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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !


"How can NE/LA justify removing established disabled access and, in so doing deny access to carers, elderly and the infirm?."

"If we take the disabled/carers/families + equestrians + those that are intimidated by cattle+elderly/infirm I would be shocked to find a figure of less than 60% being divorced or estranged."

Says Steve YandallSays Steve Yandall

The few of us to whom quality of life is epitomised by the freedoms that only nature can provide stand aghast at Natural England's (and other NGO) impositions,nationwide,on our established freedoms,our anticipated rights and the right to equality we should all enjoy!

I feel that NE are an advocate in the divorce, Nature vs Yandall, and that the changes being instigated under their knee jerk reaction to previous failures is the 'third person'.

The case on North Walney Island Reserve of Colin Chadburn(disabled),who had regularly visited the reserve on his mobility scooter, being denied access after NE had installed infrastructure that obstructed his access is a case in point.

Colin set up a dialogue which made not a jot of difference so,in defence of his assumed right to remove obstructions,cut his way into the reserve through an obstruction on a PROW.

Colin was summonsed,fined 100 and charged 500 costs but is appealing on the basis that the magistrate was not correctly advised.

I will not labour legal issues but,in these enlightened times,how can NE/LA justify removing established disabled access and,in so doing deny access to carers,elderly and the infirm?An affirmation of the hypocracy endemic within NE's "Natural Health Service" initiative and their statements re.disabled access.

Even when NE had the grant funding to create disabled access within Cornwall's Heath Project they failed to create one access point on the 3800hc project.They had the arrogance to write"it was never our intention" thus illustrating not only their contempt for the law but the void between their morality and our own.Within the project they spent 100000 on just two cattle grids but not 1 to support a significant public minority to whom opportunity is so valuable!

So,just how many 'divorces' have NE prosecuted?

If we take the disabled/carers/families + equestrians + those that are intimidated by cattle+elderly/infirm I would be shocked to find a figure of less than 60% being divorced or estranged.

An estimate, based on questions to local residents ,is that Carnyorth Common(Cornwall)has lost 80% of its visitors since NE imposed HLS/fencing/grazing.

All the above is AGAINST NE's marketed 'mission statement' but in line with their agenda to suspend,enclose,exclude,ignore and remain unaccountable.

UNLESS, of course, we can make our elected representatives accountable for NE's impositions?

We must start by understanding that NE is 'King Canute's Green Army' an organisation of presence but little sustainable substance.The UK is under threat from exponential population growth(well beyond any carrying capacity),coastal inundation,housing/tarmac expansion unless fundamental changes are made. It appears that change is unlikely thus the constantly shrinking green spaces are becoming an economic,productive target being masked/hybridised under the HLS banner.

NE are the 'acceptable' face of consumerism being foisted on our last open spaces and,in that sense,are a biodiversity placebo to instigate insidious changes that go beyond access to democracy/equality etc.

The lack of will to manage the impact of population,inundation etc.preordains failure and confirms NE as aplacebo.The first casualty of this placebo is the law.The next is access(managing population impact?) and biodiversity shrinks all thewhile. King Canute's Green Army indeed!

Says Bob MiltonNE are thus not just managing the loss of biodiversity but are also managing the loss of heritage freedoms!

Divorce granted!!


Says Bob Milton

  • "Hurray for the truth"

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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