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Says Naomi Smith

Says Naomi SmithIt is all too possible to round a corner on horseback and come upon a group of cattle with no prior warning -this WILL result in a horse being badly spooked at best, bolting at worst -it is only a matter of time ........... read more

Whitchurch Heath Common, Shropshire. CL21

Tony Barnett has applied to Telford County Court under section 41 of the 2006 commons act to have all of the works removed and for the land to be returned back to low land heath.

He writes to Philip Cookson, solicitor

"You have never defeated me in law and never will, and as such I will never abide by the same restrictions that you refused to abide by. "

Says Tony Barnett

Says Tony BarnettUnder section 41 of the 2006 commons act I can apply for the removal of all of the works from Whitchurch Heath common CL21,aka prees heath, just because a court wishes to protect the local authority by courtroom fraud does not stop me in any way.

If the court wishes have me defeated, it cannot judge that the works are lawful and therefore I can apply for referral to the high court.

It will be for your client and those that are in unlawful occupation to object with legal documentation to show legal rights.

The epitome as you know was not acceptable by Judge Morgan or Onions and was rubbished by the Barrister from Patrick Upton QC.

Morgan has been removed from post because he was found guilty of courtroom fraud, he did state during my hearing that the matters were civil and he was criminal and therefore were outside his jurisdiction, this same statement came from Crown Court Judges Onions and Barrie and recorded by an independent short hand typist, but there are members of the public that will make a statement to that effect.

The county council has declared that there are no title deeds to prees heath as there are none for whitchurch heath common CL21.

My registration of prees heath with the local authority is valid and cannot be disengaged without pre-registration of title deeds and as Paul Osborne is aware, proof to pre-date 1189 is required.

The two documents are fake, there never was a covenant because the Warren House is an illegal dwelling that's why I have stopped all attempts to convey and to destruct, the conveyance document is also fraudulent, if not copies would have been copied with the conveyance document to the "alleged" purchasers instead of lease agreements, also, Butterfly's acquisition of of the afore mentioned SL No, this was not applied for by any members of Butterfly Conservation, statement from Telford Land Registry.

I've known for some years now Phil, but you have never defeated me in law and never will, and as such I will never abide by the same restrictions that you refused to abide by.

As I am not mentioning anyone,s name in these matters only applying for the works to be removed, it will be for you and others to lodge objections in doing so reveal your own identity.

I have nearly completed my application, as for the restrictions and the costs etc they will never be complied with, take me back to court, but try the high court, then we will get full disclosure article 6 human rights act.

Tony Barnett's Application to Telford County Court

Says Tony Barnett To,
The Court Manager
Telfod County Court

Re: Application under the 2006 Commons act , Section 41.

Section 41 of the 2006 commons act identified any member of the public's right to apply to the county court in their area where registered common land is identified under section 9 of the 1965 commons registration act, now section 45 of the 2006 commons act, for the removal of any unlawful works, and the reinstatement of the common land back to the state in which it was before the works started.

The common land I am making this application for is Whitchurch Heath Common, this common was identified as land where no owners could be traced,and placed into the care and protection of Shropshire council (vested) as a section 9, but gives no jurisdiction, the registration No to this common is CL21.

However, this common land also has, an also known as (AKA) prees heath.

Prees Heath was and still is being used as a vehicle in which to steal the common land Whitchurch Heath Common CL21 by Grahame James Fitzhardinge Berkely, owner/director of Prees Heath Ltd/ Prees Heath Holdings ltd by claiming to own Prees Heath.

Because Shropshire county council, the registering authortites have been in collusion with Mr Berkely, unlawful contracts have been negotiated to make alleged conveyance, lease agreements and other consents by allowing the aka to be used, as the identity of the common land.

The alleged conveyances never took place, instead of copies of the "orginal" pre registration of title were never exchanged, no purchase was ever effected so no conveyance document created, however, fraudulent lease agreements were given/ sold instead.

I will submit there are no land registry documents that would be acceptable by any conveyance solicitor to be disclosed in open court as proof of legal titles, yet, Berkely's solicitor has managed to have documents created by false "Epitome of titles", since obtaining registration by using the "Epitome", Philip Cookson, the creator of the document denies it is an Epitome.

2. Shropshire county council claims to own part of Whitchurch Heath Common CL21, but has not registered ownership with the land registry or to enter ownership on the common owners register at Shire Hall.

Whitchurch Heath Common CL21 was in use for WW11 and given map and grid referance.

