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Says Naomi Smith

Says Naomi SmithIt is all too possible to round a corner on horseback and come upon a group of cattle with no prior warning -this WILL result in a horse being badly spooked at best, bolting at worst -it is only a matter of time ........... read more


Says Tony BarnettTony Barnett writes to the Chief Executive of Brighton and Hove Council, Geoff Raw

"I find it strange that the police became involved with civil proceedings, may I inquire into whether or not PC Richard Hall was given directions by a senior police officer and what statement was given in support to enlist police attendance."

Says Tony Barnett

Good Morning Mr.Raw.

I wish to bring to your attention a most despicable low lowlife act by one of your colleagues on the morning of the 19th of this month.

At 1-30 am on instructions from Jessica Hamilton, Bailiffs engaged by her broke into fields and stables by cutting away private secure systems and stole 38 horses that were the result of rescue and taken away without any warnings and placed into detention, a lot of the horses were left into the care of partners Danny Cross and Clive Radley, all were under veterinary supervision and attended by a blacksmith,

A lease had been granted to one of the Partners Danny Cross, rents were always paid on time and remedial repairs to the farm buildings were a never ending job, however, notice was given to end the lease and a stay of execution was made so that alternative accommodation could be found, rent was still offered but it was refused, so the decision by Jessica Hamilton was to steal the horses, she stated that legal advice was given under the 1971 animals act as amended by the 2015 control of hoses act, as my field of expertise I pointed out to the solicitor and to Jessica Hamilton that section 7 of the act is for stray horses and not for horse in possession, all of which these horses are and include passports.

Both the Bailiffs and the council officer were aware of the owner/caretaker and that in no way is he, his partner and volunteers were dangerous, so why was not the removal off the fields done in daylight so that the partners and volunteers could have taken control of the horses and moved them away, this is just bully tactics by the council, although I am not apportioning blame to your good self I feel that you should become involved as the Chief Executive, this is not the act of a responsible local authority.

Apart from distress by all involved with the horses it must be absolute hell for the horses. I would also like to make a statement of truth and that is on Monday 26th of this month I spoke to Jessica Hamilton and pleaded with her to allow the owners/carers to have the horses reunited, this she said would happen and could be collected at any time, but she said she did not know where they were but according to the Bailiffs she did know, one of the Bailiffs Frances Steer said when a letter of release was given to her, the horses would be delivered back to the partners.

Jessica Hamilton refused to release the horse and denied ever speaking to me and also stated that she knew nothing about the situation,

I look forward to your response.

Says Linda Wright

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

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