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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Yateley Common Country Park

Hampshire County Council replies

For the true facts about the Yateley Common proposals
please contact us at

Hampshire County CouncilThere has been a lot of miss-information about these proposals and we are working hard to meet with local residents and users of the common to try and put the proposals in context and deal with any concerns and issues that arise.

There is no absolute plan regarding these proposals and they are very much open to discussion -if you want to find out more and discuss them directly please email us and we can arrange a meeting or respond to any questions you have.

There is certainly no plan to have 'cows on every ride' or to prevent dog walkers from letting their dogs off the lead -as part of the proposal fenced areas with grazing have been suggested but for such a strategy to go ahead a lot of work consulting the users of the common needs to be done and this consultation should be seen as us trying to give everyone the opportunity to better understand the options and be given the chance to give feedback to help develop the various proposed ideas.

Says Caroline Smith-SeniorSays Caroline Smith-Senior

I think the problem is the total lack of information not "true" information and not coming good on promises. The general consensus is a resounding "no" to any form of boundary fencing, equestrian gates or grazing on the common.

Says Kaylee Godfrey Says Kaylee Godfrey

Introducing grazing is the most cost-effective way to maintain the common. We understand this.

However the impact is too great for the horse riders (who will no longer be able to safely ride in the common as horses will spook at the scent of a cow

Says Caroline Smith-SeniorSays Caroline Smith-Senior

Please read this website for some very in formative information about riding with cows

Says Sarah Palmer Says Sarah Palmer

I'm a dog walker and a horse rider. I'm struggling with the concept of urbanizing, sorry fencing, the common as to me it seems like a step towards separating town and country without adding any educational or leisure value, which will surely diminish the understanding, appreciation and respect for the countryside.

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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