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Horsey Interviews 2017








2010 & ealier..

Katie Stephens-GrandyKatie Stephens-Grandy

She is from a farming family based on the Wolds, where she breeds and produces her own event horses and buys in very green three and four-year olds and is busy producing top quality young horses for her chosen sport, eventing ..............

Gary FoggonGary Foggon

Gary has up to six horses on his yard at any one time so good management is vital to make sure all the horses receive the required level of work and training they need to compete at the top level. He provides advice on exercises to get the dressage horse fit and the schooling routines he has developed..............

Kevin and Emma McNabKevin and Emma McNab

International event riders Kevin and Emma McNab have a string of horses competing regularly which requires a lot of planning and good organisation, from deciding which classes to enter to the actual day at the competition .........

David JeffreysDavid Jeffreys

David Jeffreys of Stable Shield provides some valuable tips and advice. With more than 10 years working in National Hunt Racing, David Jeffreys became increasingly aware of the need to keep yards and stables spotlessly clean and disease free .........

Lara EdwardsLara Edwards

Dressage rider Lara Dyson has just launched Lara Edwards Dressage.  Having been married for two years to husband, Gary, and having enjoyed a year with their daughter, Annabelle the time felt right to rebrand to reflect the change in circumstances.........

Lara EdwardsLara Edwards

Eight-year-old Felix was enjoying the spring sunshine when he rolled too close to the metal estate fencing, getting his leg stuck. As he pulled himself free the result was a nasty wound to his lower leg below the knee ........

Jo BatesJo Bates

Black Country Saddles sponsored rider and producer Jo Bates has a particularly interesting life story behind her amazing success. Jo was a popular winner of the Hack Championship at this year's Royal International Horse Show with Suzannah Welby's Large Hack, Elusive ........

Laura RenwickLaura Renwick

As one of the country's leading lady showjumpers, Laura Renwick is known for forming great partnerships with her horses. This unbreakable bond of trust with her horses has helped Laura to the top of her sport ........

Laurence PearmanLaurence Pearman

Laurence Pearman, twice president of Society Master Saddlers, Lecturer / Assessor on Saddle fitting courses and Master Saddler, answers questions.......

Simon ReynoldsSimon Reynolds

Black Country Saddles sponsored Simon Reynolds is thriving on success again this season after finishing on a high note at Royal Windsor Horse Show in May when Morrows Marksman (Bentley) topped the open heavyweight cob line-up.......

Lissa GreenLissa Green

After her debut at her first Badminton Horse Trials, Lissa Green is on a high and has much planned for this season. Here she teams up with leading performance footwear manufacturer, Grub's, and gives some advice on how to introduce a young horse to cross country.

Keeping Horses Hydrated In The HeatKeeping Horses Hydrated In The Heat

World Horse Welfare's Top Tips For Keeping Horses Hydrated In The Heat.
This summer, temperatures have already soared into the high twenties. If you are considering travelling your horse for any reason, read up on our top tips

Black Country - Saddles for allBlack Country - Saddles for all

Looking for a saddle designed and manufactured to the highest specification and with the latest technology? The Black Country Saddles Jumping range offers you the support where you need it, providing the ultimate in performance.

Robinson Animal HealthcareRobinson Animal Healthcare

We spend most of the year longing for the summer to arrive but the long hot days also create a whole new set of health issues for our horses and ponies. Here we take a look at a few common ailments that are more prevalent in the summer and how to keep your horse comfortable when the heat starts to rise.

Gary FoggonGary Foggon

Although you may encounter issues when training a young horse, be patient and work through each concern logically. With dedication and determination, specific exercises will help to correct individual problems along the way. .............

Hazel MorleyHazel Morley

My horse is quite prone to losing weight, which means my saddle needs re-flocking regularly. Are there any simple checks I can do between saddler's visits to know whether the saddle fit is OK, or needs looking at urgently? .............

Jan RuthJan Ruth

The real story began at school, with prizes for short stories and poetry. But she failed all things mathematical and scientific, and to this day struggles to make sense of anything numerical .............

Animal Health TrustAnimal Health Trust

IS YOUR HORSE NAUGHTY OR IS HE IN PAIN? THE ANSWER IS WRITTEN ALL OVER HIS FACE...  Facial expressions research at the Animal Health Trust will help vets and owners recognise pain in ridden horses before it's too late .............

Jamie WilliamsJamie Williams

TEAM GBR Para-Equestrian carriage driver Jamie Williams helped to launch the new Avant hand-driven tool carriers at Naidex 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham ..........

Richard DavidsonRichard Davidson

With international dressage set to grace the stage at this year's Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show - June 14 to 18 – here we talk to dressage consultant and Olympic-ace Richard Davison about these exciting new developments ..........

Sue DysonSue Dyson

Sue has dedicated 35 years to treating hundreds of patients each year in the clinic, as well as advancing the knowledge and techniques in equine medicine through her pioneering research .............

Saddles for Eventing – What's the Score!Saddles for Eventing – What's the Score!

It has to be said that Eventing can be more expensive than other disciplines in relation to tack and equipment because, ideally, most riders would prefer to have specialist saddles and bridles for each phase .............

Yasmin PatersonYasmin Paterson

Tendon injuries are common in racing and sport horses and can result in a shortened, or even end a career. These injuries heal through the formation of scar tissue instead of normal tendon tissue and so are at a high risk of re-injury .............

Kerrilee WilsonKerrilee Wilson

It was celebrations all round for Kerrilee Wilson and Maddigen, as they were crowned Olympia Supreme Senior Champions 2016. Maddigen is a pure bred Irish draft, bred by Kerrilee and her family, so what better reward could they have wished for?.............

Dinnie GreenwayDinnie Greenway

Dinnie Greenway loves riding horses, and she's not letting a little thing like age stop her. The 96-year-old says horseback riding is an addiction that has kept her going her whole life. She figures she was on a horse before she could walk and even before that, as her mother rode sidesaddle while pregnant with her in 1920 .............

The Importance of Fitting a Bridle CorrectlyThe Importance of Fitting a Bridle Correctly

The Society of Master Saddlers provide advice on how to correctly fit a bridle and discuss the importance of ensuring nothing is too tight or too loose .............









2010 & ealier..