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The Higher Level Stewardship Handbook
A key document in the fight for Riders Rights
But Steve Yandall has spotted one or two serious omissions

A key document in the fight for Riders Rights

Says Steve

1. No mention of coastal heathland thus implying to an average NE administrator that all lowland heath can be treated in the same way. Coastal heath is very rare and self perpetuating thus needs no fencing or grazing BUT it is being fenced and grazed.

2. No mention of the importance of unfenced freely accessible land.The inference being that it's OK to fence any land.

3. It speaks of a higher level of management demanded within HLS. How can the inexperienced, unsupported and ill equipped perform a higher management role if they are not supported? How can NE support them even if they had the resources as they clearly cannot differentiate between the management of different heathland types?

You may find more problems as I am limited in my knowledge of other UK environments.

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