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One contravention after another

Says Steve Yandall

We must demand environmental accountability says Steve Yandall. We have alleged in Cornwall that NE contravened the following:

1. Premeditated (not done in ignorance) non compliance with Disability Discrimination legislation.This also happened at North Walney (North East England to Colin Chadburn).

2. CROW Act.

3. Highways Act

4. Aarhus Convention.

5. HMPI and a contractual obligation to use BS hardware.

6. Common Act.

7. Ancient monument legislation.

8.Contractual fraud re. a,failure to monitor and enforce the contract between stewards and the public purse. b.failure to comply with HLF contractual requirements. c.failure to fulfill their contractual commitment to the public(those that discovered the project )by publicising(a contract) attributes that that did not come to fruition.

9. Failing to recognise,survey and protect natural self sustaining heathland thus exposing one of our Planet's rarest environments to degradation.We consider this to be in contravention of international law( being mindful that the project to 'rejuvenate' European heathland was started in 1997 what exactly were NE(English Nature)doing for 15 years and at what level is their expertise if they focus on the man made whilst actually denying,at senior manager level,the existence of the natural.Jim Paice intervened to confirm the existence of natural(wild)heathland and S.B.Chapman(one of the World's leading heathland researchers)stated that natural heathland "should never be grazed").

10. Failing to take appropriate action to protect and encourage Marsupella profunda on the 3 sites related to the European Environment Agency.In fact since then the plant has been 'lost' on Tregonning Hill and Leswidden and,in 2006,declared by the UK "likely to become extinct".This is the most protected plant in the UK but fails to attract the 'support' required to ensure its survival.The EU confirm that the UK is obliged,by law, to take "appropriate action" but extinction is preordained whilst other 'glamour' species attract huge investment.

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