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The Hidden Health Issue Compromising Your Horse This Winter

The Hidden Health Issue Compromising Your Horse This Winter

Do you notice a decline in your horse’s health over winter? A drop in weight or performance, colic, loose droppings and behavioural issues could all be signs of a gut imbalance.

It is easy to dismiss these health concerns and blame the colder weather or change in routine but a horse with a healthy balanced hind gut should be able to cope with the challenges winter brings.

Making changes without the facts can be costly at best but also further compromise health if there is an underlying issue which is not addressed correctly.

To find out exactly what is going on in your horse’s hind gut, the EquiBiome Test Kit is available to all horse owners to enable microbial analysis of the hind gut, simply by collecting a faecal sample.

Knowing what type and how many of the good and the bad bacteria, gives valuable insight into the type of diet that can help, and the type of pro and prebiotic that will suit the biome.

Many of the bacteria within the list of pathogens are linked to gastrointestinal upsets such as diarrhoea, inflammation and discomfort. The Equibiome Test identifies them all and gives insight into management.

The test is so accurate that it can identify water contamination (arsenic/nitrate/nitrite), dietary deficiencies, mineral and vitamin imbalances, acidosis, antibiotic resistant bacteria and emerging pathogens.

The EquiBiome Test Kit is ordered online at equibiome.org and once it arrives follow the instructions and return your horse’s faecal sample for testing. You will then receive a detailed report with recommendations to improve your horse’s gut health.

With the right management, based on facts not guess work, your horse’s gut health can be improved.

For further information or to order an EquiBiome Test Kit please visit equibiome.org and follow the ‘EquiBiome’ page on Facebook.