encountered a problem with the para-motorists on my way up to Devil's Dyke. It was a Sunday at approx 7pm.

"I was approaching the bridleway along side the main fields up to the Dyke when I saw two para-mortorists. They were not flying high above the fields but appeared to be landing in the main fields alongside the bridleway. I believe they had only just set off from the take off area within the main Dyke area and I was therefore shocked to see them dive down and appear to try and land. It appeared that they were circling above, then diving down to hit the crops then flying back up again. By this point I turned back fearing for the safety of myself and the horse."

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