Horsey Interviews 2016

Horsey Interviews 2016

The “My Little Pony” burger

The "My Little Pony" burgerThe offbeat food truck Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier, which translates to “The Unwanted Animal Kitchen,” now supplies its “My Little Pony Burger” year round to Babbe Hengeveld, a chef who runs her own restaurant Food Guerilla, reports Vice Munchies………….

Jo Bates

Jo BatesThe rider and producer of Elusive the 2016 Hack of the Year at HOYS, Jo Bates has a wealth of experience in the world of showing.  Here we talk to the Black Country Saddles rider about ringcraft and what the judge is looking for………….

Ejiao – The Chinese Miracle Cure

Ejiao – The Chinese Miracle CureEjiao, or donkey skin gelatin, is considered one of the three treasures of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to treat a wide range of ailments from simple colds to insomnia and impotence, and demand in the Chinese market is soaring like never before………….

Remembrance Special

Remembrance SpecialGrandad, Norman Aldridge, is from Plymouth and in 1950 carried out National Service in Eritrea, East Africa. Now at the age of 85, he talks about his time out on patrol and the mules that accompanied them…………

Equine Veterinary Journal

Equine Veterinary JournalNewresearch on equine grass sickness (EGS), published as a free special collection in the Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) this month, has improved our understanding of this devastating disease. Four separate studies are included,………..

Tewsday Herbert

Tewsday HerbertAs we all know, mules are incredibly intelligent and do not like to put themselves in danger (which is very sensible) so this was a task that required a lot of patience and a good understanding of mule behaviour ………..

Equestrian.comMost winters and with very few exceptions, the horses’ fields can end up looking like a war zone. Huge puddles and churned up ground can be an owner’s nightmare when trying to keep horses clean and mud fever free ………..

Charlotte Bowery

Charlotte BoweryWith a keen interest in dressage and showing, Charlotte Bowery stumbled upon two hidden treasures, Leopard Rock and Right You Are whilst helping at the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre ………..

Jocelyn Ridley

Jocelyn RidleyHard work and determination has really paid off for 22-year-old Jocelyn Ridley – helping her to secure a prestigious award for her studies over the last three years.

Robinson Animal Healthcare

Robinson Animal HealthcareIf your horse suffers an injury or is unwell, do you know how to test your horse’s vital signs to enable you to spot a problem early or pass on valuable information to your vet before he reaches the yard?

Susi Rogers-Hartley

Susi Rogers-HartleyWhen a terrible accident put Susi Rogers-Hartley in a wheelchair, she knew she had to fight on to achieve her dreams. Susi continues to work hard to pursue a career with horses and teach others how to reach their long term goals …….


Society of Master SaddlersRegardless of whether you are feeding ‘good’ hay or haylage, there will still be some mould, bacteria and fungal spores, often referred to as ‘dust’, present in it, which can cause respiratory problems …….

Society of Master Saddlers

Society of Master SaddlersThere are now so many types and styles of saddles on the market from the most luxurious leather money can buy to those made from synthetic materials. Here the Society of Master Saddlers considers the options and gives readers food for thought …….

Hannah Biggs

Hannah BiggsAt some point every rider will encounter problems when training on the flat, especially with young or inexperienced horses.  It is important to get to the bottom of these problems before they develop into bad habits, which are even harder to correct …….

Robinson Animal Healthcare

Robinson Animal HealthcareTo make the most of the warmer weather it is important to keep your horse healthy and take steps to avoid some common ailments that could spoil your summer fun and also keep your horse comfortable during the hottest part of the day …….

Kevin McNab

Kevin McNabYour hands need to following your horse’s mouth over a fence. It’s important not to get left behind and get stuck catching your horse in the mouth mid air. You want to create a nice experience for your horse when jumping. A balanced position and soft hands are a good start …….

Lara Dyson

Lara DysonIf you are looking for a stallion to sire a foal, how can you determine that the stallion you choose has got the desired x-factor to produce a foal that is right for you and fit for the role it is intended? …….

Jane Ross

Jane RossDo you ride a Show Hunter, Show Cob, Working Hunter or Riding Horse? If so you will be required to gallop in the ring at a show. You will be asked to gallop in the go-round after walk, trot and canter with other competitors so preparation is key …….

Sophie Wells MBE

Sophie Wells MBESophie Wells MBE an outstanding example of what a disabled rider can achieve with a horse. Born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, which has left her with problems with her hands and ankles, Sophie has lost several fingers, has nerve problems in her lower legs and has no feeling in her feet. …….

Professor Meriel Moore-Colyer Dean

Professor Meriel Moore-Colyer DeanHorses are not designed to consume such rich feed and so restricting the time at pasture or using a grazing muzzle is essential if intakes are to be controlled. However, there are other problems associated with spring grass that need to be considered if health and welfare are to be maintained…….

Cyden Bodyguard Moorland

Cyden Bodyguard MoorlandWe talk to dressage rider and Cyden Stallions owner, Lara Dyson, about her KWPN-approved stallion Cyden Bodyguard Moorland, a stallion with a reputation for very un-stallion like behaviour ……

Society of Master Saddlers

Society of Master SaddlersA host of exciting new and established talent was on display at this year’s Society of Master Saddlers’ National Saddlery Competition held at Saddlers’ Hall, London. . ……

Christine Purdy

Christine PurdyChristine Purdy, a Trustee of The Donkey Sanctuary, has been on a 12-day tour of Donkey Sanctuary projects in India and Nepal with Julia Smith and Natasha Chamberlain of the International Department. ……

James Sommerville

James SommervilleJames has ridden ever since he was young. He joined the York and Ainsty North Pony Club at the age of just four and a few years later was bitten by the eventing bug and decided that it was all he wanted to do. ……

Lara Edwards

Lara EdwardsA good stallion has two sides – the breeding/ grading and the temperament or trainability. Lara Edwards answers questions about the breeding programme at Cyden Dressage, what enlightened her passion for breeding and her hopes for the future……

Jonjo Bright

Jonjo BrightA teenage jockey who was paralysed when he fell from a horse during a race has spoken about his efforts to walk again. Jonjo Bright was 19 when he suffered a serious spinal injury at a competition in Tyrella, County Down, in March 2013 …..


ZiggyWar and Peace

Meet the horse who stole the show in TV’s sexiest new drama – and learn the startling secret behind his tear-jerking death scene ……….