Professional Feeding From Yorkshire Equine Products

Professional Feeding From Yorkshire Equine Products

The most important feed room tip should be to always keep your horse feed dry and free from mould and rodents, and ideally it should also be kept secure in containers that cannot be accessed by a loose animal. A loose horse or pony gaining access to your feed store will gorge freely and is likely to experience a serious bout of colic or aggravate conditions such as laminitis which will lead to an expensive vet's bill and possibly the death of your animal. Vermin will eat and also contaminate feed which may also lead to a risk of disease.

Yorkshire Equine Products offers a range of mobile feed storage bins from 65 to 195 litres made from tough polyethylene to keep your feed dry and vermin-free.

All the feed bins come with swivel castors and feature a smooth inner surface to prevent feed getting lost in corners as well as snug-fitting lids.

The Professional feed bin is the largest and has three separate 65 litre storage spaces offering a total storage area of 195 litres which will hold 6 x 25kg bags of feed and is ideal for large yards.

The Midi (65 litre) and the Maxi (90 litre) have flip top clear lids so that the contents can be seen at all times without opening the bin.

The FB One (118 litre) holds 2 x 25kg bags of feed and the FB Two (135 litre) holds 3 x 25kg bags of feed. These are both standard feed containers and are designed for hygiene with easy clean interiors.

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