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Says Naomi Smith

Says Naomi SmithIt is all too possible to round a corner on horseback and come upon a group of cattle with no prior warning -this WILL result in a horse being badly spooked at best, bolting at worst -it is only a matter of time ........... read more

The 1189 Act Explained

"Where ownership cannot be traced the land cannot be conveyed or regulated and may not be registered by the Land Registry

Innocent members of the public and those with rights of common are being prosecuted and convicted because of the vexatious claims by charities "

Says Tony Barnett

Says Tony Barnett Because the officers at Charity Commission I have dealt with have failed to examine claims by applicant /claimants that fraudulent use of their office to assist charities to commit fraud by false representation billions of £'s have been obtained.

As the applications to PINS for consent, as owners or as with an owner's consent to carry out works of enclosure and other developments on common land are fraudulent because the lands in question were never registered under the 1925 law of property act as demesne land of any estate, which then implies that the waste land are not freehold, there is no one to effect a conveyance, deed of grant or grants of easement, identifies mortgage fraud by the applicants for funding, mortgage fraud is committed by using land/property not belonging as collateral.

Had the commission, investigated evidence before it, or carried the necessary commons register checks, then evidence would show that claims by charities were false because the common lands at risk of being swallowed up by fraud and collusion between the funders and other different charities are common lands that were registered as common lands in 1965 and placed under section 9 of that act(now s45 2006 act) into the protection of the registering authorities, however, the vesting gave no jurisdiction.

The case attached shows that where ownership cannot be traced to show ownership to pre-date 1189 (Richard 1 of England) then the land is not property, cannot be conveyed or regulated because there is no owner, it also shows that the land may not be registered by the land registry as the case shows.

How then can charities get away with applying for funding, knowing that the application is by false representation and how can PINS accept the application by giving consent when no documentation has been disclosed because PINS is not able to adjudicate on legal documentation and apparently are not required to do so?

Paula Sussex says that "we cannot give charities benefit of doubt" but that is exactly what is happening support is given by other charities (OSS and WLT) because they will benefit from the applicant's success, PINS give a supplementary/benefit of doubt, 1,000£s is then given, but cannot be used for the purpose applied for, the land cannot be purchased, or occupied legally, any works are unlawful, they can be removed.

Mostly, charities gain from someone claiming ownership, a lease agreement, without any paperwork attached. ie, copy conveyance, title deeds, or bill of transaction.

Michelle Russell statement is "that if you are working in compliance you arn't generally wanted because not many charities want an investigation and some are hostile" so fraud goes on then?, where there is a carbuncle you need to lance it and the charity officers I have dealt with are carbuncle's.

Innocent members of the public and those with rights of common are being prosecuted and convicted because of the vexatious claims by charities and given injunctions to be kept away from common land, the charity commission officer Liam Carroll refuses to identify and deal with the real,deliberate wrongdoing by charities and too willingly accepted versions of events when investigating alleged abuses, tax reliefs for charities is in excess of £200 M per year, add to that monies gained by fraud is more than a £1bn.

Says Linda Wright

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

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