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Scillies vote OVERWHELMINGLY in favour of STOPPING grazing.

Says Steve Yandall

Says Steve YandallThe idylic Isles of Scilly have been imposed on by the much opposed HLS(High Level of Stupidity) fencing and grazing of much loved tracts of heathland,formerly, open access land.

Recreation/access has been restricted,negative tourist comments noted and,in common with the mainland, words of complaint were spoken but not heard.

Has conservation secured the extinction of democracy?Are people to be caged in towns and those in rural communities to be isolated until economics force their evacuation to those towns?

Not if the people of Scillies have anything to do with it!!

Radio Scilly hosted a vote the result of which was OVERWHELMINGLY in favour of STOPPING grazing.

A whopping 82% voted against grazing.

BEWARE NE as this vote is not just about grazing.It is also a reflection on your inability to listen.Your inability to tailor HLS to local needs and your inability to judge the resolve of local communities in achieving what is best for THEIR area.

One size DOES NOT FIT ALL and Wildlife Trusts working with NE to secure funding should be made aware of that.

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