It is alleged by Prees Heath Ltd and supported by Shire Hall, that a land deal exchange conveyance was effected in 1958, 1962, two years after de-requition of the common but as Prees Heath, as the Airministry never occupied any land called prees heath the land deal exchange never took place but that did not prevent the council from colluding with corrupt Ashley family, or with the new bogus owner Berkely to day.

I wish to submit a document which is signed and dated by the council officer detailed to deal with registration of rights on and over common lands in Shropshire, this document shows the registered owner of Prees Heath as Common Heritage 2001 and was registered by me, signed and dated 15/7/2002.

For this application to be accepted no lies were told, no title deeds or any legal document was required as there is no title deeds to an aka/logo, my registration as owner cannot be accepted by the Land registry for that reason, this then negates any ownership document created to show ownership of prees heath by person claiming rights.

To dis- engage my registration will need disclosure of pre- registration of title deeds to pre- date 1189.

Your Honour, as fraud (false representation, using property as collateral)is clearly evident, it is not a concern for the police (they say) but is civil and therefore will not become involved.

There is clear evidence that an application (one) was made to PINS for consent to carryout works on Prees Heath, by Julie Williams, the supplementary issued with that consent has not been complied with and cannot, the consent then was only provisional and still is.

Required by the consent (supplymentary) is that providing the works are not in breach of any enactment or bye-law they will be lawful, as the documentary evidence provides, there are not any documents to disclose..

3. I wish to disclose documents to show that prees heath does not have title deeds and that Shropshire county council cannot disclose either title deeds for Whitchurch Heath

Common CL21 or Prees Heath.

Your Honour, there are a number of persons that have developed this common land claiming rights to do so subject to lease agreements, obtained from Roythorne & Co, solicitors for Grahame,James, Fitzthardinge, Berkeley, director/owner of Prees Heath Ltd/Prees Heath Holdings, in collusion with German Fisher Estates from stafford, and Balfours of Shrewsbury,all have stated that a purchase/grants of easement of the parts of Whitchurcch Heath Common CL21, AKA prees heath has been effected

However, I have submitted to ICR and headquarters of the land registry that procedure was not been complied with by Telford Land Registry.

I have applied for a signed statement from Shropshire county council to show that the authority does not or have seen any document to show ownership of Prees Heath Common, or to statements from the Commons Commissioner, or from the clerk to the county to show that Prees Heath was submitted for registration for the 1965 commons registration Act.

(1) The statement of Anthony Barnett

(2) List of common lands in Shropshire sent for registration, L,Dudley Stamp entered all common lands through out England & Wales and recorded in book form for distribution,

Whitchurch Heath Common CL 21 is item 60 on the list, 380 acres.

(3)Document drawn up by Roythorne & Co as an Epitome of Titles and disclosed to Telford Land Registry to gain registration ownership of Whitchurch Heath Common CL21, by using the aka prees heath as a vehicle to unlawfully occupy whitchurch Heath Common CL21 to use as collateral. this act was identyfied by Paul Osbourne of Roythorne & Co as Mortgage fraud committed by client GJF.Berkeley..

(4) This is a copy to show my registered Ownership of prees heath, signed and dated with Shropshire council registration authorites,

No title deeds/conveyance documents were required because there is no ownership of property involved, the aka is not subject copy right restrictions, but, any claim to ownership of "Prees Heath " needs evidence of ownership of the common land Whitchurch Heath Common CL21 to pre date 1189.

(5) This is a copy of commoners rights document on Whitchurch Heath common CL21, it

does not include the aka, the named commoner's owned the application lands to register with commoners rights to the product of the land, the only lawful occupants then are registered farmers, as the 1965 commons registration act provides as no owner-s could be traced, the land was vested into the care of the local authorities for protection of rights under section 9 of the act, but without jurisdiction.

(6) Copy of land registry document of part Whichurch Heath Common CL 21, allegedly purchased as Prees Heath by the council, no contracts negotiations, entry into the purchase ledger, conveyance or copies of title deeds are available, an email statement from the county council is that they hold no title deeds, and have never seen any.

This statement has taken nearly 14 years to be made by the council which prevented me making an application to the courts have the common land reinstated although HH Judge Mitchell did support my rights to remove the impediments.

(7) This is a copy statement from solicitors defending a tenant of Prees Heath Ltd subject to my application for full disclosure.

Because the grants of easement, bogus conveyance eminated from Prees Heath Ltd/Prees Heath Holdings in collusion with Shropshire County Council these are the main parties to which I feel the orders from this court should be directed.

Says Linda Wright

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

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